Hire Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer in Ukraine

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) industry is booming nowadays. While physical robots are yet to come into everyday life, software robots are getting implemented in various industries every day. RPA implementation services are growing in demand every year. The demand for specialists in this sphere might be even higher than the number of companies that want to hire IoT developer. In the year 2020, market size reached $1.57 billion, and it is expected to grow annually with a 32.8% rate up to 2028.

So what exactly RPA industry is all about? The main focus is to automate repetitive tasks and business processes. For example, when you order something online and get an instant email update – it is done with RPA.

Who Is RPA Developer

An RPA developer is a professional behind this. It is a software specialist that designs, codes, and implements such robots. RPA developers have hard software skills, but also they are very knowledgeable about business processes and perform business analysis to figure out which tasks can be automated in the first place.

Businesses of all sizes and industries choose to hire RPA developer to make their processes more effective and free employees from boring and repetitive tasks. And with a global shift to remote work, the demand for RPA software developers will only get higher. Together with a machine learning engineer, it is one of the most requested professions in the IT industry.

The industries that are especially interested in RPA development are retail, manufacturing, finance and banking, healthcare, services, etc. No wonder that 53% of enterprises have already started implementing RPA solutions.

There are few ways to hire RPA developers. You may search on your own or get professional help of reliable outstaffing company. Mobilunity helped many companies to hire dedicated RPA devs of any level!

An experienced RPA infrastructure engineer also needs to know specific RPA tools. 

Tools an RPA Developer Works With

There are several major RPA solutions providers and platforms that the majority of companies use. However, in some cases, an RPA implementation team can find an out-of-box solution that fits the task and company perfectly. Then it takes only implementation and troubleshooting to get it done.

But in the majority of cases, pre-made solutions do not fit what a business needs. In any case, a professional robotic process automation developer needs to have experience with one or several specific tools, such as:

  • UiPath has a community learning platform. Built on C# and Microsoft solutions. It is cloud-based and allows recording and practicing actions that can be altered. It is user-friendly and perfect for Citrix automation. It supports all platforms and is available for free. It is very scalable and can handle any task.
  • Automation Anywhere has Microsoft as the base technology. There is also an active learning community. It requires more coding experience than the previous one, and the large-scale implementation is limited. And it is based on client-server architecture but can also be implemented on the cloud. It is also flexible and scalable with a good cognitive capability (smart bots can be created).
  • Blue Prism is based on C#. It is used on client servers and has no macro recording features. But it is very reliable, accurate, and offers a high-performance speed. It supports any platform, so it is highly independent. It has good cognitive capability and can act as an end-user. The main benefits include multi-environment development and the provided network security. The main downside is that it is quite pricey.
  • Inflecta Rapise is perfect for hybrid business solutions, works with the web, desktop, and mobile applications. It is user-friendly and is developed on-premise. It is good for small and medium businesses, but probably not for large ones. It can record and play functionality, process emails and SOAP calls. The software also offers special support for Microsoft Dynamics solutions. The main downside is that it works only with Windows.
  • Pega is a cloud-based solution that can be used on desktop servers. It works on major OS – Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is good for medium and large companies. It helps deploy all types of solutions to customers; it doesn’t store data in a database (but also in the memory). And it is pretty fast as it is event-driven software. It is quite reliable and scalable. The main downside is that it is not possible to use on-premise.

Of course, these are not all the tools that an RPA engineer can use. But these are the major players in the game.

RPA Developer Roles and Responsibilities

The role of an RPA developer depends on their level of skills and experience. For example, a junior RPA developer will be busy with some development tasks or troubleshooting. But such employees won’t be able to provide full business analysis and architecture of the future solution. This is a role for an advanced RPA developer certified in a particular RPA tool. Overall, building a robotic process automation team requires several different levels to tackle all the responsibilities.

The roles for RPA development services can often be divided into process design, automation architecture, and production management.

The general workflow of an RPA software engineer can be separated into three stages:

Stage 1. Business analysis. At this stage, RPA engineers identify problems and tasks that can be automated, gather requirements for such automation, explore the market for similar solutions, and prepare documentation.

Stage 2. Architecture and design. At this point, an RPA development team is busy with data and process mining, the architecture of the future bot, and the design of the ecosystem for several bots.

Stage 3. Development and deployment. Now it is time for coding, testing, troubleshooting, control of the performance, deployment, and support.

The responsibilities of a robotic process automation engineer include:

  • Business analysis – everything from exploring the automation opportunities to the analysis of the whole BP ecosystem. It is all about removing manual labor and increasing productivity. Professionals gather requirements, explore ready-to-use solutions in case they can be suitable. And they document the business process steps for further automation.
  • Data analysis. It starts with process mining – monitoring processes to see if they are interconnected. It is necessary for the development of the optimal solution. The next step is data management, how it is extracted, cleaned, verified, formatted, and stored. And then comes the control over the process flow – each step it takes to execute the task.
  • Development. This responsibility section concerns all things coding of the automation software, testing, troubleshooting, and designing an ecosystem.
  • Deployment of the solution.
  • Supervision and management. This includes supporting of the solution.

The Skill Set of RPA Developers

RPA developers need to possess a wide range of both soft and hard skills, such as:

  • Deep knowledge of specific tools, such as UiPath, Blue Prism, or Automation Everywhere;
  • Outstanding development skills and knowledge of technologies like C#, Java, .NET, C++;
  • Programming with HTML and JavaScript;
  • Knowledge of databases (SQL or NoSQL);
  • Knowledge of business analysis principles;
  • Proficiency in process and data mining;
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Attention to detail and communications;
  • Understanding of BP and workflow-based logic;
  • Knowledge of the UX principles and best practices;

Example of Senior RPA Developer Resume

Robotic Process Automation Developer Salary Worldwide

It is common knowledge now that salaries for IT professionals differ tremendously from country to country. That’s why hiring offshore AI developers, or RPA engineers is always more beneficial in terms of budget. Here is a comparison of average monthly salaries for RPA developers in 5 countries to illustrate this point.

  • USA – $9,642
  • UK – $5,573
  • Germany – $7,744
  • Switzerland – $8,481
  • Ukraine – $2,700*

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could not be entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Why Hire an RPA Developer Remote in Ukraine

Of course, the main benefit of remote robotic process automation consulting and development is reducing disbursements. As a result, professional RPA developers in Ukraine charge significantly less than in the USA, EU, or Canada. But there are other reasons to choose Ukraine for RPA development outsourcing, namely:

  • Ukraine is a European country that has a convenient location and time zone (GMT+2). It makes cooperation smooth and instant with a lot of possibilities of direct communication and travel.
  • The local developers are known for being experts in software development. They have a strong reputation for the quality of services. For example, Ukrainian developers are in 14th place globally according to the TopCoder rating.
  • There is also a huge talent pool which ensures that any company can find a perfect team or professional. There are more than 200,000 developers in the country. And every year workforce grows with 16,000 STEM graduates. Often, it is easier to find a suitable expert in any country than locally.
  • Ukrainian developers have great English skills. It makes communication very comfortable for international partners.
  • Ukraine has similar business culture and ethics to other European countries. It reduces any possible cultural differences and miscommunications.
  • Local IT infrastructure is developed. There are many R&D centers of industry giants and huge companies and a high-speed and reliable internet connection.

Ukraine is a beneficial outsourcing destination because of its location, talent pool, and comparatively low rates.


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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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