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Laravel is a PHP web framework specifically designed for the development of web applications. This open-source framework is often adopted as it offers an ideal solution to the application development needs of small businesses, as well as large enterprises. For businesses, it offers strong web application security, a built-in command-line tool which can automate tedious programming tasks and a strong migration system to avoid losing data. This allows businesses to build strong, secure and innovative applications.

Developers choose Laravel because it offers built-in lightweight templates, efficient unit testing and pre-installed libraries. Laravel also offers a large community that provides efficient support to programming problems. These benefits for both businesses and developers have increased Laravel’s popularity as a PHP web development platform and the demand to hire a Laravel programming expert is rising year-by-year. 

The Popularity of Laravel Web Services

According to BuildWith, Laravel’s popularity has been growing steadily over the last seven years. Today, 484,970 websites are using Laravel and this number is only increasing. According to SimilarTech, industries that use Laravel the most include electronics and technology, arts and entertainment, science and education, business, and consumer services. Laravel is used by some highly prominent companies around the globe. These include Pfizer, BBC, iTickets, Safeway Foundation, TourRadar and Crowdcube. These major companies form part of the top 100,000 websites in the world and set the trend for smaller businesses and startups. As a result, it is predicted that Laravel will be adopted more and more in the coming years.

Laravel is not only popular among business owners and webmasters. According to Stack Overflow, when it comes to web frameworks, 11,1% of professional developers choose Laravel. The reasons they mention why they like to work with Laravel include: 

According to Hackr.io, the top PHP framework is Laravel, with Symfony and CodeIgniter taking the second and third places respectively. Let’s compare the other frameworks to Laravel to see what makes it stand out: 

Code generatorCLICLICLIYii CLI,
Multiple databasesYesYesYesYesYes
Security cross-site scripts43343
Simplicity scale (out of 10)6104334

The choice of framework developers uses often depends on the type of project they have to work on. Developers typically choose Symfony if they have a very large project to work on and CakePHP if the project is complex. But from this data, it is evident that Laravel stands out as the best overall PHP framework for its databases, security, and simplicity. It can be used for both big and small projects and can be used to develop applications fast and efficiently. 

The Skills and Experience a Laravel Programming Expert Should Have 

Businesses hire Laravel developer candidates to build highly functional web applications to take software’s user experience to the next level and ultimately, improve customer experience. Their main responsibilities and tasks usually include building innovative web applications, writing secure modular codes and frequently testing it, working with different programming languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, in combination with Laravel, resolving technical issues, managing databases and constantly enhancing the functionality of new applications.

In order to complete these tasks, Laravel developers should have a certain set of skills. These include an excellent understanding of basic programming languages such as CSS and JavaScript, thorough knowledge of PHP frameworks, specifically Laravel, skill in managing API services, proficiency in unit testing using platforms such as PHPUnit, knowledge of managing databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL and familiarity with server tools.

Laravel developers typically work as part of a team, which often consists of a front-end developer, back-end developer, Bootstrap programmer, tester and one or more DevOps. To find Laravel framework programmer professionals can be tricky, however, if you know what skills, experience and education to look for, it shouldn’t be.

Senior Laravel Developer Resume Example


  • Excellent proficiency in Laravel
  • Well-versed in xHTML, CSS, Javascript, CSS frameworks
  • Knowledge of Git, SVN or similar version control systems
  • Knowledge of different database systems
  • Skill writing mid-high level complexity logic
  • Excellent knowledge of coding standards and best practices
  • Proficiency in best testing practices
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Good problem-solving and time management skills
  • Excellent leadership skills 


  • Excellent experience working with Laravel
  • Significant work experience in the full life-cycle of PHP development
  • Experience with MySQL database design and development
  • Work with XML as a markup language
  • Experience building APIs according to best practice standards 
  • Experience solving complex performance problems and architectural challenges
  • Experience managing end-to-end code release processes
  • Assist with estimations and timeframes 


  • Master’s degree in Computer Science 

The Cost to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers

When you consider to hire Laravel developers or other PHP coders, one of the most important aspects to consider is the cost. The salaries of developers vary from country to country and this may influence where you decide to find a Laravel developer for hire. Since Laravel is a PHP web framework, it is worth looking at the average monthly salaries of PHP developers in five popular countries: 

Based on this data, it is evident that the average cost to find Laravel engineer experts and PHP developers in Ukraine is much lower compared to the Laravel and Symfony developer cost in other countries. There are many reasons for this, including a lower cost of living. 

Today, there is a great demand to implement Laravel in the business world and increasingly more businesses are looking to find Laravel developer experts. Let’s look at the demand to hire Laravel engineer candidates in ten prominent countries: 


All the data from above was taken from LinkedIn, Simplyhired.com, Indeed.com, Glassdoor.com and Recruit.net.

Introducing Laravel Nova

Nova is a Laravel administration panel featuring a stunning, user-friendly design. Nova was carefully created by Laravel developers to make other developers’ work more productive.

What is Laravel Nova being used for?

The best way to describe Laravel Nova is as an admin panel tool. It is an effective tool for Laravel Nova developer experts to create administrative dashboards for apps. However, Nova is not necessarily a component of an app. Instead, it is a stand-alone product that lets Laravel Nova programmer experts quickly create management tools for data. It is incorporated into a codebase as a package, but it is not required to alter any of the code that is already there.

Eloquent administration of underlying database records is Nova’s primary feature. Nova does this by allowing developers to define a specific Nova “resource” that matches each Eloquent model in an application. 

Mobilunity: a reliable provider of hiring Laravel Nova developers in Ukraine

If you’re looking to incorporate Laravel Nova into your next development project, Mobilunity has the access to top Laravel Nova senior developer candidates and Laravel Nova consultant experts. These professionals have the right skills and experience with Nova to help you develop innovative and stand-out web applications. As a leading outsourcing company, Mobilunity will ensure you can hire these professionals fast and efficiently at rates that suit your budget.

Reasons to Hire a Laravel Developer Ukraine

Ukrainian Laravel developers and other PHP programmers are typically highly skilled and experienced in their field. This is a result of many of them being used for outsource Laravel development and work with international companies where they gain unmatched experience. These PHP programmers are known to develop some of the most challenging and technically complex web projects for businesses in a variety of industries. 

The cost to hire Laravel programmers and other PHP developers in Ukraine varies largely according to their level of skill. Let’s consider the average monthly salaries of different levels of a Laravel developer Ukraine according to Payscale: 

The demand for Laravel developers is extraordinary. According to LinkedIn, there are 32,572 job openings for Laravel developers. Many businesses are not able to find the right talent in their own countries and are pushed to hire Laravel software developer candidates in other countries, such as Ukraine. The benefits for businesses who hire from Ukraine include: 

  • Affordability. Ukraine is one of the most affordable countries in Europe when it comes to custom software development. As a result of its low cost of living, the costs to hire Laravel coder candidates from Ukraine are usually lower compared to other countries. 
  • Convenience. Ukraine is situated in a very convenient time zone, ensuring a favorable partnership where no working hours gets lost during Laravel outsourcing. 
  • Receptiveness. Most Ukrainian developers have a high level of English proficiency, ensuring a comfortable working relationship with no language barriers. 
  • Dedication. Ukraine developers are known for their excellent work ethic and outstanding productivity, ensuring they are always completely dedicated to your project. 

How to Find a Laravel Developer for Hire in Ukraine

  • Freelance platforms. There are countless freelance platforms available online to hire dedicated Laravel coder candidates. These platforms, or marketplaces, offer thousands of freelancers for hire from all over the world, including Ukraine. The pool of talent offering Laravel web services may be large, but the quality of experience and skills of candidates can often be low. 
  • Job search websites. Using job search websites to find Laravel framework coder candidates is one of the more traditional methods of finding professionals. These websites typically exist as a platform for businesses to post new vacancies on and have candidates apply. This method can be effective to hire remote dedicated Laravel developer candidates but is often a long and tedious process. 
  • Social media platforms. Some social media platforms such as LinkedIn offer easy ways to hire dedicated Laravel developers. These platforms allow businesses to post vacancies or to contact candidates directly. The process of finding Laravel development services may be efficient and affordable but as these are free and open platforms, there aren’t many reliable ways to check candidates’ experience or skill. 
  • IT outstaffing companies. IT outstaffing companies specialize in sourcing top talent in different fields and then assist businesses to hire remote Laravel developer candidates for specific IT projects. Using an outstaffing Laravel development company from Ukraine is one of the most effective methods of finding Laravel developers, as it allows you access to highly skilled and experienced candidates at incredibly affordable rates compared to hiring in-house. 

Extend your development team or set up the new one with dedicated Laravel developers from Mobilunity!

Why Choose Mobilunity to Hire Dedicated Laravel Programmer Candidates

Mobilunity is a reliable IT outstaffing company sourcing specialists in a variety of IT fields. Our expert knowledge allows us to offer effective hiring solutions to businesses, big and small, around the world. We are known to always meet expectations. When you hire Laravel developer offshore individuals and teams from us, it enables you to finish your projects on time and within budget. Benefits of using Mobilunity to hire Laravel framework engineer candidates from include: 

  • Access to talented IT specialists. Mobilunity has a rigorous vetting process in place to ensure we source only experts in their fields.
  • Cost-effective solutions. Mobilunity offers more affordable hiring solutions compared to hiring an in-house dedicated Laravel team.
  • Efficient scalability. When working with Mobilunity, you can hire dedicated Laravel programmer candidates as your business expands, risk-free.
  • Convenient time zone. Based in Ukraine, Mobilunity is situated in a convenient time zone comparable to most European countries. 
  • Full dedication. Mobilunity’s candidates are all committed to one project only, ensuring complete dedication. 

Whether your business is ready to hire remote dedicated Laravel developer candidates or require more information about the process, you are welcome to contact the experts at Mobilunity!

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