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Objective C Development Overview

Objective C is a programming language that is primarily used for creating software for OS X and iOS operating systems. Objective C is a component of one huge framework Objective which is used for APIs, Cocoa Touch as well as Cocoa systems. All features of this language can be either performed specifically by certified Objective C developer or companies may also hire Swift developer

Objective C application services also include memory management: numerous compilers can shift Objective C coding into a static code analysis. Using the supplementary language of Objective C, a programmer can easily move the graphs and files. These days, due to the dramatic growth of new innovative technologies in the IT world, Objective C heavily competes with Swift. However, according to the Stack Overflow Survey in 2019, 4.8% of participants claimed that iOS development using Objective C is the most admirable choice.

There are several differences between Objective C and C++. To begin with, they differ in design: both have object-oriented features but Objective C works along with Smalltalk messaging detail. Second, unlike C++, inheritance in Objective C is not allowed. Third, quite a considerable difference is that Objective C has different structures and classes, while in C++ they are treated the same. Full-time and part-time C++ developers know that C++ has a static typing, Objective C – dynamic. Also, they operate based on different licenses and have different boolean operators. 

Pros and Cons of Hiring Swift, Objective C Coder

Like any other programming language, Objective C has its advantages and disadvantages. In the following section, we will go through them as well as compare the benefits of using Objective C and Swift coding languages before hiring a Swift/Objective C programmer.

Objective CSwift
Long-lasting experience. For 30 years of its existence, Objective-C developers still continue building millions of codes.Fast operation due to Swift’s lightweight and fast properties
Old versions are supported and operable. Even though new versions have been introduced, Objective C still supports earlier iOS and macOS versions.The code is close to the English language thus creates a positive ecosystem among developers
Stable and reliable. Since this programming language has been designed long ago, it does not require additional inspections or new versions so app development is safe and cost-effective.On-point safety. Swift has a tool for advanced error elimination that prevents developers from mistakes that are typically made..
Complex learning curve. The newcomer Objective-C programmer may face difficulties in learning as Objective C is based on OOP principles and has a steep syntax.Frequent changes. Since this programming language, if compared to Objective C, is new, its founders are still working on new implementations to make it suitable and convenient for coding.
A scarcity of functions. No wonder that a programming language created decades ago lacks some modern features that would come handy these days.It doesn’t support old versions. Unlike Objective C, Swift can’t support the old version of iOS, such as 7.0 and 10.9    

Considering the information above, Objective C remains more stable and consistent; it doesn’t require additional implementations and changes, while Swift, considerably raw programming languages, overcomes new releases thus requiring developers to learn them.  

Objective-C Developers for Hire: Brief Market Overview

Now, as we define that Objective C is more preferable by developers than Swift, let’s take a look at who are these, where to find, and how to choose your Objective C development company. Considering the statistics that show that 4.8% of Objective C coders prefer developing software for iOS in Objective C, we can claim that its use is at peak. They claim that the framework allows them to easily write binary frameworks thus boosting all processes of development. 

Objective-C programmers responsibility includes cooperation with the team of designers to select the features for the future app. They also perform error analysis and resolve app bottlenecks, remove bugs, and transfer the released product on the App Store platform. After the application’s successful release, developers also manage its maintenance and support. Now, carefully analyze the sample of CV for Objective C engineers to be able to choose the one. 

Objective C Developer Resume Sample

Comparing the Rates of Objective C Developer Salary in Diverse Countries

Globalization enables companies to find professional developers across the globe. You can find an Objective-C development company in Germany, the United States, Ukraine, Japan – all of them have different labor costs and let’s define those. The data is taken from PayScale and considers Objective C coders (iOS app development Objective C) in five countries from different parts of the world:

  • United States – $99,000
  • United Kingdom – $47,893
  • Germany – $55,912
  • France – $43,912
  • Ukraine – $27,200 (based on our Recruiting Team research over several local job portals)

As it is obvious from the table above, Ukraine has the lowest salary rates among the analyzed countries. Many EU and American companies hire Objective C programmer from Ukraine and maintain successful cooperation. Numerous factors, besides smart labor costs, lead both large and SMEs to hire Objective C developer from Ukraine. 

Objective C Programmers for Hire in Ukraine

It might be hard to believe how a non-EU country has such a vivid growth of the Information and Communication Technology sector that remains attractive to EU countries, the United States, and Asia. More than 16 thousands STEM specialists graduate from top technical universities and deliver services in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Data and Computer Science. Around 70% of IT services are exported to the United States, West Europe, and Asia. Why exactly Objective-C development services outsourced in Ukraine can bring you to a new level?

  • A variety of services. Whether you need to develop a new product using JavaScript’s latest frameworks, or hire iOS developer, you can find the specialists of any qualification to satisfy your technical needs. 
  • Immense technical expertise. Ukrainian Objective C programmers never step back from the latest innovations introduced in the world. They are striving to get new knowledge and implement those while working on your product. 
  • Strong level of responsibility and work ethics. An objective-C certified developer will put all their efforts into the creation of reliable software even if challenges are unavoidable. 
  • Close proximity to the country. The travel time to Ukraine takes around 1-3 hours from any EU country. However, even if the client works in the United States, the developers have numerous ways of communicating (Slack, Skype, Hangouts, Google Teams) to adapt and smooth out the gap in time. 
  • Strong level of English. Most Ukrainian software engineers speak at least Upper Intermediate level of English, thus you will hardly ever face misunderstandings in communication. 

Enjoy the flexibility, low costs and access to Objective C developers with a desired skill set st at Mobilunity!

Consider Mobilunity While Looking for Swift/Objective C Engineers

Mobilunity is a Ukrainian-based IT company that provides its services of building dedicated development teams. We are striving to satisfy technical needs from clients in the United States, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, or Brazil. Each request for Objective C development services is managed with a holistic approach by our professional team of recruiters. We do not tie our services to a particular industry; we will find the candidates for Objective C development whether for retail business or food and beverage industry. Mobilunity’s services include but are not limited to: 

  • Smart costs. We carefully analyze and consider your financial capacities and requirements, so we will find an Objective C coder to fit your budget. 
  • Corporate culture. Your team has all the necessary equipment, education and courses for qualification boost, and office perks. 
  • You are a part of your team. We assist you in managing your team as well as encourage our clients to organize personal visits to work side by side with your Objective C programmer and strengthen relationships. 
  • We find a specialist in a timely manner. Our recruiters deliver a shortlist of candidates in 2-3 weeks to fulfill your position for Objective-C engineer, give you an opportunity to conduct interviews with them, and decide upon your conclusions. 
  • Quality services, brilliant communication. The quality of services is our top priority so we always try to keep an eye on it. A hired Objective-C developer will properly follow Agile methodologies, so you have full control of your team performance if any changes, implementations, or modifications occur. 

Whether you’re seeking a freelance Ruby on Rails developer or an Objective-C specialist, leveraging software development recruitment agencies can enhance your talent acquisition strategy, enabling you to source high-caliber professionals equipped with the skills your projects demand.

Hire Objective C developers at Mobilunity to move forward innovative iOS software, dedication, and loyalty. Request a quote to choose the one.

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