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Java is one of the most established programming languages and has been changing and adapting since its inception in 1995. Java has inspired many of the programming languages today but continues to be a strong tool in application development. Let’s find out more about cost of the development, benefits to hire IT consultant experienced in Java and all available options on how to hire Java programmer online.

Java Development History and Overview

Java is object-oriented, compiled language that was designed by Sun Microsystems Corporation and released in 1995. After more than twenty years of development, it became of the most popular languages in the world. Initially, Java was designed to replace C and C++ languages and to reduce software maintenance. The main problem of C-based languages was that the application should be compiled for multiple operating systems. Each release of the operating system was causing a lot of rework, due to API changes. Java was designed to take place as an adapter between the operating system and the application itself, making sure that developers don’t have to care about the operating system or hardware type.

A lot of enterprise applications were ported from C, Small Talk, C++, Algol, and others. Java applications became more maintainable and easily scalable. Java is one of the first provided HTTP communication and one of the first web frameworks. At the time when mobile phones moved to the smartphone age, Java became the most popular language to develop mobile applications using JavaME.

The last Java version was released on July 16, 2019. Java 11 didn’t have major changes, new interfaces were added or updated and some also syntax sugar was added. New syntax for lambda functions variables was added. A new experimental garbage collector was added which should reduce garbage collection time. Improved TLS security layer, and added flight recorder, which makes debugging and profiling easier and reduces performance cost. Being a primary language of an enterprise sector, Java developers choose the version carefully as the migration of a huge project to a new version is both time consuming and extremely expensive.

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Technologies Required by Java App Development

Since Java does not have built-in web-servers, it requires third-party software. Typically, if the project requires the use of application servers, the developers tend to use Apache Tomcat, Jetty, or JBoss EAP.

Those developers, who do not use application servers might need frameworks as an alternative to app servers. JetBrains has reported that Spring Boot, Netty, and Spark Java are the three most popular frameworks.

most populat java development frameworks

As a part of Java web programming, developers tend to use frameworks. Recent research has shown that the majority of voices has split between Spring MVC and Spring Boot.

As for the Java development software, the most common integrated development environments, here is the data from the recent survey.

Java Programming Popularity and Java Programmer for Hire

In case you have already started looking for Java developers or even thinking to hire Java programmer online from Ukraine, you have already probably noticed, that this programming language is among the most popular ones in the programming world. Almost every company out there keeps at least one developer of such sort in their team. Why so, you might ask? The answer is quite simple – Java is probably the most multipurpose language out there that allows you use it in multiple types of projects.

With over 10 million developers worldwide, over 5 million potential developers and over 15 million running on Java, it is undoubtedly among the most popular technologies in the world. It is expected that the number of Java developers for hire will grow in the next five years.

Types of Apps Java Coders for Hire Can Work on

While the practical applications of Java are numerous due to its security, scalability, and performance, there are several fields that tend to use Java the most.

  • Desktop application. Being a cross-platform programming language, Java was the first one to overcome the issues with platforms, OS, versions, etc. Thus, a lot of GUI apps utilize Java.
  • Mobile applications. We will discuss Android later, but lots of mobile applications written for this platform are built with Java along with Android (SDK) or a similar environment.
  • Embedded technologies and systems. Ranging from tiny chips to complex electro-mechanical systems, Java helps them run dedicated tasks. For example, RaspberryPi and Java can be a powerful symbiosis for IoT.
  • Web applications. Despite the fact browsers mostly utilize C, a lot of web apps in spheres like education, insurance and healthcare were built with Java. Java app development is extremely beneficial for complex systems where the ability to work within many environments comes ahead of the performance rates.
  • Enterprise applications. There is a dedicated Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) that provides both runtime environment and API for enterprise software.
  • Science-related applications. When it comes to complex calculations, low maintenance need and a high degree of portability, there is barely any better alternative than Java, as all data can be processed securely.

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Java’s Pros and Cons You Should Be Aware of Before You Hire Java Programmers

Now that you have learned about what Java does and main areas of its usage, you probably are even more curious about it and want to see its capabilities in action. But before you start looking for Java programmers, there is something else you need to learn about it. First of all, you need to learn about this programming language’s pros and cons. While the discussion upon the best language will never end, one has to know that Java, as a programming language, has multiple advantages.

  • Relatively simple. Initially designed to be easy to write, compile and debug, this language has a medium learning curve (unlike Assembler or C/C++).
  • Cross-platform. Before Java, the issue of different platforms was a nightmare. Thus, with its introduction, numerous gigantic programs were rewritten to Java.
  • Secure. Initially designed to withstand anything, Java is well-known for its security.
  • Multithreading. Being able to run several tasks simultaneously within itself makes Java application stand out.
  • Distributed. Having initial integration, Java makes distributed computing so much easier thanks to its networking capabilities.

However, it would not be fair to say Java has no cons. Among things that Java has issues with are:

  • Performance. Despite the best efforts, Java app development loses it to C/C++ in terms of performance (however, the difference is not that big).
  • UI of Java application. The results of Java mobile application development have a completely different feel from what a native app typically looks like.

Interesting Statistics about Java and Java Development

According to VisionEye, most projects are completed with Java, followed by Ruby. Also, Java is the most popular language worldwide, as per PYPL Popularity. Below are some statistics from Java Sample Approach:

  • 97% of Enterprise computer units run Java
  • In the US, 89% of desktop units run Java
  • Leading Choice for Application and Software Developers
  • Leading Application Development Platform
  • 3 Billion Mobile units run Java
  • 125 million television units run Java
  • The Top 5 Original Equipment Manufacturers Ship Java

Develop Diverse Projects with Remote Java Developers

Because Java has been around for decades, Java is everywhere and the possibilities with its use are wide-reaching and evolving. It has been influencing the technologies of today, such as Mobile and Web Development, Machine Learning, to Cloud Computing. There have been numerous well-known applications that have been developed by top Java developers, below are just some of the most notable Java projects that have been developed so far:

  • Android. One of the most popular, if not the most popular, Java products is the Android OS. The operating system used in millions of gadgets all over the world was developed using Java and with this comes the capability of creating diverse and numerous mobile and web applications accessible in all digital devices running Android. Java mobile apps development is rising with the growing number of devices running on Android.
  • Spring Framework. Another well-known Java project is the Spring framework. The Spring Framework is an application framework developed to provide comprehensive infrastructure support of applications built with Java. It is an application framework that can be used with other programming languages, not just Java, to build various development projects.
  • WorldWind. Nasa WorldWind is an open-source API for a virtual globe. With it, developers will be able to build interactive visualization of the world in 3D with maps and other geographical information. WorldWind has been known to be used in analyzing geospatial data, tracking weather patterns and vehicle movements, visualizing specific cities or terrains, and as a tool for improving awareness and education about the Earth.

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Transferable Skills Java Programmers for Hire Should Have

Java developers are one of the most demanded programmers in the world. They perform computer software engineering and programming in different areas of business. Java coders can write Android apps, web applications, server apps at the financial services industry, software tools, trading applications, scientific applications, etc. They, basically, can work almost with any type of project. Employers also tend to look for and then hire a team of dedicated entry Java developers with additional knowledge of JavaScript, so that they could enable security settings that validate users and process business transactions apart from programming in Java. If you are interested not only in Java developers but want to consider other types of programmers as well, check out our long post on costs to hire a computer programmer in Ukraine!

Java application developers are also not limited to just the Java programming language. Java projects can be used to create projects joining more than one programming languages, like Scala and the Spring Framework. Also, the programming practices the Java programmers learn and use are applicable and can be used when developing projects with other programming languages. With Java being an object-oriented programming language, Java programmers are able to create modular software that is flexible and extensible.

Until today, Java developers have been well known for building computation-heavy, core server-side applications, and APIs with Java Enterprise Edition and other tools. However, with the growing demand for web and mobile applications and technologies, Java has developed tools, such as JavaServer Pages and the Spring Framework, for Java coders to adapt to the demand and expand their skills at the same time. Top Java developers reflect the marked growth and capacity to adapt that Java, as a platform, has exhibited over the years.

Current Demand for Java Developers for Hire

As for the need for Java developers, in 2019 there were almost 65 thousand positions listed on Indeed.com. For the European Union and nearby location, LinkedIn lists over 24 thousand open positions, including Java web developer.

What Skills to Check in a CV Before You Hire Dedicated Java Developer

A good developer always has more skills than listed in the position. The most obvious demand will be profound knowledge of Java. Key skills and experience:

  • Java-based web services
  • Relational Databases, SQL and ORM
  • J2EE framework and EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) for enterprise-level projects;
  • OOP
  • XML, X query, XSL
  • Test-Driven Development

For the senior positions, understanding of business processes and their correlation with software development is a must.

Java Coder Roles and Responsibilities

Before we move to the responsibilities, let’s learn what is a Java developer, especially if you need to hire Java programmer online? It a developer who possesses both theoretical knowledge and practical experience working with Java. Similar to any other programming language, Java developers can have Junior, Middle, and Senior qualifications. Based on the type of application, SDLC phrase (whether it is research and prototype development, active development or support), Java developer responsibilities can include:

  • Produce source code according to the technical specifications and current scope;
  • Provide analysis of requirements and choose the best approach;
  • Fix issues in the code (both reported by QA and users);
  • Analyze the code, write and run software tests;
  • Learn about or suggest changes to software and architectural structure;
  • Analyze and recommend changes to established Java application processes

Along with employing a Java developer, you should think about hiring a Java consultant as well. An industry of consulting is growing rapidly these days, as most company owners are no longer satisfied with the results they are provided by developers. Modern market is growing and the competition inside it does accordingly. All this leads to companies trying to stay relevant and searching for new ways to do so. In such case consulting services provide a unique and custom solution for integration for almost any product within any company, therefore ensuring its strong position on the market.

Check out a developer’s GitHub profile. This way you will know how active he is in the community.  The lack of a GitHub portfolio is a red flag business managers should pay attention to.

How to Hire a Java Developer or Java Development Team

When you plan a big project, you may stumble upon a question “Where can I find professional developers?”. The choice is limited to 2 basic options: hire an in-house developer or team, or let the third party develop the project upon your behalf. Let’s take a closer look at the expenses for both options and take Ukraine as a typical representative of Java outsourcing.

Annual Java Developer Rate

Well, based on the demand of the market, roles, and responsibilities here is what should a company expect if they decide to hire Java developers.

Entry-level Mid-Career Experienced
USA $66,795 $82,227 $95,745








CHF 81,299


CHF 98,877


CHF 112,752


Ukraine $24,000 average from $29,479

Data is provided by PayScale.com

Java Programmer Hourly Rate

According to PayScale, Java developers compensations vary depending on the country. In the USA, an average Java programmer should be paid $40.43 per hour of their services. The UK marks the same services as £32.00 (~$41.20) per hour. You can hire Java developer in Switzerland CHF 42.17 (~42.38) reaching one on the most expensive rates. Whereas in Ukraine, a remote Java developer can be hired for an average of $14.17 per hour. It means that compared to an in-house junior Java developer, a remote developer hired in Ukraine can save a company from 15 to 55 thousand dollars based on the location of the company. For situations when a whole Java team of 5 to 20 people is required, the difference will be even more significant. Let’s focus more on the prices of Java development In Ukraine.

Why Would Anyone Hire a Java Programmer Online?

When it comes to the decision to hire a Java programmer, the numbers speak for themselves. In order to cut the expenses, companies tend to revert to outsourcing and outstaffing. Among other reasons for that are:

  • no working place needed in the company’s office;
  • reduced expenses for relocation, vacation and sick leaves;
  • a bigger pool of experts, thus better chances of finding an expert with a specific skill set.

It’s not considered as a problem anymore due to the existing outstaffing services, which IT companies provide nowadays making hiring Java developers much easier. To get familiar with the term, outstaffing is carried out quite simply: you come to the company, which provides the needed service, with your request and they find all the needed employees for you. For example, you need Java programmers for your project, but you hesitate about the candidates, who were shown on the first pages of Google. Firstly, you are not sure about the level of their professionalism. Secondly, you are confused by the amount of money they ask for. In the case with outstaffing Java development outsourcing, you won’t have to look for programmers by yourself, it will be done by experienced HRs and all you will have to do is just hire Java development team and give them tasks.

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Java Coder in Ukraine?

According to the data provided by Dou.ua, in summer 2019, the two cities that score the highest rates are the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, and Lviv (which is said to be the second hub of IT industry in Ukraine).

Some companies tend to have their doubts about long-term contracts with Ukrainian developers, as they believe they cannot predict the cost of such services. The graph below provides the data on Java developers’ rates in Ukraine from 2011 till the middle of 2019. As you can see for yourself, the compensation changes can be well-predicted and might be fixed for the time of the project.

Why Java Developers Ukraine Are One of the Best

Regardless of the type of development required, we can handle both Java mobile application development and Java web development well. It may be hard to choose a perfect dedicated Java software developer, especially when you have several great candidates on one post. It is also important to take into consideration the location of the programmer because sometimes you lack the staff on your local market. While searching for the right developer to join your Java development team, you may consider a candidate by testing him on the presence of important qualities. While outsource Java development request is placed, Mobilunity is searching for the best possible professionals on the developer position considering their talent, level of educational skills, flexible, but a responsible approach to projects, and, of course, the cost. You can read more on the topic and get a full answer to the question “Why hire Ukrainian developers?”.

Why Choose Mobilunity as Your Java Development Provider?

Java development typically involves high workload as well as access to sensitive data, so choosing the service provider any company should pay attention to reputation, showcases, and the available pool of developers. Moreover, Mobilunity is proud of:

  • Worldwide experience with various clients, along with excellent feedback.
  • Versatile pool of developers to fulfill any team composition required for the project.
  • Reasonable pricing policy (even compared to other Ukrainian companies) and fixed prices with no hidden ‘extras’.
  • Top quality of the code, testing, and project communication.
  • Abilty to deliver even the most complex solutions on time.

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