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Quick Overview of React JS Development

In the beginning, ReactJS faced initial resistance but in the long run proved to show fantastic opportunities for building web applications using JavaScript and the good React programmer today is sought after by the big companies. Let’s find out where and how to hire JavaScript developers with React skills. Nowadays, being one of the best of JavaScript frameworks enables ReactJS to get additional points and appreciation among developers, as it provides a better design for data flow.

Demand for React.js Developers for Hire

React is a library for interface development implemented by a Facebook’s software developer Jordan Walke who was inspired by the XHP and HTML framework for PHP. The common curse of every React.js developer that used other JavaScript frameworks appeared to be the logic of rendering that enabled two-way and three-way data binding, whereas ReactJS framework offered one-way approach. Thus, it became possible for a React JS developer for hire to simplify the logic and make the application building process easier.

React developers for hire use a so-called ‘component’ approach. That ‘component’ is a building unit out of which React programmer later builds an interface. This unit is a part of the React programming code that represents a certain part of a web page. All these ‘components’ are being put into a certain order and that is how a web page gets formed. That whole ‘component’ thing is the best part about React.js, as React.js developers do not have to worry about the application as a whole, but a React programmer can break it into smaller pieces (‘components’) and deal with each of them separately. That allows React front end developer to make it more responsive and user-friendly.

Another thing that has to be mentioned is the unique syntax that ReactJS developer for hire can use. Unlike standard HTML, React.js uses a language called JSX, which looks like HTML but really is not, as it works inside JavaScript. This way, React JS developer for hire can implement pieces of HTML into his code, which is very useful.

Approach a React JS Developer for Hire Is Using

Nowadays the number of projects that involve React developers constantly grows in the world. React web developer might be hired for building apps in different industries, such as: Media, Entertainment, Real estate, Medicine, etc. React team can get additional points and appreciation among React developers, as it provides a better design for data flow.

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Popularity of a React Programmer in the Market

According to this data, among all developers React.js was the most loved library: 66.0% of U.S. developers love and use React JS framework. React.js certainly appears as a winner, gathering 311.3% of market share, in Trending Technologies overview. React and AngularJS are growing in use. So if you decide to become a React programmer or front end React developer – you will most likely not have any troubles with finding a job. After all, you could always become a freelance React developer.

I believe in the big future of the React.js, you’ll see in the next couple of years it will be on all top sites, just like jQuery several years ago.
Middle Frontend Developer

Why to Hire React.js Programmers

Hiring a front end developer React might be a smart decision for your business’ development because:

  • If you hire React developers, you might invest greatly into your mobile app’s user interface
  • React consultant can ensure that your web application’s performance is faster
  • Easier SEO integration thanks to React engineer
  • The simplified transition from one technological infrastructure to another in the need to an upgrade
  • Less time is required for fixing occurring bugs by a front end React developer.

React Engineers Enhancing Their Experience with React Fiber

According to developers from the React team, React Fiber is a rewrite of a React code that is completely compatible with it. The core idea behind the Fiber creation was making it more responsive that will give great opportunities for React.js developers for hire to create the apps quickly, efficiently and easily. The most amazing part about React Fiber implementation is that now a React.js developer can stop and resume his work on a particular component at React engineer own will!

Skills Needed to Be a Great React Software Engineer

Basically, you can add skills of a React software engineer to the list of necessary or even core things that every developer must know. If you are one of React developers for hire – there is a great chance that you will not have problems with finding a React.js developer job. However, if you want to be a successful React programmer there are a few things you have to pay attention to:

  • Proficiency in JavaScript – as React.JS is based on that programming language, it is only obvious that a React web developer has to be as good in it as possible. This advice is relevant not only for React developers but basically for anyone who wants to work React.js framework
  • React programmer must deeply understand HTML and CSS
  • Experience – a React web developer needs lots of that. The more apps React engineer has built using React – the better.
  • A React software engineer must be familiar with programming concepts, like classes, objects, and functions.
What I like about React.js is that it works fairly fast. In this framework, a React web developer has a lot of components that are ready to use so we can quickly proceed to the idea prototyping. I also like that as soon as you grasp the main concepts including state and the property it is very easy to get down to work and build the app.
Senior Frontend Developer

Where to Hire React Developer and React Engineer

According to Hacker Rank if you start looking for a React engineer in such countries as China, Russia or Poland – chances are high that you will find a great React.js web developer. These countries are your best chance when you are looking where to hire React developers. Such high performances by local React programmers in those countries can be greatly explained by the fact, that in those areas the level of IT education is extremely high so it’s easier to hire a junior React developer remote there.react programmer and infographic

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Things You Need to Know Before You Find ReactJS Developers for Hire

Let’s say you decided to hire a React.js developer. You have to know about skills that he must have before you hire a sole React programmer or the whole team of ReactJS developers to your company.

  • A degree in computer science – you might hire a React JS developer or hire React developer on a remote basis who learned it all on his own but remember self-education is a powerful thing but there are some professional aspects that it just does not cover. Having a legal degree is another way to support your React consultant knowledge.
  • Strong analytical skills – ability to quickly analyze the code and change it if necessary is crucial for a good React developer.
  • JavaScript experience – JavaScript is one of the core languages that every React programmer must know. If you want to find a React developer who is good – make sure he is excellent at it.
  • Ability to work in a team – you need to hire dedicated React JS developers team, members of which can easily communicate with one another and work as a whole.
  • Profound knowledge of React.js – it is pretty obvious that if you are looking for React.js developers for hire – they must be excellent at it.
  • Excellent time-management – your whole React.js development team follows it as one React engineer delay might stop the whole work. So hire React JS developer who is always on time with completing his tasks.

Why You Should Consider a Ukrainian React Consultant

According to this job seeking service, there are more than 8000 open positions for React developers for hire in Ukraine now. Ukrainian React.js developers for hire are the best when it comes to successfully complete the given task. React engineers are also absolutely proficient at JavaScript, which is necessary when working with frameworks and React.js in particular. This way outsourcing React.js programming to the Ukrainian React JS development team, might be your smartest move.

It is impossible not to like React.js as it is far easier to maintain the code chunks, testing is easier, everything is easier and it is more reusable.
Frontend Developer

Costs to Hire Experienced React Programmer

The cost to hire ReacJS developers varies from country to country, numbers featured below will demonstrate the difference. Front end React developer who knows JavaScript and its additional frameworks and libraries gest paid more than other React programmers. For example, a ReactJS developer gets $105,000, according to Stack Overflow report. In Israel an average React JS developer cost is $63,838, depending on the level of knowledge and additional React JS developer skills, years of experience, company size and the bunch of other conditions. In Germany, hire React JS developers will cost around €46,230 that is $54,900 per year if to convert in dollars.

Switzerland offers the most expensive React.js developers rates in Europe. Costs are so high as the supply for React.js developers for hire is very low in Switzerland. Countries that have a big pool of talents and good supply for React programmers (Ukraine, for example), have much lower rates. According to PayScale, in Ukraine a JavaScript programmer and a React web developer earns around $20,400 – that’s significantly lower if to compare with the above-mentioned countries.

Many businesses often choose Ukraine to hire React JS developer. The most obvious reason of course is that React developer hourly rate there is ridiculously low comparing to Europe. They praise Ukrainian React.js developers for their superior knowledge and outstanding React developer skills when it comes to building the application using JavaScript. Costs to hire React JS developers in Ukraine is very low. However, do not let that trick you, Ukrainian React.js developers are extremely professional so by paying that low cost of React JS developers for hire you will be getting yourself a double win.

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Ways to Hire Dedicated React.js Developers

When you are hiring a dedicated React JS developer on your team there is always that big question about which form of employment to choose. There are pros and cons to each one of those.

  • Freelance – this way you, as an employer, can save up some money, but it will be harder to communicate with the a front end React developer.
  • Remote – the employer gets an opportunity to reach his React programmer fast if needed. At the same time, a React engineer can work in conditions that suit him the most.
  • In-house – it allows you to develop a more trusting relationship with your ReactJS developers for hire but you will have to pay more for the rent and your movability significantly decreases.

Where to Hire React Developer: React Devs for Hire at Mobilunity

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Conclusion on Whether It’s Worth to Hire a Front End React Developer

There are lots of places where you can hire a React.js developer, be it a remote or freelance or even in-house type of job. But if you want to receive a really outstanding quality of the finished product – we advise you to check out such countries as Russia, Ukraine, China or Poland. Chances are high that you will find highly qualified React developers there. Also you might want to check out Mobilunity for your future React.js engineer or React consultant, you will be satisfied with the ReactJS development services for sure!

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