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Several JavaScript frameworks are available for frontend development, such as React, Ember.js, and Backbone.js developers. In the backend department, Laravel is among the most widely used PHP frameworks. Although it’s relatively new, having only been released in 2011, it has quickly risen in popularity, and as of 2017, it is globally the leading PHP framework in terms of Google search count according to Google Trends.

For the start, according to the survey of Bruno Skvorc at Sitepoint, PHP framework Laravel is now considered to be one of the most popular ones to be used along with Symphony, Nette, CodeIgniter, Yii2 and some others. It is a relatively young framework that is actively being developed. In terms of convenience for developers, it still misses some tools that are available, for example, in Symphony. Still, since it is comparatively young and actively developing, it is almost evident this will appear in the framework shortly. It has a neat architecture, contains a sufficient amount of packages out-of-the-box that will cover almost all of your needs during the development process. Laravel is considered to be easy to adopt, lightweight and flexible framework, though some of the developers argue it has insufficient documentation, still, this is a subjective opinion. Laravel is an open-source, free PHP framework for the web.

Overview of Laravel and Reasons to Hire Laravel Developers

The Laravel framework is widely used by many websites across the globe. According to the website analytics site BuiltWith, there are a total of 508,333 live websites that currently run on Laravel, while historically, a total of 1,086,264 websites have been built with Laravel. Comparing this per country, The country with the most number of live websites written with Laravel is the United States, with 49,827 sites currently running on Laravel. This is followed by the United Kingdom (4,268), Russia (4,220), Brazil (4,187), and the Netherlands (3,968). In Ukraine, a total of 477 websites are currently running on Laravel. The best Laravel developer is responsible for creating these websites, making sure that he/she can fully utilize the various features of Laravel to enhance both the development experience as well as the user experience once these sites have been deployed to production.

If you have decided on the Laravel framework for your website and now, looking for dedicated Laravel developer, there are a few points you need to take into consideration. Below you can find brief information and handy infographics about the main features of Laravel technology, its pros and cons, and the average salaries of Laravel programmers in different countries. What is more, we have prepared a helpful comparison of 4 models to hire a Laravel developer, so you can utilize the one that fits your project needs. Keep reading to find out everything you need for finding a reliable Laravel programmer for hire.

Skills to Note Before You Hire Laravel Developer

Although Laravel developers are expected to have mastered the Laravel framework and all its different features, he/she is also expected to be knowledgeable in other areas. Here are some of the skills that a competent Laravel web developer should possess in addition to knowledge of the technology to be fully capable of Laravel development.

  • Web development fundamentals. The basic web dev technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are considered fundamental skills that every web developer should have mastered, and this includes Laravel developers. These developers will inevitably need to combine their Laravel codes with these technologies, and should, therefore, know the ins and outs of these technologies as well as their most popular frameworks. Moreover, a Laravel app development expert should know the various integrations of Laravel with these technologies.
  • Database management. Being a Laravel developer typically requires full-stack web development skills, and this includes manipulating database systems. A good Laravel developer must know relational database queries by heart and must be able to do basic tasks like creating, reading, editing, and deleting entries from database tables, as well as more complex tasks like joining tables and creating stored procedures. A competent developer skilled in Laravel web application development should also be experienced in working with different SQL management systems, especially the most common ones like MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Collaboration. Laravel web developers should be prepared to work on projects of any size, and this includes large projects that would require multiple developers collaborating on a shared codebase. As such, your Laravel developer should be able to work well with other developers. For one, he/she should be skilled with collaborative tools such as Git or SVN, which enables developers to work on a shared code base and simplifies the task of merging codes. Besides, soft skills like proper communication and adaptability to different personalities are also key characteristics of a successful Laravel development professional.

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Laravel App Development Benefits and Pros of Having in Your Team Laravel Programmers

Using Laravel as your PHP framework in your web application project can prove beneficial in a variety of areas. Here are some of the key benefits of web application development using the Laravel framework.

Strong Integration with External Services

Integrating with external services is a very important feature in any framework, as it enables the quick and smooth inclusion of these external services into any application. Laravel provides strong and convenient integration with other third-party services, making development for added features a breeze. For instance, it has solid integration with various mail services, such as SMTP and the popular PHP mail library Swift Mailer, together with other mail APIs like Mailgun, Mandrill, and SparkPost. These may be used to automatically send email notifications to users at different triggers on the website. Laravel also provides integration with so-called cache backends such as Memcached and Redis, which are technologies that enable the caching and storage of web objects so that they won’t need to be re-loaded from the server every time a user visits the website. This makes page loads much faster and the overall user experience substantially more pleasant.

Out-of-the-box Authorization and Authentication

Authorization and authentication mechanisms are present in nearly every web application of substantial size. This enables the site to grant access only to those users to whom the corresponding contents are intended, and it enables these sites to verify the identity of these users. It also allows sites to restrict the access of various users within the web site depending on their roles. Laravel provides out-of-the-box authorization and authentication functionalities to make this task effortless so that you won’t have to reinvent the wheel by developing these common features every time you create a new application.

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Tight Security

Laravel offers several industry-standard security best practices that help ensure that your web application will be free from malicious attacks. For instance, it provides strong protection against SQL injections, which are possible vulnerability points that could allow hackers to gain unauthorized access to system databases by running SQL queries. Laravel also offers protection against cross-site scripting or XSS, which could allow hackers to run JavaScript codes using the different input fields on a web page. Moreover, Laravel provides a mechanism to prevent cross-site request forgery, which could allow hackers to use APIs by pretending to send an authorized AJAX call. This is prevented by the use of tokens that Laravel validates between that sent to the API and that stored on the browser’s session. These are only a few of the security measures implemented by Laravel.

Built-In Exception Handling

Error handling is an often overlooked yet highly critical feature of any web development framework. It enables developers to easily handle unexpected error scenarios elegantly by catching all unhandled exceptions, be they business or system exceptions, and providing a set of instructions for the application to perform when such exceptions are encountered. While this is typically coded manually into web applications, Laravel provides a quick and easy error handling mechanism that makes the task a breeze to developers.

Simplified URL Routing

Web sites are accessed by typing in web URLs onto the browser’s address bar, or else clicking a hyperlink from some other web site. These URLs should be a unique identifier of the different pages within a web application. Since the task of managing URLs for different pages of an application may be cumbersome, Laravel provides a convenient way to configure and manage URL routes. This is done by keeping all URL routes in one place and providing a simple syntax for generating intuitive and descriptive URL routes.

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Samples of Apps Built by Laravel Developers

Due to Laravel’s popularity, a great number of web applications have been built using the technology. Here are some examples of interesting applications that were created using the Laravel framework, as compiled in development websites Code Condo and 41Studio.

  • NeighborhoodLender – This is a web application for loans and mortgages. It aims to simplify the process of taking out mortgage or housing loans and cutting the costs by eliminating closing costs. It also provides an easy-to-use mortgage calculator among other loaning services.
  • World Walking – This is an application to inspire people to be more physically active by walking more steps. It tracks the number of steps taken by users and provides a platform for users to share and collaborate on fitness goals. It also gamifies the act of walking by creating virtual walks to different destinations around the globe.
  • Startups – This is a platform that empowers startups to expand their businesses by helping them find customers, get affordable advertising, acquire funding, and get mentorship services. It caters to over 1 million startup companies across the globe and has over 16 million users currently registered.
  • Laracasts – This is an online learning platform where developers can learn how to code with PHP frameworks such as Laravel and Vue, as well as other developer skills and technologies like JavaScript, Testing, and Tooling.
  • Bonappetour – This is an application for the traveling foodies. It provides a community where travelers can find and connect with local chefs to get a unique dining experience. It also shows various culinary programs across different parts of the world.

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Value of a Laravel eCommerce Developer

Every owner of the eCommerce site would want their store to be created as fast as possible and here is where Laravel enters the scene. This framework allows you to create a website much faster than, for example, when you create a Yii2-based site. It also offers such security enhancements as protection from CSRF and XSS attacks as well as SQL injections making your database safe and secure. As a good variant, you can also consider PHP, eCommerce, and Magento 2 development. However, besides the enhanced security, each eCommerce store is specifically dependent on site performance. No one would want to wait for util the catalog or product page loads. This is where Laravel becomes a true start (compared to Symphony in particular). Apache Benchmark tests showed that Laravel is approximately 10 times faster than Symphony in the same operations run on built-in web servers. We consider this to be a true difference for eCommerce websites.

How to Find Laravel Developer for Hire

If you’re in the market to hire Laravel developer, finding a good Laravel developer for hire shouldn’t be very difficult. The good news is, there are several avenues from which to hire a Laravel developer. The challenge, however, would be finding the most optimal method of hiring that will get you a highly skilled PHP Laravel developer at very reasonable rates. We present four of the most common ways to hire Laravel developer and examine the pros and cons of each.

4 Models to Hire Laravel Developer

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It’s also possible to hire Laravel developer team from outsourcing companies and relocate them to your company’s site. This allows your Laravel application development team to function just like a locally hired team.


  • This solves the problems of location and time zone differences with offshoring
  • Provides full control over the developer


  • Can get very expensive because you will have to shoulder relocation costs, which include transportation and accommodation
  • Since only a few developers are willing to get relocated, this process can take a long time, typically over a month
  • Once you outsource Laravel developers including their relocation, it doesn’t solve the problem of additional expenses for office equipment, retention, and corporate perks

Comparison of Laravel Developers Rates Worldwide

After having looked at the different methods of hiring developers for Laravel application development, the next concern before deciding to outsource Laravel programmers would be determining the cost of doing so. To do this, we need to take a look at the typical Laravel developer rates to determine where to hire dedicated Laravel developer. It’s important to compare the cost from different countries, as it could be an important factor in deciding which country to hire Laravel programmers from. Therefore, let’s perform a comparison of the typical rates of Laravel developers in different countries. For this comparison, we collect data from the job posting website Neuvoo and job market research website PayScale.

According to Neuvoo, as of writing, the average annual rates for Laravel developers for hire are as follows:

  • US – $71,697
  • UK – £37,917 ($49,142)
  • Germany – €52,500 ($59,858)
  • France – €46,667 ($60,567)
  • Ukraine –  $26,858

From the above comparison, it is easy to see that Ukraine offers the best rates among the countries that we have compared. Hiring Laravel developers from Ukraine will, therefore, yield huge savings for your project. For instance, compared to hiring a Laravel application developer from London, to hire Laravel developer offshore from Ukraine will yield an annual savings of $22,284 per developer! It is therefore in your best interest to hire developers from Ukraine and outsource Laravel development to this country if you want to save on costs.

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Laravel is among the most popular PHP framework for web development. Ukraine offers top-notch developers that lead the rest of Europe in terms of affordability to hire remote dedicated Laravel developer.

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