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July 14, 2017 - Marina D

Hire Odoo Developer for Your ERP Project

As businesses grow, the need for a system to manage and monitor all the different business processes within the company becomes more and more apparent. The role of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system then becomes critical. An ERP system allows businesses to consolidate all the tools used to manage different business processes into one unified system, making the business more efficient.

One of the most popular ERP systems providers is Odoo. First released in 2005 as TinyERP and renamed to OpenERP in 2010, the Belgian company has quickly grown and has since expanded its services beyond traditional ERP systems, such as a website builder and an eCommerce platform. Accordingly, it changed its name to Odoo in 2014 to reflect this expansion.

In 2013, it was among the awardees of the Deloitte Technology Fast50 for being the fastest growing Belgian company, and in 2015 it was included in Inc. 5000 Europe for being among the fastest growing companies in Europe. As of 2017, Odoo has over 2 million users worldwide. Based on its customers page, most of these come from European countries, such as Belgium, Germany, France, and Switzerland. A significant fraction of its users also come from the USA.

Odoo technology stack usage by countries

Countries with the most Odoo users according to the Odoo customers page

The Value of an Odoo Developer

Odoo is a unique ERP system provider because it is open-source, meaning its source code is accessible to, and may be improved upon by, the online developer community. Although starting from version 9, it shifted to an open-core business model, wherein some features are only available in a paid enterprise edition, it nevertheless keeps most of its standard features in its open-source community edition.

Odoo is highly customizable, as it can be tailored to fit the exact needs of every company. In addition to modifiable database configurations, it also uses a modular system, where it starts with the most basic features and allows companies to add features through modules. These can be chosen from one of the many modules already available, or they can be developed by a skilled Odoo developer.

Odoo Open ERP developers are useful in setting up the ERP system for a company and ensuring that its implementation perfectly matches the needs of that company.

Odoo Developer Projects and Tasks

There are many types of projects that Odoo developers are involved in, and we examine some common ones.

System Installation

The first and perhaps the most basic task for an Odoo dev would be to install the system into some server for users to access. The details may depend on the server to be used.

Sample projects:

Improvement and Customization of Existing System

Among the core tasks of Odoo developers would be to customize and improve existing Odoo systems to fit the company’s requirements. This may involve adding readily available modules, developing custom modules, and adding more features via code modifications.

Sample projects:

Integration with External System

Another task would be to integrate the system to some external features, such as eCommerce and ticket booking systems.

Sample projects:


Odoo experts may also be sought to answer questions or provide analyses related to Odoo and ERP systems in general.

Sample projects:

Looking for the Best Odoo Developers

What characteristics should you look for when finding the best Odoo developers? We share some important skills and experiences that excellent Odoo experts must possess.

checklist for Odoo developer

Extensive experience with Odoo

The first thing you should definitely look for in a candidate is sufficient experience in working with and developing Odoo systems. A great Odoo developer should have at least 2 years of experience with the system and must have sufficient experience in installing and configuring the system and developing custom modules and additional features.

Python programming skills

Python is the most important language in the Odoo technology stack. Odoo uses Python as its scripting language, so a strong foundation in Python programming is a must for Odoo experts. A lot of Python coding is needed in creating or modifying modules for the Odoo system. Basically, Odoo development is mostly Python development.

hire odoo developers in Europe

SQL and PostgreSQL familiarity

Odoo uses PostgreSQL as its database management system, so some familiarity with PostgreSQL is necessary when setting up or modifying the company’s database tables and records. Aside from Odoo PostgreSQL, knowledge of other database systems such as Odoo MySQL may also be helpful since Odoo can also be integrated with them. Subsequently, a strong grasp of SQL query construction is needed for modifying or creating data manipulation functionalities in modules.

Understanding of business processes and ERP systems

Aside from having solid technical skills, a great Odoo developer should also have a strong understanding of the landscape he will be working in. Being a great programmer is not enough; he should also be able to connect the functionalities he develops with their real-life applications in order to deliver the best possible experience to the users, and ultimately, to the entire business.

Sample Tasks

Here are some simple tasks you can ask your candidates to accomplish to further test their suitability for the job as an Odoo developer.

1. Simple Python programming tasks

To test the developer’s proficiency with Python, you can ask him to code some simple programs, such as:

  • Print out even numbers from 0 to some number N using a while and a for loop
  • Accept a text file input from the user and read its contents, replace all instances of character x with character y, then print out each line
  • Create a simple login functionality, where a user inputs a username and password, and the program checks from a list of dictionaries of usernames and passwords if there is a match

Each of these tasks should take less than 30 minutes to code.

2. Simple PostgreSQL data management tasks

To test the developer’s PostgreSQL data management and querying skills, here are some simple tasks:

  • Create a table with two columns: user_name and password, where user_name should be unique
  • Create simple CRUD scripts to select, insert, update and delete entries in this table
  • Add a new column to the table named entry_date whose values is initially set to NULL

3. Demonstration of business and ERP systems comprehension

The developer should also demonstrate his understanding of your different business processes, as well as how an ERP system can be implemented. One simple activity you can give is as follows. First, give the developer a general overview of your business and how it functions, and then ask him to do the following:

  • List down the different core business processes he thinks are currently running within the company
  • For each one, describe a software feature that can make it more efficient and easier to oversee

How to Hire Odoo Experts

There is a vast array of methods by which you can hire Odoo developer. We examine some of the most common ones.

hire odoo experts and save at your team extension

Hiring Freelance Odoo Developers

There are many freelance portals from which you can hire freelance Odoo developers. This can be a cheap option, as the rates can get really low due to intense global competition. However, this comes with some risks. Hiring freelancer Odoo developers with very low rates can mean hiring from a distant country, which implies a significant time difference and possibly some language barriers, so scheduling, collaboration and communication may be a problem. Moreover, accountability is compromised, as freelancers can easily opt out of the project or stop responding to you for a variety of reasons, and there is little you can do.


You can also hire outsourcing companies to develop your entire project for you. This takes a lot of load off your hands, as they will be the one to provide developers and take on project management. However, outsourcing rates may be quite costly, especially due to added resources like project managers. Additionally, it leaves you with very little control over your project, so slight misunderstandings in the requirements may lead to significant mistakes that may prolong the development and further increase costs.

Hiring Dedicated Odoo developers

Another option would be to hire a dedicated team of Odoo developers from an offshoring or nearshoring development company. With this method, the developers will continue working in the company’s office and use their resources, but they will work for you full-time and will report directly to. This option can be cheaper than outsourcing because you won’t be paying for services like project management. Moreover, you will have full control over your project and in the selection of your developers. Furthermore, it allows you to easily scale your project by adding or removing developers depending on your needs, thereby allowing for flexibility and cost efficiency. One possible drawback could be time zone and cultural differences, so choosing the right offshoring company is critical.

hire python odoo developers at affordable all-inclusive rate

It is evident that offshoring gives you the best value for your money, so the next question would be: which offshoring company do I hire from?

Salary Comparison of Odoo Programmer in Europe and US

Having discussed the available hiring methods and establishing offshoring as the most practical one, the next consideration would be which country to offshore from. To help us decide, let’s compare the Odoo developer salary across the globe and in Ukraine in particular. Since Odoo developers are essentially Python developers with some additional skills, and due to the limited information on Odoo developer salaries, we compare Python developer salaries.

According to PayScale, the average annual salaries of Python developers in different countries are as follows:

odoo developer salary in different european countries

Average Odoo Developer Salary in different European Countries

Evidently, Ukraine offers the lowest rates among Python developers. Hiring from a dedicated teams provider such as Mobilunity would undoubtedly be an excellent choice. Located in Ukraine, we are only at most an hour or two from most European countries, and we provide highly skilled Python Odoo developers for exceptionally affordable rates. We can recommend Odoo developer for you from our pipeline.

Sample CV of an Odoo Developer

Volodymyr G. – Odoo/OpenERP Full Stack Developer


  • OpenERP 6.1 & 7.0, Odoo 8.0
  • Python (WSGI frameworks, AsyncIO…)
  • JavaScript (Backbone, Marionette)
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL (ElasticSearch, Redis, Mongo, a bit of Cassandra)


  • 3+ years of commercial experience in Python (Web/Full Stack).
  • Some personal projects on AsyncIO (game development) .

Professional skills and knowledge:

  • OpenERP 6.1 & 7.0, Odoo 8.0, ERP-CRM Funtional and Technical Aspects, XML, HTML, GNU/Linux, Git, JavaScript, CSS, Pylons, WTForms, Mercurial, PostgreSQL, React, C#, Celery, RxJS, CoffeeScript, Visual Studio, MongoDB, Python, ScraPy, ES6, jQuery, Flask, JetBrains PyCharm, Game Development, Atlassian JIRA, Sublime Text, .NET, TkInter, Mako, ElasticSearch, SQLAlchemy, Redis, Solr, Cocos2d, Software Development, SQL, wxPython


It’s Time to Find Odoo Developer for Your Project

Enterprise resource planning systems offer an abundance of advantages to businesses, and Odoo is among the leading platforms offering ERP solutions. Since every business is unique, a one-size-fits-all software is not enticing; rather, each ERP system should be tailored to the specific needs of each company, and an Odoo programmer can make that happen.

Hiring Odoo developers from Mobilunity would be your best decision, as we have remarkable and affordable Odoo developers at rates that are hard to beat!

Find and hire Odoo developer to maximize your business growth. Contact us now!

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