How to Hire Laravel PHP Developer with ReactJS Skills

While frontend developers are responsible for making sure that websites are well-designed and deliver a smooth user experience, backend developers are responsible for the equally important tasks of implementing the proper logical operations on all the site’s data and making sure that these data are properly stored and updated in databases. PHP is among the most popular languages for back-end development, and several frameworks are available to make PHP development significantly faster by packaging complex functionalities into a few lines of code.

Several JavaScript frameworks are available for frontend development, such as React, Ember.js, and Backbone.js developers. In the backend department, Laravel is among the most widely-used PHP frameworks. Although it’s relatively new, having only been released in 2011, it has quickly risen in popularity, and as of 2017, it is globally the leading PHP framework in terms of Google search count according to Google Trends.

For the start, according to the survey of Bruno Skvorc at Sitepoint, PHP framework Laravel is now considered to be one of the most popular ones to be used along with Symphony, Nette, CodeIgniter, Yii2 and some others. It is a relatively young framework that is actively being developed. In terms of convenience for developers, it still misses some tools that are available, for example, in Symphony. Still, since it is comparatively young and actively developing, it is almost evident this will appear in the framework shortly. It has a neat architecture, contains sufficient amount of packages out-of-the-box that will cover almost all of your needs during the development process.

popularity of different technologies including Laravel and ReactJS

Google Trends statistics on Google search popularity of different PHP frameworks

Laravel is considered to be easy to adopt, lightweight and flexible framework, though some of the developers argue it has insufficient documentation, still, this is a subjective opinion. Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework. Designed to develop any Laravel app by following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern, this framework offers different features including modular packaging system with a dependency manager, different methods of accessing relational databases, and a set of utilities that help to deploy and maintain application.

The Value of Laravel Developers

Laravel makes backend development with PHP a lot more convenient by providing abstractions for several common functionalities out of the box. For instance, it simplifies the development of authorization and authentication mechanisms, exception handling, and test automation functionalities. Furthermore, it provides direct integration with various services such as email and web optimization tools. As of writing, the latest version of the framework is Laravel 5.

Although Vue.js is the JavaScript framework most often used with Laravel, as it works out of the box with Laravel, its usage is not very widespread. Since backend and frontend development are typically separated and decoupled, it’s very likely that another JavaScript framework needs to be used with Laravel, such as the far more common React framework, which would necessitate a skilled React developer.

Popular website Wattpad, for instance, uses React as one of its JavaScript frameworks in combination with Laravel, together with other frameworks like Backbone.js and MomentJS.

A Laravel 5 developer with skills in various frontend frameworks like React is therefore of great value in the industry.

Laravel Advantages for eCommerce

Every owner of the eCommerce site would want their store to be created as fast as possible and here is where Laravel enters the scene. This framework allows you to create a website much faster than, for example, when you create a Yii2-based site. It also offers such security enhancements as protection from CSRF and XSS attacks as well as SQL injections making your database safe and secure.

As a good variant you can also consider PHP, osCommerce and Magento 2 development. However, beside the enhanced security, each eCommerce store is specifically dependent on a  site performance. Noone would want to wait till the catalog or product page loads. This is where Laravel becomes a true start (compared to Symphony in particular). Apache Benchmark tests showed that Laravel is approximately 10 times faster than Symphony in the same operations run on built-in web servers. We consider this to be a true difference for eCommerce websites.

Hiring a Laravel PHP Developer Skilled in ReactJS

Comparison of Laravel developer salary vs React programmer

Finding a Laravel PHP developer with ReactJS skills shouldn’t be very difficult, as there are several avenues from which to find developers. The challenge, however, would be finding the most optimal method of hiring that will get you highly skilled php laravel developer at very reasonable rates. We present four of the most common ways, and examine the pros and cons of each.

4 Models toHire Laravel and RectJS Developers

4 Different Models in Hiring Laravel, PHP or ReactJS Developers

Hiring a Laravel PHP Developer from the Local Market

The most straightforward way to hire a Laravel PHP developer is to hire from the local market through one of the many available job posting websites.


  • You will have full control over your developers and their schedule
  • Location and time zone differences are nonexistent


  • Can get quite expensive, as local developer rates are typically high, especially in USA, Canada and Europe
  • Requires allocation of physical resources, such as office workspace, computers, and all other equipment
  • Entails long-term contract with employees, which means you will have to keep them after the project
  • Being their employer, you will have to pay for your developers’ taxes, insurance, etc.


You can also hire outsourcing companies who employ their own developers with Laravel and ReactJS skills, and give them the details of the project that needs to be done.


  • No need to worry about project management
  • No need to worry about the screening process for applicants


  • Can be quite costly since there are lots of overhead, such as project management
  • Limited control over the project development process
  • Misunderstandings about business requirements can lead to higher costs

Hiring a Dedicated Laravel/React Developer

One other option is to hire a Laravel or ReactJS developer from a dedicated development teams provider like Mobilunity. With this option, developers continue working in the company’s office, but they report to you and communicate with you directly. If you are still thinking about looking for PHP developer for hire with Laravel, check some interesting tips below:


  • More control over developers and project development than with outsourcing
  • Gives you cost flexibility, as you can increase or decrease the number of developers at any time
  • No need to pay your developers’ taxes and insurance, as the offshoring company will be handling those things
  • Can be a very cheap depending on the offshoring company’s location
  • Gives you full control over the recruitment process and final selection of the candidate


  • Location and time zone differences may be a problem
  • Inability to work on large confidential projects, particularly in finance and banking industries, where contracts require having all developers exclusively in-house

Laravel developer team for hire in Europe


It’s also possible to hire a Laravel developer team from outsourcing companies and relocate them to your company’s site.


  • This solves the problems of location and time zone differences with offshoring
  • Provides full control over developer


  • Can get very expensive because you will have to shoulder relocation costs, which include transportation and accommodation
  • Since only a few developers are willing to get relocated, this process can take a long time, typically over a month
  • Doesn’t solve the problem of additional expenses for office equipment, retention and corporate perks

Comparison of Laravel/React Developers Salaries

After comparing the different methods of hiring developers, the next concern before deciding to outsource laravel programmers, would be determining the Laravel developer salary. It’s important to compare the salaries from different countries, as it could be an important factor in deciding which country to hire from.

Salary Comparison of Laravel and Reactjs Developers

React and Laravel developer salaries across different countries (data taken from Neuvoo and PayScale)

According to job posting website Neuvoo, as of June 29, 2017, the average annual salaries for Laravel and React developers are as follows:



In comparison, according to PayScale, in Ukraine, the average salary for a React developer (which falls under JavaScript developer) is $19,200, while the average annual salary for a Laravel developer (which falls under PHP developer) is $26,858.


Hiring developers from Ukraine will therefore yield huge savings. For instance, compared to hiring a Laravel developer London, hiring from Ukraine will yield an annual savings of $22,284 per developer, while compared to hiring a React developer from Germany, hiring one from Ukraine will yield an annual savings of $76,233 per developer!

The Bottomline

Frameworks allow PHP developers to save on precious coding time, thereby increasing productivity and reducing development costs. Laravel is a popular PHP framework which can be used with front-end frameworks such as React to maximize these advantages.

Hiring dedicated remote developers proves to be the most practical method of hiring Laravel developers with React skills. Ukraine offers top-notch developers that lead the rest of Europe in terms of affordability. If you’re looking to hire talented Laravel developers with React skills, look no further!

Sample CV of Our Full Stack PHP Developer

Hire laravel php developer in Europe


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