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Salesforce is a cloud platform that allows creating and deploying customized solutions, automating business processes, integrating with external applications. Salesforce development and implementation are changing and evolving (same as Salesforce implementation companies), and if you want to learn what Salesforce implementation includes, how to choose a Salesforce implementation company and extend your team with talented Salesforce implementation consultants, read this article.

hire salesforce implementation consultants

Why Salesforce Implementation Consultancy Is in Demand Nowadays

Salesforce and Salesforce implementation consultants specifically help in managing business processes in sales, customer service, digital marketing. The key products for this purpose are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud. In demand for business solutions are Commerce Cloud (for e-commerce), Financial Services Cloud (for a finance software developer), Health Cloud (for medical organizations). No wonder why Salesforce implementation companies are wanted nowadays. The creator of Salesforce Oracle CRM defined a system as complex but valuable for small and big businesses. Salesforce implementation consultancy is in demand as Salesforce offers lots of additional components that can be implemented in their products. For example, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a tool for automatic bidding, Chatter is a corporate social network.

Criteria to Choose a Salesforce Implementation Company

Here are 5 useful tips to help you make the right decision when choosing a Salesforce implementation company to hire a skilled Salesforce implementation consultant:

tips to pay attention choosing salesforce implementation consultant
  • Comprehensive expertise: when searching for Salesforce integration consulting, pay attention to areas such as sales, project management, and technology. A Salesforce implementation consultant can help your company to be effective.
  • Implementation approach: when looking for Salesforce implementation consultants, pay attention to the ability of the correct implementation approach that helps to achieve a high level of results using the right tools and techniques. Good software implementation consultant should have modern knowledge and high skills.
  • Budget: not always the most expensive offer of Salesforce enterprise cloud implementation means the best result, so do a preliminary study before making a decision and choosing where to get Salesforce implementation consultancy.
  • Passion for business: it’s important to choose a Salesforce implementation company that is genuinely passionate about what it does to increase the success of your organization.
  • Continuous support: choose a Salesforce implementation company that always stays up to date with the development of the project and helps you to be the first among your competitors. Choose Salesforce implementation consultant who will be fully focused on serving and supporting you.

Salesforce implementation company Belarus works with foreign clients and already have vacancies for Salesforce developers and Salesforce implementation consultants. But it is still difficult for employers not only to find Salesforce partners but also suitable candidates. Before you choose one firm from the huge pool of Salesforce implementation companies, take a look at what skills and background well-qualified Salesforce implementation specialists should have.

Salesforce Implementation Specialists Resume Sample

Where to Find Reliable Salesforce Implementation Companies

Among the top countries where companies look for Salesforce implementation consultancy, there are Ukraine, Germany, and the US. Salesforce implementation costs depends on the experience and level of Salesforce implementation specialists. We compare the data from MasonFrank, Jooble.ua, and PayScale to understand, what is the most cost-saving country to find reliable Salesforce implementation companies:

Annual salaryUkraineGermanyThe US

Companies rely on Ukrainian developers and Salesforce implementation consultants. Except for competitive prices, check other benefits of Ukrainian Salesforce implementation specialists:

  • Aimed at Europe. Ukrainian coders are among the first to create and integrate applications and software in Europe. They have relevant experience in Salesforce implementation consultancy and know the standards of work with European and American clients.
  • Lower costs. Ukrainian Salesforce implementation specialists use the same cloud services and platforms to integrate CRM systems but the total cost for the Salesforce implementation consultancy is lower.
  • Huge talent pool. There are plenty of Salesforce implementation companies ready to implement the CRM system with your business, provide you with high-quality custom software, and train your team for the easy start.
  • High technical qualification. Freelance Salesforce developer and Salesforce implementation consultant have relevant higher education and often take extra training and courses to learn new technologies and improve skills.
  • High level of communication skills. Salesforce implementation specialists from Ukraine are speaking English at a high level and have excellent communication skills.

Hire Salesforce Implementation Consultants at Mobilunity

Mobilunity helps to find experts in Salesforce implementation consultancy for a variety of enterprises. Recruiting offshore salesforce development team at Mobilunity know how to find great Salesforce implementation consultants who’ll offer cutting-edge solutions to streamline your workflow, integrate data and analytics, and expand functionality to take advantage of Salesforce’s cloud-based applications for maximum performance.

benefits of sfdc implementation at Mobilunity

If you are looking for high-quality Salesforce implementation consultancy, Mobilunity is one of the best options among different Salesforce implementation companies. Contact us if you need to:

  • Set up basic system configuration – a Salesforce implementation consultant will help you to start using the system in a web browser or clients for mobile and Outlook.
  • Create custom objects and extend standard options – Salesforce implementation specialists will define custom fields, relationships to other types of data and other objects to tailor the system to the particular needs of your business.
  • Set up basic workflows – once you hire Salesforce implementation company, you get automated workflows: tasks for the employees, field updates, email alerts, and outbound messages.
  • Create email templates – Salesforce implementation specialists from trusted Salesforce implementation companies help to get custom email templates with text, attache, and merge fields for connection with clients and partners.
  • Use vendor portals – a Salesforce implementation consultant helps to automate the connection with the suppliers and get overall visibility into interactions with vendors.

At Mobilunity you will find the certified Salesforce implementation specialists, who can help you to carry out business goals. Salesforce implementation consultants have experience in the creation of advanced applications for companies working in logistics, pharma, manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, and other fields. So, if you need to boost your operations for better client support and sales – hiring the Salesforce implementation consultant is the first step to the improved results.

If you need to hire a Salesforce implementation consultant, contact Mobilunity specialists. Choose one of the best Salesforce implementation companies now!

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