Hire a Node.js Consultant

Node JS consulting is useful for the companies which need to speed up the development process. The experienced engineers help to make this process smoother and faster. Node.js programmer strongly empowers the team: it is the specialist, who shares knowledge and gives guidance to a senior developer. You should extend the team with this professional if you need help in code reviewing, security, debugging, scaling.

Why Companies Worldwide Extend Their Teams with Node.js Consulting Specialists

Companies hire Node.js consultant both when they only start application development in this framework or already are running it in production. The specialist can find the reasons for the unsatisfactory performance, recommend changes to the code, give recommendations to deliver better customer experience and improve performance.

What do companies get from extending the team with the expert in Node JS:

  • Performance assessment. You get a detailed analysis of your application performance. It helps to identify patterns of the functioning and find the best practices for improvement.
  • Plan of improvement. The specialist identifies bottlenecks in the architecture and hot paths in the performance. You get suggestions about more scalable and performant approaches.
  • Enablement training. Node.js consultant trains team members, so they will be able to use monitoring and diagnosis tools. It enables the evaluation and improvement of the system, even if you finish a contract with the expert.

Various companies around the globe use this technology. Node.js consulting is needed to improve concurrency, speed, faster data exchange. Such giants as Netflix©, LinkedIn©, Walmart©, Trello©, Uber©, PayPal©, Medium©, eBay©, NASA©, and other worldwide known companies. They build social media applications, video and text chat apps, real-time tracking engines, online games, and collaboration means.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Node JS Expert

Hiring a person for consulting, check the list of his\her responsibilities. Node.js consulting specialist usually performs the role of a Technical Lead in the team. But he also can occupy the position of a consultant, engineer or full-stack developer.

Job responsibilities of Node JS expert include:

  • Support of the innovative product building
  • Acceleration of the serverless architecture in clouds adoption
  • Building reliable, scalable and easily supportable solutions for the existing and new applications
  • Leading of a team of full-stack developers on onshore or offshore model
  • Unblocking and clearing the way for the developers for productivity enhancement
  • Collaboration with the scrum team for scoping, planning, and building of the innovative features
  • Cooperation with Design and Product Leads to provide excellent unified results
  • Self-driven support of the business

How to Select a Great Node JS Consulting Services

If you are looking for a perfect Node.js development company, which will determine the needs and meet all the requirements of your company, the first thing to pay attention to is a team lead or consultant.

Make sure your professional Node.js specialist:

  • Works with agile methods. The agile approach in Node JS consulting and development helps to plan, design and test the product during the development lifecycle and helps to simplify the whole process.
  • Is good in front-end provision. The platform is used for web pack configuration, NPM scripts, creating Gulp tasks and other work, important for the specialist, able to lead a team of the developers.
  • Writes a clear code. Although a Node JS expert may not write the code in your project, the ability to read, simplify, and improve it is a big plus for the specialist. A good practice of object-oriented programming, different design patterns, and uniform code format are also advantages.
  • Works on the security features. Information security is the number one priority for modern business. A Node.js specialist should pay attention to HTTP response adjustment, avoiding module loading, limiting concurrent requests.

Costs of Augmenting a Team with Node JS Consulting Specialists

The price for Node JS consulting services is one of the things you should take into consideration, choosing the specialist for your team. You can choose from the in-house options, or broaden the horizons and search for the offshore specialists abroad. JS developer salary usually depends on the qualification of the particular specialist, skillset, working experience, but the location is important too. Sometimes it is possible to save the budget of the project only if you hire offshore specialists with lower rates.

Average Node JS consultant rates in different countries are the following:

  • The US$104,964 per year
  • The UK£38,000, which is about $49,050 per year
  • CanadaC$71,000, which is about $53,580 per year
  • Germany€53,000, which is about $57,310 per year
  • UkraineUAH 288,000, which is about $11,000 per year

Required Set of Skills of a Professional Node.js Consultant

A complex Node.js consulting requires a broad set of skills. If you want to make sure that your project is in good hands, pick a professional, whose skills suit you the best.

The required set of skills usually includes:

  • Deep understanding of the basic technology, Event Loop, asynchronous programming
  • Knowledge of JavaScript programming
  • Ability to work in different frameworks: Express.js, Sails.js, Koa2
  • Experience in HighLoad projects and performance optimization
  • Knowledge of architectural patterns and microservices architecture
  • Soft skills: fast learning, commitment, analytical ability, engineering thinking

Mobilunity as a Perfect Destination for Finding a Dedicated Node Consultant

Outsource Node JS development services with Mobilunity to find the best specialists and the most experienced Team Leads for your project. Here you will find skilled specialists, focused on Node JS consulting for business. Clients benefit from the solid experience and mastery of engineers from Mobilunity. You will get:

  • Top computer scientists who are familiar with different software environments
  • Mastered software stack from slick front-end to maintainable back-end
  • A broad spectrum of software development and consulting services
  • Architecture consulting for maintainable and scalable architecture
  • Code audit and project reviews with suggestions for improvement

Guide the recruiter to the goals and needs of your company, and we will pick the candidates who suit the best for the project.

Choose Node JS consulting services from Mobilunity and improve your software development. Contact us now to find the best specialist!

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