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Magento is one of the most powerful open-source eCommerce platforms in the marketplace that eCommerce developers love the most for creating professional-grade online stores. Enterprises of all sizes hire Magento developers to boost their eCommerce businesses. The platform allows a Magento eCommerce developer to create a flexible shopping cart, professional product content, and a beautiful outlook of an online store.

Hire Magento Developers to Boost Your Business with Custom Magento Development

Ecommerce businesses love to hire Magento developers because this platform offers great search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing opportunities. This supports numerous tools for catalog management to be implemented by professional Magento developers for hire. Proper implementation of those high-level features is possible with the services of either dedicated Magento developers for hire or an offshore Magento development team. It has numerous features and capabilities, which make it one of the most loved platforms in the marketplace development. This is the reason for a huge demand to hire dedicated Magento developer has surfaced during the past two decades.

Many big brands use this platform for their stores and hire dedicated Magento developer to manage them efficiently. A few big names that hire Magento programmer to implement the great features of this platform are listed below.

  • Ford Motors
  • Coca Cola
  • Olympus Electronics
  • Nike
  • Rebecca Minkoff
  • Warby Parker
  • And others

Being such a feature-rich platform, you can improve your business hugely by hiring a Magento eCommerce developer. If you want to create a website that offers you a solid competitive edge in the fiercely competitive market, you need to hire Magento expert.

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Magento Developers for Hire: What Tech Skills & Experience Magento eCommerce Developer Should Have

The demand for Magento Development, and for Magento eCommerce developer accordingly is increasing significantly in the marketplace worldwide. The global eCommerce industry is facing a shortage of Magento eCommerce developers. You need highly skilled Magento developers for hire to create and implement new functionalities and extensions for your online store. The companies looking for Magento developer always search for the most suitable skills to hire Magento web developer for their nearshore or offshore Magento development team.

The most important tech qualifications to hire Magento developers for a professional team are mentioned below.

  • Programming skills to hire Magento coder. To hire dedicated Magento developer, you should make sure that the Magento developers for hire should be experts in the major programming languages. Among such top languages to hire Magento coder are PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other technologies.
  • Platform and tools to hire Magento expert. You should access the knowledge and experience of Magento developers to hire with major tools like Magento, Django, Magento Debug, ManageTool, PHP Unit Integration tool, MageReport, and other related tools.
  • Working experience to hire Magento programmer. To hire Magento programmer, you should check for the Magento Developers for hire to have at least 2 years of working experience with API development, unit integration, theme customization, extension development, and modules testing.
  • Project management skills of Magento eCommerce developer. If you are looking for Magento developer with a perfect skill set, you should check for the major project management skills to hire Magento programmer such as SDLC, Agile, and Continuous Development/Integration CD/C.
  • Soft skills to hire Magento programmer. To hire Magento coder, you should assess the interpersonal communication, deadline adherence, commitment, problem-solving skills, and team management capabilities of Magento developers for hire.

To build an offshore Magento development team, you need to hire dedicated Magento developer that can handle multiple eCommerce web development tasks such as integration of themes, plugins, APIs, web page customization, web designing, UX/UI, unit testing, and similar kinds of activities required for an eCommerce website.

Costs and Best Places Where You Can Find Magento Developers for Hire

More than 250,000 clients use the Magento eCommerce platform for their online stores. This creates a huge demand in the market to hire Magento web developer for managing their operations. A large number of SMEs and startups also seek to hire Magento coder for building an offshore Magento development team. This increasing demand to hire Magento coder in the market also pushes the salaries to hire Magento Developers very high.

The average cost to hire Magento web developer in different countries is given below:

  • The average salary to hire Magento programmer in the USA = $76,526/yr
  • The average salary to hire Magento programmer in the UK = $ 55,415/yr
  • The average salary to hire Magento programmer in Denmark = $58,492/yr
  • The average salary to hire Magento programmer in Sweden = $44,617/yr
  • The average salary to hire Magento web developer in Ukraine = $23,729/yr

The average cost of Magento developers for hire in different countries varies due to the availability, country’s economy, and demand in the marketplace. If you are looking for Magento developer that is cost-efficient and provides great quality, it is highly recommended to hire Magento expert from Ukraine. Ukraine is one of the most powerful IT hubs of Magento developers for hire in the world. You can hire dedicated Magento developer to extend your team with highly skilled, experienced, and qualified tech talents. You can choose several models to hire dedicated Magento developer across the world, and Ukraine is able to provide you with world-class specialists to develop a competitive and innovative product.

Models on How to Hire Magento Programmer: Pros and Cons

If you are looking for Magento developer to hire, you can have a qualified and skilled one by choosing among several hiring models. A few most-common ways to hire Magento expert are given below.

#1 Outsourcing/nearshoring to hire Magento developers. Nearshoring is one of the most popular and effective ways to hire Magento expert. You get a dedicated developer with full control over a team in terms of the software development process. Moreover, you also get fully managed remote services such as providing complete infrastructure, workspace, and managerial and administrative support for the team. You get all these features for a fixed and affordable price. It is very suitable and popular for small and medium-sized enterprises that have limited budgets to hire Magento expert.

#2 Traditional way to hire Magento developers.  This model presupposes you to hire Magento developers from the local market for an in-house basis. This is a costly way of hiring and many constraints such as availability of resources, cost, local rules and regulations, and many others. Companies that hire Magento web developer locally believe that this traditional method remains as effective and secure way.

#3 Freelance platforms to hire Magento web developer. One of the most affordable ways to hire Magento web developer is freelance hiring. Some companies consider this model as beneficial but it is worth noting that freelancers do not sign any contracts so you can lose your employees ahead of project completion. If you are looking for Magento developer for any development work that is not very mission-critical, you can choose this very cheap form of hiring.

Hire Dedicated Magento Developer at Mobilunity

To hire dedicated Magento developers at Mobilunity means to have the following benefits:

  • Qualified resources: You will get highly skilled, qualified, and experienced Magento developers for hire
  • Cost-efficiency: Mobilunity will offer you the specialists to fit your budget capacities.
  • Fully-managed services: Mobilunity offers great workspace, infrastructure, professional employees, and an enthusiastic management team to take care of your remote development team
  • Fast hiring process: The recruiters find the best-suitable developers and deliver you a shortlist of candidates in 2-3 weeks
  • Access to a large technical pool: Ukraine is a major hub for Magento developers; so you’ll get access to a large pool of talented Magento developers to hire.

If you need to hire Magento developers to enhance the performance of your online store, contact Mobilunity now to get the professional-level support straightaway!

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