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Java is a popular programming language designed to have fewer implementation dependencies compared to other languages. Since its development in 1996, it has only gained traction and today, many businesses still choose Java for their software development projects. Java is used to develop web, mobile and enterprise applications, web servers and middleware products. The benefits of using Java include higher cross-functionality and portability, its stability and predictability, its powerful development tools and seamless compatibility. Developers choose Java because it is easy to learn and it is a mature language with plenty of support. Today, the demand for IT professionals such as a Java expert or Hadoop developers is high. Consequently, businesses are looking to hire these developers from other countries. With the growing demand for software development services, many businesses are turning to outsourcing and finding that hiring Java developers Ukraine is a cost-effective solution for their programming needs.

Java Development in 2022: Facts and Stats

Over the last 24 years, Java has grown into one of the most used programming languages. According to SimilarTech, there are currently 108,377 websites developed using Java. The top industries that use Java for development include science and education, electronics and technology, finance and law and government. Java is popular throughout the world, but the countries that make use of Java the most, include the United States, China, South Korea, France and Germany. 

Some of the top websites in the world were built with Java. These include AliExpress, Zillow, HomeDepot and Alibaba. Leading companies that are currently using Java for their development projects include Tesla, Remax, Tacobell, TicketWeb and Chegg. Many smaller businesses follow the trends of these bigger companies and as a result, they are also starting to use Java for their development projects. According to Tiobe, Java is the second most popular programming language, second only to C. It has managed to obtain 15.10% of the ratings. In the coming years, it may drop a few spots as newer languages appear, but looking at the charts, it will remain steady as one of the top languages of the modern world.   

Within a single programming language ecosystem, such as Java, there are plenty of changes happening to ensure the different parts suit the current development climate. Java is highly successful and it is used in almost every major industry, therefore, it is constantly evolving to ensure it meets these industries’ demands. The trends for Java in 2020 include: 

  • The adoption of Java 14. In March 2020 the latest version of Java was released. To the Java programming language it has brought 16 unique features including pattern matching for language enhancing, preview language feature, JFR, porting of ZGC to Windows and ZGC to macOS, switch expressions to make coding simpler, and more.
  • Using Git. Many companies have already started migrating projects to the distributed version-control system, Git, because of its branching capabilities. This is an indication that Java certified professional candidates may start using Git increasingly more.
  • Adoption of Spring. Over the last few years, there have been some important releases for Spring, Spring Security and Spring Boot which offer many benefits for Java programming. Therefore, an offshore dedicated Java developer will have to upgrade their Spring framework skills.
  • Implementation of Java Tools. Programmers are starting to use various Java tools, including Jmockit, EMMA, Junit, NUnit, TestNG, REST-Assured and others, to develop more innovative applications. 
  • Using big data. With the rise of big data, most Java developers will start using new big data tools since it’s relatively easy to learn and implement. Many of the core modules of big data tools are also written in Java, which makes it even easier to adopt. 

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Searching for Your Ideal Java Developers for Hire: What to Look for

When deciding to hire Java developer candidates, there are certain skills and experience to look out for. Some developers may go on to specialize in a certain direction, such as an OpenCV Java programmer, but most Java developers are able to complete certain tasks with their skills. Java programmer for hire tasks may include delivering software components which form part of a web or mobile application, developing reusable libraries, conducting integration tests to ensure code quality, resolving issues preventing the successful running of an application and identifying ways to optimize the current product. In order for them to successfully complete these tasks, they require certain skills. These include: 

  • Recent experience with Java  
  • Excellent knowledge of open source technologies such as Node.js, GraphQL and React 
  • Skills developing in cloud-based environments like Azure, AWS and Google Cloud 
  • Knowledge of SQL and noSQL databases
  • Good understanding of Git 
  • Knowledge and experience of APIs
  • An understanding of responsive web design and progressive enhancement
  • Good communication skills
  • Good timekeeping and leadership skills 

With its benefits, it is clear that the best way to hire remote Scala developer or Java developer is by employing a developer remotely through a development company. Before you hire Java programmers, it is essential to know which skills, experience and educational background to look for. Let’s consider a Java developer resume sample of different levels.

Senior Java Coder Resume Sample


  • Excellent knowledge of Java and the Java tools
  • Proficiency in cloud-based environments 
  • Excellent skill in database applications
  • Knowledge of software development best practice such as SOLID and ACID 
  • Knowledge of Git and other distributed version control systems
  • Knowledge of security best practices in software development
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Good leadership skills 


  • Excellent experience developing with Java
  • Experience with SQL and noSQL database applications 
  • Work developing in cloud-based environments including Azure and AWS
  • Experience building useful, robust automated test suites
  • Work with APIs and Microservice Architectures
  • Experience working with distributed version control systems such as Git
  • Experience with the Spring framework
  • Work with a team to test applications during the full-cycle of development 
  • Identify issues and resolve it within a good timeframe


  • Master’s degree in Computer Science

The Cost to Hire Java Developer Candidates 

The cost of Java developers for hire is one of the most important aspects to consider. This may influence the overall budget of your project. Let’s consider the average monthly Java programmer salary for five prominent countries: 

  • USA: $8,705
  • Denmark: $6,424
  • France: $4,372
  • Poland: $2,927
  • Ukraine: $2,333 (based on our Recruiting Team research over several local job portals)

From this data, it is clear that Ukraine stands out as one of the most affordable countries to hire dedicated Java developer experts from. The reason for this includes a low cost of living and a larger pool of talent. Finding Java coders for hire from Ukraine can save businesses plenty of valuable capital. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages to Outsource Java Programming to Ukraine

Over the last couple of years, businesses have realised that top talent and resources are difficult to find in their own countries. They have also experienced that it is often quite expensive to hire Java engineer candidates in-house. As a result, many businesses have opted to outsource or nearshore Java developers talent from other countries, specifically Ukraine. The benefits to find a Java developer from Ukraine include: 

  • Affordability. Compared to other European countries, Ukraine is incredibly affordable. Because of this, the salaries for remote Java developer candidates are typically lower. 
  • Excellent educational background. Ukrainians are encouraged to get a good education. This assists them with more skills and knowledge, which comes in very handy in a business environment. 
  • Solid experience. Many Ukrainian IT experts have worked on large international companies’ projects. This has allowed them to gain excellent work experience in Java development services. 
  • Convenient partnerships. Most Ukrainian IT experts have a high level of English proficiency which makes communication convenient. Ukraine is also located in a convenient time zone, which means that if you find java developers in Ukraine no valuable working hours will be lost. 
  • Excellent work ethic. Ukrainian IT experts are trained to always put their clients first and they go out of their way to ensure projects are finished on time and within budget. 

There are a few disadvantages to hire Ukrainian Java developers. However, these are minimal and can be overcome with the right outsourcing company. The disadvantages include: 

  • Slow communication. When outsourcing, you have to use an online method of communication. When connections are slow, this can hinder the speed of communication. 
  • Different cultures. Your in-house team may not be open to accepting the cultural differences of the outsource Java programming team, which may lead to some challenges when they work on the same projects. 
  • Losing control. When using Java outsourcing companies from Ukraine, it may be more difficult to manage your whole team, which can lead to losing control. 

Why Mobilunity Is a Great Choice to Find Java Developers

Since its establishment, Mobilunity has become an experienced company specializing in outstaffing solutions. We are experts in finding top IT professionals, such as Java developers, to assist businesses with complex software projects. We source Java developers from a large pool of talent with proficiency in several Java frameworks, including Spring, JSF, Hibernate, GWT, and more. Our solutions allow businesses to complete projects on time and within budget, while our Java developers go out of their way to exceed expectations. The benefits of using our services include: 

  • We are cost-effective. Compared to other companies, Mobilunity is very affordable and when choosing us for Java development outstaffing, you’ll save valuable capital.
  • We source only top talent. With Mobilunity, you get access to highly experienced and skilled offshore Java development team candidates with excellent skills and experience. 
  • We have a high level of English proficiency. When choosing Mobilunity to hire top Java developers, you won’t experience language barriers, because all our candidates have a high level of English proficiency.
  • We offer fast turnaround times. Our process is fast and efficient. From the moment you contact us about offshore Java development, we get straight to work and can find top candidates within three weeks. 
  • We offer efficient scalability. When choosing us to hire Java developer offshore, you can grow your team to suit your project requirements when you need to, quickly and easily. 

If your business is looking to hire dedicated Java programmers, contact the reliable team at Mobilunity. Find the right talent for your business today!

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