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Have you ever thought that one day, we will have a low-level programming language capable of working with high-level concepts? Well, here is Rust. Nearly 6% of all developers have started learning Rust according to the Dev Ecosystem Survey and almost 18% plan to learn it in 2019. So let’s learn more about it and why more and more companies choose it every day.

Why to Hire Rust Developer: Demand in the Market for Rust Programmers

Rust started out as a side project by Mozilla employee Graydon Hoare in 2006, and it was eventually sponsored by Mozilla in 2009 when it proved to be mature enough for use. Rust development is free and open-source and is maintained by a community of Mozilla and non-Mozilla employees, with 2,039 unique contributors as of writing.

Rust offers a lot of benefits that make it highly suitable for use in lots of IT web development projects. For instance, it allows the simultaneous use of multiple channels, so that it can send and receive data through multiple sources, and these channels can share information with each other. This makes this technology support highly concurrent systems for Rust experts and allows for faster processing times. Moreover, it is deemed to be memory safe, as it adopts measures such as the disallowing of null and dangling pointers, strict variable initialization procedures, and adoption of a specialized syntax to manage object lifetimes.

Pros and Cons of Rust Development

Rust is a relatively young language for the technology that covers multiple domains and offers alternatives to old-timers like C and C++. Apart from a fixed issue with the null object/pointer, high-level features (e.g. algebraic data type), and absence of major issues so far, it has other benefits as well.

Advantages of Rust Engineering

  • Reasonable memory usage and memory safety. Combining the minimal standard library and excellent control over the resources used, Rust can call this its best achievement. Among all low-level languages with direct access to memory manipulations, Rust has reduced the number of related issues significantly
  • Great performance. Initially designed with performance in mind, Rust has great performance results across multiple areas of application.
  • Decent toolchain. Rust has a built-in tool (Cargo), that manages packages, runs tests and generates tech documentation for you. It might seem like a regular thing nowadays, but it is a unique feature compared to behemoths of the industry (i.e. C++).
  • Dev-friendly error messages. Despite being a complex language, the thing that makes it so great is error maintenance. Rust error messages are way more readable compared to other low-level languages.

Drawbacks of Rust Coding

We would not be objective if we avoid discussing some issues related to this technology.

  • The concise and clear approach. Being an anti-sloppy language, Rust expects every developer to be aware of what they do, why they do it and what consequences can it lead to. A compiler will crush or reject changes until there are no grey areas in the code.  On the other hand, developers learn to produce better code with Rust.
  • Learning curve. Rust is not the easiest language to learn for beginners, neither is it designed to be handled frivolously. One will have to show some respect and spend time learning the depth and mastering the specifics.

However, compared to its benefits, these issues do not seem significant at all.

Practical Application from Rust Engineers

Rust themselves claim that there are 4 basic domains that can benefit from Rust engineering. These are:

  • Command-line application. Despite the fact that most end-users tend to rely on GUI or menu-driven communications, most tech-savvy experts prefer CLI (command-line interfaces) that allow them to configure and access features not available via traditional graphic interfaces. Among proud representatives are Sentry and Habitat.
  • WebAssembly. the collaboration between WA and Rust can result in great products with well-predictable performance, integration of JS and numerous goodies (like the ecosystem of libraries to enrich the features available). Here you can see some well-known names, such as Dropbox, Firefox, and Cloudflare.
  • Networking. With the low footprint and full control over the use of resources, Rust can be extremely efficient for networking purposes. It is also great for concurrent tasks, as well as security-related matters. Rust is proud to name Buoyant and 1 AIM as examples of application.
  • Embedded devices. Rust is changing the traditional approach to embedded development as we know it with C/C++/Java. Flexible memory management, interoperability with existing systems and a number of other great features make Rust coding a sensible choice for this area. Representatives of this domain are 49nord, Airborne Engineering, and Sensirion.

Rust web programming is primarily defined by dedicated frameworks like Rocket.rs designed specifically for Rust web development. There are also actix-web, Iron, and rustless.

Why to Hire Rust Programmer

Rust is categorized as a systems programming language. Rust programmer is therefore responsible for coding the embedded system for the device itself. Rust programming therefore often involves tasks that aren’t typical in application development, such as memory management and direct access to hardware components. It is also critical for a Rust coder to be seasoned in optimizing codes and algorithms, as slight dips in optimization may result in high-performance costs. Rust is highly regarded by the developer community, and it is actually the most loved programming language by developers according to the results of the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey.

Demand for Rust Developers Nowadays

Rust is not your most wide-spread language, however, it’s popularity is growing. As of March 2019, Indeed.com lists over 260 job offers, whereas LinkedIn has almost 600 vacant positions in or near the European Union. Though this list is not complete. Some companies avoid big platforms looking for Rust developers, not to disclose their tech stack or potential interest in technology, so one should be looking for dedicated platforms like this one.

Rust Developer Salary Overview

Now that you’ve learned about the Rust programming language, it will be good to learn where it would be wisest to hire Rust programmers from. Let us compare the typical salaries of Rust coders from different countries. For this, we have gathered and compiled data from PayScale, ItJobsWatch, and Indeed where we compare the Rust programmers salary.

So, here is an average Rust developer salary in:

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

As you can see, the top-paying country in terms of Rust development is the USA, followed by Australia and the UK where Rust salary is only 15.8% and 18% less respectively, when it comes to Rust programmer salary. Canada continues the list with the Rust lang developer salary that is almost 30% less compared to the USA. The European market is less interested in Rust development, as for example, Germany offers 45% smaller Rust consulting salary compared to non-European countries.

The above numbers show that Ukraine offers a far lower rate for Rust programming salary than other countries, with its typical rate at least half of what other countries require (and just a quarter of what the USA pays). We can infer that this extends to other similar jobs like Powershell developer, or positions such as Rust developers. As such, if you’re planning to hire Rust developers, especially with additional skills, and you are interested in Assembly programmer cost, your most practical option would be to hire from Ukraine.

3 Ways to Hire Rust Coder

As always, there are three basic options: find an expert to work within your technical team in your office, look for one on a freelance or refer to outsourcing.

In-House Rust Expert

If a company plans to hire Rust developer, they should be aware that the overall number of such experts is relatively low and most of them are involved in long them projects. So the hiring process can take from 6 months to a whole year, depending on your location. Yes, you will have:

  • Full control over the development process;
  • Easy communication;
  • Complete NDA

However, you need to account for:

  • A higher cost of production (please refer to Salary section for more details) and additional expenses (like work station, vacations, etc);
  • Prolonged hiring process;
  • Inability to form a temporary team for the time of the project.

Freelance Rust Developer

If we search online platforms looking for remote Rust developer, we will see that typical rates vary from $38 to $120, with an average rate of $50 to $75 per hour of their services. If you decide to hire Rust developer on freelance, let us explain something. Assuming a developer you hire will be working at least 35 hours per week, annual compensation will reach

35 (hours a week) * $50-$75 (hourly rate) * 52 (weeks a year) = $91,000-$136,500

Comparing to most countries, expenses are higher than having an in-house expert. The only benefit is an immediate start, which can be ruled out by the fact most freelance developers do not sign any contracts, so you cannot hold them accountable for anything.


If you need to hire Rust developer or Rust development team, the best alternative is to outsource. First, you will get the Rust dev team composition you need, without having to employ them after the work is done. Next, most outsourcing locations can be 2 to 4 times cheaper compared to your local pricing. And most important, once you sign the contract, you can be sure the services will be delivered. Keep reading to learn more about choosing Rust development providers.

Outsourcing Rust Development Services

Nearly the best way to find a great specialist and not worry about its cost is to appeal to an outsourcing agency. Rust development company may provide you with an expert you can rely on and sleep calmly because you can be sure that the result will satisfact you. Working with outsourcing companies you always have guarantees that is a priceless opportunity which at the same time keeps your wallet full! Most likely remote services will cost 2 or even 4 times cheaper than local.

What is more, when talking about Rust development services, collaboration on an outsourcing base is worth even much more than in any other kind of services. It is just because of Rust is a relatively new language so there are not so large amounts of good specialists yet. That is why, even if you manage to find a suitable one, you may be caught by the situation when he cannot start working on your task for the reason that he already has enough tasks. So you have to wait or seek for another specialist that is time-wasting and nerves by itself. But you can pass by these issues when you are ready to hire remote Rust developers. Gaining a ready to work team by extremely short period of time is a real possibility when it comes to outsourcing!

Besides the opportunity to start working with your team in a comparatively short period of time you get the prospect to keep working with this team after completing this particular task. Thus you quickly receive excellent specialists for relatively low price not only for one task, but for all tasks in future you may have. Long-term working is a purpose for outsourcing companies so you can be confident on the result you may have and possible future working. Surely these stability and convenience are the best things you could have in a modern impermanent world!

You can find your calmness, financial and life stability outsourcing web services!

Rust Developer Sample Resume

There are certain things one needs to know while looking for Rust developer.

  1. Similar domain. Typically, Rust developer contact prevents a person from disclosing both names and details of the work done, however, you can look for similar domain experience.
  2. Profound understanding of major paradigms: OOP, concurrent programming, procedural programming.
  3. Knowledge of various OS (including Linux-based).
  4. Experience with related languages: C, C++, Java, etc.

All the other skills will be defined by the specific domain or requirements of the project. Here’s an example of an actual Rust developer resume if you wish to get a clearer picture of what the typical background and skills of Rust programmers are.

Hire Rust Developers Now with Mobilunity

The current technology landscape seems to be leading to the automation of nearly every imaginable object, and the Internet of Things is just this, plus more. Rust is one programming language that’s highly suitable for IoT development as it offers a good number of advantages over the more popular languages. We’ve seen some details on Rust developers, their typical salary, and the typical background of a good Rust coder. Now, it’s a good time to hire!

Why Choose Mobilunity as Rust Engineering Company?

If you’re in search of an excellent Rust developer to help you out with your project, we’re here as your innovation partner. Here at Mobilunity, we have a healthy group of dedicated Rust developers who can do the job for you. We may also find developers with additional skills, for example, if you are looking for Rust coder who may prove Node.js development services. Not only are our developers among the best in the world, but we also offer one of the lowest rates across all of Europe. For all your development needs, we’ve got you covered. There is a number of reasons, why Mobilunity is a great choice:

  • International experience. We have worked with clients all over the world, and we are proud to say that all of them are happy with the quality of services rendered.
  • Clear pricing policy. We will discuss all the details of the projects and make you an offer that will include all the expenses covered by your specification. We do not practice adding any expenses unless you change your initial requirements or need to change the timeframe.
  • Any team structure. Regardless of the amount of work needed, we can create any team to work on your product.
  • Time-wise delivery. We deliver our services according to the timeframes specified in the contract. Each and every time.
  • Excellent quality of services. We adopt only the best practices of the industry, making sure we deliver the top quality product to our customers.

Contact us now to hire Rust developers and let’s begin the project to bring your business to the front of the pack!

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