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iOS is the 2nd most popular and widely used mobile operating system all over the world. As a platform, iOS provides developers like Swift developers a comprehensive environment to develop native and cross-platform applications that meet customer needs. And for businesses, iOS provides them a platform to showcase their business, products and services, expand their target market, and engage with their customers.

iOS App Market Stats and Demand for iOS Programmers for Hire

Of the various digital device platforms – desktop, mobile, and tablet – mobile holds around 50% of their overall market share, followed by desktop (47%), and tablet (2.81%). Of the mobile OS market share, iOS holds 25% of the market share as of 2019. Almost 2 million apps are available in the Apple App Store. Around 90% of the apps in the Apple App Store are free. However, for those on sale, on average, the cost of an app in the Apple App Store is around $0.87. As of August 2020, the top 5 Apple App Store app categories are Games, Business, Education, Lifestyle, and Utilities.

In 2019, EDC reported that there was an estimate of around 24 million highly-skilled developers around the world, including iOS coders and the Windows Mobile programmer, and will grow up to 29 million by 2024. Mobile and desktop application developers are one of the groups that have the highest worldwide software developer population. 

Online job boards are great indicators for the increase in demand to employ iOS app developers for hire. LinkedIn currently has over 54,000 postings looking to hire iOS contractors, Glassdoor has over 2,600 iOS programmer job postings, while Upwork has over 3,000 iOS developer jobs and thousands of dedicated iOS developers. 

Top iOS Development Tools 

iOS offers iOS programmers and iOS app developers a comprehensive development environment to build the software solutions that they need. 

Programming Languages for iOS App Developers

For iOS programmers, there are 2 main programming languages that you need to learn to build iOS application solutions, namely Swift and Objective-C

Objective-C came first as the language for developing iOS applications and based on C and provides tools for dynamic typing, expressive syntax, automatic garbage collection, and dynamic run-time. Because it is based on C, an iOS app developer with a background in C can adapt to developing tools using Objective C.  

Launched in 2014, Swift was developed as an alternative to Objective-C. Swift is a derived and distilled form of Objective-C and is compatible with the iOS environment. It is compact and easy to use, built for flexible coding, is highly extensible, and integrates dynamic libraries. WordPress, WeChat, and Firefox are among the most notable iOS apps developed using Swift. 

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iOS App Development Environment

iOS also provides an iOS engineer with a compatible and well-equipped integrated development environment. IDEs provide a GUI-based workspace equipped with coding framework, structure, libraries, SDKs, and such.


Developed by Apple, XCode is the official IDE for iOS app development using Swift. It is a comprehensive, well-equipped, and high-performing tool for developing apps compatible with the numerous Apple products; iPhone, iPad, Mac, AppleTV, and AppleWatch. It is a great starting tool when developing iOS application solutions.


CodeRunner is a lightweight and inexpensive IDE that is capable of providing the tools for coding in any programming language. A Windows Mobile programmer will also find this a convenient tool for any React Native development projects. It costs at an affordable price of $14.99 and is compatible with the MacOS platform. The IDE is equipped with tools like debugger support, syntax highlight, and real-time process statistics, and code templates. The IDE is configurable to fit iOS engineer needs.


AppCode is also a great alternative IDE. Powered by JetBrains, AppCode IDE is compatible with both Objective-C and Swift languages. The IDE is equipped with:

  • Debugger tools that support iOS extensions
  • Easy navigation
  • Smart code completion
  • Code analysis tools
  • Unit testing
  • Refactoring tools

iOS App Development Libraries

Libraries provide tools to enhance both the development of the apps as well as the apps themselves. iOS has comprehensive and extensive libraries that any iOS developer or iOS engineer can use in building great desktop and mobile application solution:

iOS or Android: Which Is the Better Platform?

The mobile app market is highly competitive and can be skewed towards larger established tech platforms like Google and Apple. Unless major economic and tech upheaval happens, the trend going forward will feature a continued clash between iOS and Android apps vying for the top mobile app platform in the market. 

According to DigitalTrends, Android continues to win with affordability, accessibility to third-party app stores, navigation apps, battery life, customizability, and virtual assistants. While iOS has the edge with better quality apps, app store experience, consistent and timely updates, consistency, multimedia apps, and security. 

In the 2019 Liftoff Mobile Trends Report, data shows that Android leads in the volume of apps in the market with its 74% share, while iOS follows with 25% of the market. However, iOS performs better and is stronger in terms of mobile app revenue. The data also showed that the Android platform attracts more users, but iOS provides more value for money.

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iOS Developers and Development Teams

If you are looking to launch an iOS app for your business, the best way is to employ dedicated iOS developers or hire iOS app development team services. Knowing the skills, roles, and responsibilities of the iOS development team or iOS app developer for hire will make the recruitment process easy.

Roles and Responsibilities of iOS Coders

Based on the name itself, it is clear that the main role of an iOS developer is to build iOS application solutions. However, there is more to this title than simply being a developer. Their duties involve tasks from requirements identification to publishing and maintenance. 

An iOS developer is responsible for:

  • Collaborate with project stakeholders, customer representatives, and interdepartmental offices to identify customer-based user-centric product requirements and priorities
  • Design and development of iOS native application solutions, both mobile and web
  • Utilize industry approved standard tools, technology, and protocols in developing native iOS web and mobile application solutions
  • Ensure optimized performance and responsive behavior of the developed application
  • Implement troubleshooting protocols and processes for code reusability and reliability
  • Implement Quality Control and Quality Assurance measures for product testing
  • Communicate and collaborate with representatives from the different levels of the organization and phases of the design and development of the application
  • Maintain and ensure the quality of the code and product
  • Implement and adhere to design and development standards and best practices
  • Maintain up-to-date skills and knowledge on new technology, tools, protocols and standards

iOS Developer for Hire Resume Samples

Senior iOS Coder Resume Sample

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Objective-C, iOS, Swift, and other iOS mobile app development framework and languages
  • Extensive skills and knowledge of scripting and fronted development languages and frameworks (RESTful web services, JSON, XML, CSS, HTML5, AJAX, JQuery)
  • Solid working knowledge of version control (Git, SVN) and project management tools (Jira, Github) 
  • Solid knowledge and skills in using iOS development libraries (CocoaPods, RxSwift, Swift Standard Library) and frameworks (Core Data, Core Animation)
  • Analysis and optimization of development base code
  • Strong skills in iOS mobile app solutions development using compatible IDEs (Xcode, CodeRunner, AppCode)
  • Extensive skills and knowledge in developing with (OOP) Object-oriented Programming paradigm 
  • End-to-end design and development of mobile application solutions
  • Strong working knowledge of design pattern best practices and development implementation
  • Solid knowledge and skills in developing clean and reusable APIs and libraries for iOS mobile application development
  • Collaborate with product stakeholders and UI/UX experts to develop responsive and user-centric mobile application solutions
  • iOS development experience, a concentration on Native applications
  • Published iOS mobile applications in the App Store
  • Extensive experience in implementing iOS development libraries (RxSwift, Cocoapods, Foundation Framework, and Swift Standard Library)
  • Extensive skills in mobile application solution development using Swift and Objective-C
  • Capacity in implementing fundamental and best practices in mobile technology development
  • Significant experience in collaborating and managing a development team
  • Significant experience in troubleshooting and QA/QC protocol implementation
  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science

iOS Developer Salary Rates in 2020

Gauging developer service rates is an essential step when looking to hire iOS developer services for your project so research of the freelance iOS developer rates of iOS programmers with the skills and experience in iOS app development is highly recommended before hiring the one.

Having a variety of developer skills and background opens up the potential pool of skilled custom iOS app developers for hire. Exploring various recruitment avenues such as iOS app development outsource services can also improve the chances of hiring expert iOS app development teams. Let’s compare iOS engineers average net annual salary rates in different countries:

  • United Kingdom – $74,000
  • Italy – $74,600
  • UK – $70,130
  • USA – $102,916
  • Ukraine – $38,400 (based on Mobilunity’s Recruiting Team research over a few local job portals)

There are many ways that you can outsource iOS development projects or hire remote iOS developer services from a global workforce. To hire offshore iOS developers is one such way. 

Outstaffing and Outsourcing iOS Application Development Services

Outstaffing and outsourcing have been a great alternative to traditional in-house development teams. To hire iOS app developer offshore services is to employ offshore iOS app development experts from a different country, often not on the same continent.  While nearshore iOS mobile app development is when you collaborate with iOS programmers or tech companies based in neighboring countries of states for your project. 

Outstaffing and outsourcing iOS application development services lead to a more competitive market with diverse developer rates, skills, and experience. If you want to hire iOS developer outsource services for your project, an offshore iOS app developing firm can offer competitive rates and quality services.

Why Many Businesses Hire Remote iOS Developer in Ukraine 

In 2019, Ukraine had a solid 3,6% GDP growth. Of all the industries, the ICT sector is the 3rd largest service exporter, which covers about 20% share of the country’s exported services.  There is a vibrant and long-established tech industry in Ukraine. With a core skilled workforce that is exponentially growing over the years.

The Ukrainian IT sector keeps scaling up on average by 25,000 – 30,000 IT specialists per year, 16,000 of which are graduates from universities. This will be further augmented in the following years with the IT Creative Fund launched by its government. What is more, Ukraine offers affordable rates for highly-skilled developers: iOS coder salary is ranging from $800 entry-level to $3,500 senior iOS developer monthly salary rates.

In terms of cost, Ukraine offers more accessible and manageable developer rates than other countries. To hire iOS programmers from countries like the US, Canada, Italy, or Poland will cost more than if you hire iOS application developer from Ukraine-based companies. There are also numerous IT development services companies and individual highly-skilled and dedicated iOS developers in Ukraine capable of providing your development needs. There is no shortage of quality services, skills, or avenues to hire Ukrainian iOS developers.

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  • Favorable time zone and cultural closeness
  • Thanks to proven capabilities of our Recruitment Team, you may have your team ready within 3-6 weeks
  • We are focused on building strong relationships with our clients and engineers and aim to keep them fully satisfied

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