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Hire Full Stack PHP Developers

A few decades back, programmers tasked with creating software applications right from the design phase to deployment were simply known as “developers”. Fast Forward to today, the increasing complexity of apps, emergence of intense code, and spiking demand for versatile functionality has kicked the development game a notch higher. This perpetual evolution has compelled developers to learn and adapt a gamut of new technologies. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to come across a company looking to externally hire full stack web developer with specialized skills to work on a particular project, despite having a fully-fledged in-house team.

Well, you may be forgiven for thinking that these specialized tech professionals have had to re-learn the entire development process from scratch. But the truth of the matter is that the introduction of these new technologies has also spawned a breed of ready-made frameworks and components specifically designed to simplify the entire software development process.

To fit into this ever-evolving development space, developers have also tried to diversify their skills portfolio, giving birth to Full Stack Developers. In this article, we are going to look at Full Stack PHP development, the current labor market status, the average cost of PHP developers around the world and how to hire php coders. But before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s important to mention one thing. Although website development is a symbiotic ecosystem, it can also be categorized into 3 distinct pillars depending on the area of specialization. They include:

  • Front-end development: This entails building the entire client-side of a website or an app.
  • Back-end development: Focuses on the database, infrastructure, and all the other “under the hood” aspects.
  • Full Stack development: This is a hybrid of both Front-end and Back-end development. It applies to a native application stack, web stack, or a mobile stack.

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Now that we have a basic background of the areas of specialization in web development, let’s trim down the steak and focus on Full Stack development, which is what this article is all about.

Who Is a Full Stack PHP Developer?

Full-stack web developers are technology experts capable of working on both the client-side as well as the back-end of an application or website. Essentially, they can work with all the layers premised on any 3-tier development model i.e Presentation Layer, Business Logic Layer, and Database Layer.

And although a Full Stack developer doesn’t have to master of all technologies, they should have a genuine interest in developing skills in some of the following areas:

skills of full stack developer
  • Javascript: This is one of the most dominant programming languages in web development. It currently powers some of the most popular websites on the internet. Although Javascript was primarily intended to build the front end of a website, it also covers some back end needs such as building server apps, which makes it a great skill for a Full Stack PHP developer.
  • HTML: Widely used to create web pages and web applications, HTML is another area of interest for a prospective Full Stack PHP web developer. Together with Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript, HTML is used to create and design a user-friendly website, making it a major building block for the World Wide Web.
  • JQuery: This is a JavaScript library that helps in traversing, manipulating, and handling the HTML DOM tree. JQuery’s ability to circumvent heavy coding patterns allows a Full-stack PHP web developer to accomplish more by doing less, reducing the turn around time of a project.
  • Java: Although not the primary programming language for a PHP Full Stack developer, this programming language is class-based, object-oriented, and concurrent making it ideal for server-side development.
  • PHP: This is a server-side scripting language specifically designed for web development, and a must-have skill for a Full Stack PHP web developer. One of the biggest advantages for a PHP code is that it can either be embedded into HTML code, or combined with other web template systems, CMS’s, and web frameworks.
  • AngularJS: This is a JavaScript-based framework that is mainly used for front-end web development to address the challenges of building single-page web applications. Thanks to the proficiency of this framework, it is one of the most sought after skills for a Full-stack PHP web developer position.

Demand for Full-Stack PHP Web Developers

The versatile nature and the myriad of benefits presented by PHP makes the language appealing to both established businesses and small start-ups, consequently increasing the demand for experienced PHP professionals. This language is used major brands such as Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, WordPress, Flickr, and MailChimp. Moreover, it is currently being used by close to 79% of all the active websites (CMS sites not included).

According to the 2019 GitHub rankings, PHP is ranked as number 4 among the list of top 10 best programming languages worldwide. A different report by Hackernoon places the language at position 8, which is not a bad position considering many people considered it dead a few years back.

hire full stack php web developer

With that said, there is another side of the PHP labor market. According to data released by LinkedIn, it is estimated that 20% of all the software developers in the European Union are PHP developers. A different study conducted by Stack Overflow in 2018 also revealed that approximately 48.8% of all the profiles on the platform had PHP in their stack tool. These two scenarios are a sneak preview of what has been referred to as a comparably large number of PHP developers compared to other IT professionals.

Should this worry you if you are looking to carve a career in the PHP market? Not really! And here is why… As more and more businesses continue to embrace PHP, the demand will continue to rise. In the US alone, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that Full-stack development employment will increase from the current 135,000 to over 853,000 by 2024. Furthermore, you can optimize your skill set and get ahead of the curve as a Full-stack PHP web developer by adding Laravel and Symphony to your CV. This is because only 12% and 10% of PHP professionals have listed them as their core skills. Lastly, there is also a spike in the demand for CMS skills like Magento, TYPO3, and Drupal and Magneto. By adding all these skills to your tech stack, you will not only have secured your position in this labor market but also help you command a relatively higher salary.

Why Businesses Need to Work with a Full Stack PHP Web Developer

Nowadays, businesses are slowly understanding and appreciating the value of hiring a full stack developer with PHP skills. For this reason, they are constantly looking out for skilled and knowledgeable individuals to fill in full-stack developer positions.

Below are some of the reasons why a Full-stack developer is an important asset for any company:

benefits to work with full-stack php developer
  • Faster Development Process: A Full-stack PHP web developer can stay at the forefront of the ever-changing technology landscape and use specific technologies that are in demand at the moment. Moreover, they have excellent command over all the 3 layers of web app development which means they can help your company build a functional prototype without requiring any help from outside.
  • Cost-effective: Startups and small scale business will also appreciate the versatility that a Full-stack PHP web developer brings. Since they are sufficiently versed with multiple technologies, they can work on different products reducing the overhead costs and keep them at a minimal.
  • Wide Range of Tech Skills: PHP is an extremely versatile programming language that is compatible with a plethora of business applications. Whether you are looking to build a website application, CRM System, or a Content Management System, a freelance PHP developer will help you develop a system that is perfectly compatible with your interfaces and needs.

The Average Full Stack PHP Developer Salary: How Much It Costs to Hire Full Stack PHP Developer

Just like any other profession, the PHP Full stack developer salary is largely influenced by key factors such as location, company size, years of experience. Below is a table highlighting the PHP developer salary in different countries. The figures are based on the prevailing rates in some of the biggest jobs and recruitment websites such as Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter, Payscale, and Indeed.com.

Country Average Annual Salary
UK£70,000 (91,990)
Germany€67,470 ($74,843)
Ukraine$ 26,066
average full stack php developer salary

From the above-highlighted salaries, full stack developer salary in the US, UK, and Canada are relatively high compared to Eastern Europe countries like Ukraine. As a result, it would be more cost-effective to hire offshore php developers from Ukraine, even if you want to hire Laravel developer, hire Symfony coder or experts in any other PHP framework.

Full Stack Developer PHP Resume Sample

As an employer looking to hire a PHP developer, here are some of the skills and experience to look out for in their PHP Full Stack developer resume.

full stack developer php resume sample

There is no doubt that Full-stack development is an in-demand tech job. Hiring managers view Full-stack PHP developers as valuable assets to their organizations. And although these professionals are widely acclaimed for their wide skills scope and good salaries, they are also required to adapt quickly by keeping abreast with the emerging technologies.

By hiring PHP developers in Ukraine, you get to access highly skilled professionals at a much cheaper rate compared to hiring from a place like America. It makes economic sense to hire a Ukrainian PHP developer at a rate of $21,000 annually, relative to the American developer who earns an average of $80,000 per year for the same type of work.

It is in Ukraine where you’ll find Mobilunity – one of the leading software development companies in Eastern Europe and Europe at large. We offer PHP developers at a competitive rate, without compromising the quality of your product. Our extensive and strict screening recruitment process ensures that all our developers undergo thorough technical exams and interviews by our senior developers.

If you are looking for an expert Full Stack PHP developer for your project, our best mix of junior, mid-level, and senior developers will help. Get professional assistance right now!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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