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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the most popular cloud computing platforms. All sizes of businesses hire SaaS developer to develop customized cloud-based solutions for their businesses to thrive. Let’s talk about the benefits of hiring remote Google Cloud Solutions Architect to design, develop, and run the professional-level business solutions on Google Cloud Platform.

How Important Is Google Cloud Architect Role in the Software Industry?

A GCP cloud architect is a very important role in developing highly efficient, robust, and secure IT solutions by using the cloud resources provided by Google Cloud Platform. The major resources of GCP include, cloud compute, storage, data networks, big data, and software development platforms.

Google is one of the fastest-growing cloud platforms, which grows with 3.24% month over month and hosts over 1,771,743 websites, and online solutions. According to the Built With statistics, Google hosts over 1,157 top 10K websites and 10,515 top 100K websites in the world, which is the largest number after AWS. Google Cloud Platform offers the same cloud resources, which are used for Google’s cloud solutions. Like Salesforce Cloud consultant, Google also offers the certification career path for Google certified cloud architect for hire, which allows great flexibility for hiring tech-talent in the marketplace.

According to the Built-With information, Google Cloud is highly popular in the USA followed by Canada, the UK, Australia, and India respectively. The main competitors of GCP include Amazon, MS Azure, GoDaddy, Oracle Cloud, and others. The demand for GCP professional cloud architect is very high in the ICT, science, education, entertainment, and other industries, according to Similar-Tech information.    

Major Benefits and Limitations to Hire Google Cloud Architect

Enterprises hire GCP cloud architect to improve the business processes by designing, developing, and implementing innovative solutions powered by Google Cloud Platform. This helps businesses to increase their efficiency, productivity, and competitive-edge among the competitors in the market. Hiring a Google professional cloud architect offers numerous benefits and has a few limitations as listed below.

Pros of GCP

  • A highly secure and robust platform
  • Powered by the same infrastructure and resources used by Google itself
  • Offers flexible plans for data storage like Nearline, Regional, and Cold-line plans
  • Easier integration of custom services with a large number of Google cloud services like Compute Engine, App Engine, Kubernetes, and others
  • Offers consultation and certification services for qualifying as a Google cloud networking and infrastructure engineer, developer, or an expert
  • Over 99.999999999% of service availability
  • GCP offers live migration capability, which is not offered by many of its competitors
  • A powerful and private backbone fiber connectivity of the company
  • A large network of data centers located in many major countries across the world

Cons of GCP

  • Customer support is charged and costly
  • Downloading data from GCP is also costly
  • The web interface is a bit complex

Roles and Responsibilities of a Google Cloud Solution Architect

The role and responsibilities of a Google certified cloud architect are very comprehensive in designing, developing, and implementing innovative solutions for the business problems with the help of a team consisting of Google cloud developer, network engineer, and business manager. The major responsibilities of a Google cloud certified professional cloud architect are listed below.

  • Understanding and assessing IT infrastructure and business needs of an organization
  • Designing an innovative solution based on Google Cloud Platform
  • Technical optimization of business processes
  • Providing technical guidelines and training to the entire team
  • Planning and managing the complete set of processes to develop a comprehensive solution through effective project management strategy
  • Ensure high-level of security, reliability, regulator’s compliances
  • The role of Google cloud certified architect is equivalent to Subject Matter Expert (SME) in different projects and organizations
  • Leveraging powerful services in designing like Cloud BigTable, BigQuery, CloudPub, data flow, and others
  • Helping develop awesome custom applications and tools that fulfill business requirements accurately
  • Developing a strategic solution, which should have scaling, migration, and disaster recovery plans (or could be a part of a Disaster Recovery as a Service task)
  • Developing and responding Request for Proposals (RFPs)
  • GCP architect focuses on Google cloud infrastructure team to use optimum resources for achieving maximum output 

What Skills Should a Great Google Cloud Professional Architect Have?

A professional Google cloud architect resume should include the following skills and he/she should have expert-level knowledge of the tools listed below.

Technical SkillsMajor Tools
Google Cloud PlatformVisual Paradigm
Linux, Ubuntu, Red HatGoogle Cloud SDK
Solaris, Windows, Unix Google Deployment Manager
VMware cloudCloud Build
CybersecurityApp Engine
HTTPS, DNS, FirewallsGantt Chart
SQL databaseDocker
Data analyticsKubernetes
Artificial Intelligence (AI)Puppet
Machine Learning (ML)Google PowerShell
Compute EngineGoogle Cloud Storage
Agile ScrumCloud Logging API 
API management 

Google Cloud Architect Resume Sample

GCP Cloud Architect Salary in Different Countries

Google cloud solutions architect salary varies from country to country due to many reasons such as demand, supply, and availability of tech-talent, living cost, the economy of that particular country, and many others. The average salaries of a GCP architect in different countries are mentioned below:

If you look at the average salary of hiring a GCP architect in different countries. Switzerland is the most expensive of all the above-mentioned countries. The USA is the second costliest country to hire a GCP architect. The average cost in the UK and Denmark can be considered in the same slab but still very costly as compared to the average cost in Ukraine. The qualification, work-quality, deadlines, and work-ethics of Ukrainian specialists are of the same quality.

Why Hire a Google Cloud Programmer from Ukraine?

The average cost for offshore Google cloud development in Ukraine is very competitive as compared to many other countries in Europe and North America. Ukraine offers numerous other advantages to the enterprise who choose Ukraine as their destination for GCP-based cloud solutions. The main reasons to hire a GCP architect and developers from Ukraine are listed below:

  • Competitive in prices
  • Customer-focused management style
  • A huge pool of highly skilled tech-talent
  • Higher quality of work
  • Convenient location and overlapping working hours
  • Shared culture, language, and industry standards
  • Very creative and professional workforce
  • Great work ethics and professional ethos 

Why to Choose Mobilunity for Hiring Remote Cloud Solutions Architect?

Mobilunity offers comprehensive and customized help to its customers for developing innovative, efficient, and reliable cloud-based business solutions on Google Cloud Platform. Have a look at features that make Mobilunity such an attractive destination for clients from diverse countries:

  • World-class business solutions 100% based-on the requirements of your business
  • Offers fully managed and hassle-free solutions for your business
  • Fixed prices without any hidden charges at all
  • The highest level of work quality that your business deserves
  • Industry experience of over 9 years with a proven track record
  • Highly competitive rates that are affordable for all-sized enterprises
  • Offers the services of highly skilled, qualified, and experienced GCP architects, engineers, and developers   

At Mobilunity you can hire Golang language developer or hire IoT cloud developer with the entire remote team, including project managers, software consultants, testers, etc.

If you are looking for hiring Google Certified Cloud Architect to develop comprehensive cloud solutions for your business, contact Mobilunity specialists to help you now!

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