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Ruby is a very dynamic, open-source programming language that is known among professional developers thanks to its productivity and great simplicity. Ruby on Rails written in Ruby is a multilevel MVC framework for building web applications using NoSQL databases by RoR programmers. Ruby on Rails is open-source and server-side technology to build websites. The decision to hire Ruby engineer has become a popular practice for the companies that are looking for a simpler and faster way to implement their business ideas and technologies to a new product.

Hire Ruby Developer to Get the Benefits of Ruby Web App Development

If you decided to hire Ruby developer, take a look at the scope of services Ruby programmers deliver: create custom web applications for e-commerce, tourism, education; customize libraries, AJAX libraries, debugging process, and MVC architecture.  Ruby’s framework, RoR, is demanding not only among tech giants, but also startups such as Airbnb, Shopify, Dribbble that have built their businesses with Ruby coder and RoR engineer help. Many people know this framework due to the popularity of RoR programmers among startups, and are looking for Ruby on Rails developer or Sinatra developer because of speed and flexibility of development, turnkey solutions, scaling, security, and a large RoR engineer community. For sure, there is also an option to hire Python programmer, but once you hire Ruby developers, you will see – outsourced Ruby development team might turn out more beneficial.

A decision to hire Ruby programmers or hire Ruby on Rails developers is beneficial for advancing business growth with offshore Ruby developers because this programming language and framework is good ro go both with the development of small websites that needs to be pretty speedy, mistake-tolerant and working under high load and for web apps with dynamic web interfaces and complicated business logic. If you hire Ruby developers, you’ll achieve business goals effectively. Offshore Ruby development team will create a well-thought-out structure and navigation, a user-friendly interface, and the right architecture for fast work without failures under big load.

Briefly explaining the essence of RoR devs and Ruby coders for hire and give a decent explanation of why to hire Ruby engineer is not an easy task, since the versatility of this programming language deserves several pages of explanation, but we collected fundamental information about Ruby developers for hire and explain why you should take a close look at working with Ruby development agency and this technology to hire Ruby developers or Sinatra programmer.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Ruby Engineer Worldwide?

Companies from all over the world prefer to hire Ruby developers in Ukraine, like full stack Node Js developer, but what is the reason behind such a practice? First of all, this is the quality of the services provided by offshore Ruby developers, and secondly, the price for the service of Ruby coder. In order to show the reasons to hire Ruby developers in Ukraine, it is worth evaluating the salary level of a Ruby coder to the cost of developers in other countries.

  • The USA – $123,197
  • India – $66,100
  • The UK – $48,885
  • Ukraine – $22,480
  • Poland – $26,579
  • Germany – $64,218

Also, you can check full stack developer salary of Ruby stack in different countries for comparison. Ukraine is a top place to hire Ruby programmers for hundreds of businesses, startups, and companies across the world. Customers willingly hire Ruby engineer in Ukraine as with the help of Ruby programming team they save money and allow full-time in-house teams to focus more on the quality of their products while Ruby development outsourcing company selects a dedicated team of developers. The decision to hire Ruby developer helps to save a company’s budget.

India has earned a reputation as a cheap but vast resource. Companies still hire RoR developers, but India provides a limited scope of services that Ruby/Ruby on Rails developer or Padrino programmer can actually cover.

In Eastern Europe, the largest outsourcing countries to hire Ruby/RoR developers are Poland and Ukraine. The second one is a leader of offshore Ruby developers in this region, and IT outsourcing brings in more than $ 2.5 billion annually to the country’s budget thanks to RoR programmers, too. Available cost of RoR/Ruby engineer development, high level of competence, a large number of offshore Ruby on Rails/Ruby developers are the main reasons why Ukraine occupies a leading position.

What to Take into Consideration While Choosing a Ruby Coder

RoR programmers experience

The developer must constantly analyze his work – keep this in mind when you hire Ruby/RoR developers. You are not looking for Ruby/Ruby on Rails engineers who repeat mistakes all the time.

Developer’s portfolio

A good portfolio of offshore Ruby developers requires a limited number of clicks as usually portfolio looks like an interactive website, shows programming skills, personality, and project management habits of a Ruby/Ruby on Rails coder. Such details show the developer’s knowledge of an object and his competence in it. Keep this in mind while looking for a Ruby developer. Therefore, it influences a decision of whether to hire Ruby/RoR developers of this or that competence. The main task of a portfolio, of course, is a demonstration of examples of a Ruby coder work. When you hire Ruby developer, make sure a candidate indicated a brief description of a previous Ruby project, its name and description.


  • How to run the application
  • How to test the application
  • Used software tools
  • Clear results
  • Links to web pages or installers for desktop applications
  • Code Links

Client references

Looking for Ruby coder references are very helpful when you need to hire Ruby developer. This will support you in determining a potential Ruby programmer competence directly from those who have already worked with the Ruby engineer. You just need to make a few calls and this will help make a decision whether to hire Ruby programmers.

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  • The full concentration of the company on its internal tasks. If you hire Ruby engineer in-house, you have to pay wages, sick days, holidays, taxes to the state treasury, provide a specialist with a workplace and computer equipment. If you choose to hire Ruby developer from Mobilunity, current workers in the company can concentrate on the internal company’s tasks.

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