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Hire SAP® ERP Developer

SAP® is a multinational company and leading producer of software designed specifically for managing business processes. SAP® is especially known for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is used to manage a range of day-to-day business activities. SAP® is currently the largest ERP vendor globally and also the 7th largest technology company in the world. Today, SAP®’s software is used by more than 404,000 businesses across 180 countries

ERP software is used by businesses to run tasks such as project management, risk management, accounting, supply chain management, human resource management and more. The biggest benefit of using an ERP system is that daily tasks can be automated, saving businesses valuable time and money. This is done through the consolidated process of collecting and organizing a business’ data through an integrated, comprehensive software suite. 

Once data is gathered, business owners, managers and leaders can gain insights into all departments across the company. This empowers them to examine all possible scenarios, identify improvements for different processes and create more efficiency. Ultimately, this leads to major cost savings and enhanced productivity, as stakeholders spend far less time trying to manually source and analyze data.

SAP® ERP development can be integrated with a range of other systems to improve data collection and to offer more comprehensive automation of tasks. 

SAP® ERP can be integrated with several systems, including: 

  • Hybris 5.3

Hybris specializes in enterprise omnichannel and effective product content management software. The Hybris 5.3 version allows for synchronous and asynchronous order management with SAP® Enterprise Resource Planning. 

With Hybris SAP® ERP integration, SAP® offers a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage customizable and personalized products with the Hybris Commerce Suite.

Orders can be created either in Hybris, which is referred to as the asynchronous and hybrid scenario or directly in SAP® ERP utilizing SAP®’s Lean Order Management interface, which is referred to as the synchronous scenario. 

  • Ariba

Ariba is a procurement and supply chain collaboration solution that allows businesses to improve their productivity and manage budgets better.

Ariba SAP® ERP integration enables businesses to map and transform data as well as control transactions between SAP® ERP and the Ariba Network. The SAP® cloud connector also allows businesses to securely transfer data between SAP® ERP and the SAP® Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway.

  • Salesforce

Salesforce offshore development offers an effective customer relationship management service to businesses and also provides a comprehensive suite of applications designed to enhance customer service, application development, marketing automation and more. 

Salesforce with SAP® ERP integration can solve a large range of business challenges and create new opportunities for cross-department collaboration. This can include transferring customer data from ERP to Salesforce, efficiently managing orders, managing inventory data and controlling accurate product prices for customers.  

For successful SAP® ERP implementation and integration with different products, a business will require an experienced developer. But which type of developer is right for the task? Let’s explore the differences between developers:   

The Difference Between a SAP® Developer and an ERP Developer

The SAP® ERP Modules All Developers Should Understand 

For effective implementation, there are certain SAP® ERP modules a programmer should understand and have experience with. Some of the most important modules include: 

  • Financial Accounting (FI) 

This module helps businesses to manage data regarding any financial transactions.

  • Controlling (CO)

The CO module supports the process works of planning, monitoring and reporting on business operations. 

  • Sales & Distribution (SD) 

This module deals with managing inquiries, quotations and pricing, as well as effective inventory control.

  • Material Management (MM) 

The MM module involves managing the materials required and produced by businesses. 

  • Quality Management (QM) 

The module helps in the controlling of quality in productions across processes.

  • Project System (PS)

This module assists businesses to manage the project life cycle from planning to execution.

  • Human Resources (HR) 

The HCM module improves the processes and data management of the HR department in businesses. 

The Essential Tasks of SAP® ERP Developers

A SAP® ERP developer works in a highly specialised field. An ERP SAP ABAP developer is responsible for developing and customizing software solutions using the ABAP programming language to meet the specific business requirements of an organization. The essential tasks of this type of developer include creating and maintaining all programs run on SAP systems and ensuring that new SAP programs are integrated with other beneficial applications that a business may require for its processes. A developer should also be able to guide the development of SAP® ERP into a SaaS service or SAP offshore ABAP development services, on-premise or as a hybrid model and troubleshoot end-user issues. To complete these tasks successfully, they should analyze and manage data using programs such as SQL and manage projects with Microsoft Project. 

The SAP® ERP developer resume must meet the required demands of the position. It is, therefore, wise to consider a SAP® ERP developer resume sample before a business decides to hire a candidate.

A Sample Resume of a SAP® ERP Senior Developer

The Cost of Hiring a SAP® ERP Developer 

Besides looking at a SAP® ERP integration resume sample, one of the main aspects to consider when hiring a SAP® ERP developer is the cost involved. The ERP developer salary varies depending on the experience and skill of the coder, for example, there are some additional skills, like ERP for WordPress, that devs may possess. There is also a location from where a business wants to hire. Let’s compare the monthly SAP® ERP developer salary in five countries:

Germany $3644$5668$7693

*numbers are based on our in-house Recruiting Team research done over popular local job boards

Considering the above data, it is evident that Ukraine is the most cost-effective country to hire from. For example, a business can hire a senior ERP SAP® ABAP developer from Ukraine at a lower cost compared to hiring a junior developer from the US. The cost of hiring a developer may also vary according to the skillsets: for example, Tryton ERP developer will earn different compensation rather than SAP® ABAP developer. But it is not only the cost that attracts business owners and managers to hire SAP® CRM developer and SAP® ERP software engineer candidates from Ukraine, there are many reasons involved. 

Why You Should Hire a SAP® ERP Developer from Ukraine

Increasingly more businesses are choosing Ukraine as a hiring destination for SAP® ERP consultants and SAP developers. Not only is it an effective cost-cutting solution, but there are also many other benefits involved for businesses to improve productivity. Some of the reasons businesses choose Ukraine include: 

  • Top skills and experience 

Ukraine takes pride in its accessible and effective education system. Young professionals can get the training and gain the skills needed to become top coders in their specific fields. Developers also have the opportunity to work with businesses around the world on a variety of projects. As a result, Ukraine has a large pool of talent with top skills and experience. 

  • Convenient time zone 

Ukraine is located in a very convenient time zone that is not too different from most European countries, as well as some US states. This makes it easy to work with Ukrainian workers without losing valuable working hours. This also leads to enhanced productivity for businesses. 

  • Excellent work ethic 

Ukrainian workers are known for their high work ethic. Their experience working with both local and international clients on projects big and small give them the ability to meet deadlines and often exceed client expectations. 

  • Proficiency in English 

Most Ukrainians speak at least two languages, including English. Most educational institutions also offer their courses in English and encourage students to communicate in English. This has led to excellent proficiency in English for most Ukrainian developers. For businesses, this means smooth communication and a lower chance of misunderstandings.   

  • More innovation 

Ukrainian developers work with a variety of clients in many industries. This allows them to bring creativity and innovation to businesses, which can help them to stand out among competitors. 

Find Dedicated SAP® Developers With Mobilunity

Mobilunity is a renowned Ukrainian outstaffing company with over 10 years of experience and a talent pool of over 160,000 software engineers. We specialize in providing highly experienced and skilled development teams to businesses, big and small, around the world. 

We have assisted many businesses with dedicated SAP® and ERP consulting as well as hiring SAP® Fiori developer and developer teams to work on projects from the planning phases through to the final implementation. For example, in 2017, Mobilunity sourced team members for Camptocamp, a well-respected European provider of Geospatial Solutions, Infrastructure Solutions, and Business Solutions. 

Camptocamp implemented an open-source ERP Odoo. To ensure the success of the project, Mobilunity provided a team of highly skilled and experienced members that could communicate well with Camptocamp’s team in Switzerland, took on the project with confidence and offered a consistently high level of productivity and innovation to complete the project. As a result, the partnership between Camptocamp and Mobilunity continues to grow today. We have achieved a lot together:

Mobilunity’s clients encompass businesses from more than 10 countries around the world. Some of these include XPLG in Israel, esurance in Switzerland, Zenchef in France, BYG-E in Denmark and Buttonorder in Germany. 

At Mobilunity, our aim is to accept new challenges, to expand the operations of businesses around the world and to deliver excellent quality and efficiency to our clients. To do this, we follow a simple but highly effective process. 

  • We recruit 

We select top candidates that suit your ideal candidate profile. If you are looking for SAP NetWeaver developer or EDI consultant, we will help to find the best. Thereafter, they will complete a test task and go through a range of interviews. We select the perfect candidates and make them an offer approved by you.

  • We assist with onboarding 

Our team will help your selected candidates with setting up their environments and configuring essential processes, such as reporting and time tracking to ensure smooth running. 

  • We offer ongoing support 

Our team focuses on the retention of your team. Therefore, we make sure all contractual obligations are met and that we meet all your ongoing requirements. 

If your business is looking to hire SAP® ERP developer candidates that are skilled and experienced, talk to the specialists at Mobilunity. Find the right talent now!

Disclaimer: SAP® is the registered trademark of SAP SE in Germany and in several other countries. Mobilunity is not related to, affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by the SAP SE.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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