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Scala is a general-purpose programming language first introduced in 2003.  Scala has become a dominant language with numerous benefits for businesses in just the first few years of its use around the world. It is mostly applied for web applications, streaming data, parallel batch processing, and data analyzing. Let’s discover the current demand for Scala programmers for hire and what you should consider before you decide to employ Scala developers for your next development projects.

Why Companies Worldwide Tend to Hire Scala Developer

Scala makes use of object-oriented and functional programming into a powerful language, and its complex features promote quality coding and ultimately, a performance increase. Testing is also amplified with the use of this technology. These benefits improve productivity and scalability for businesses. As a result of these advantages, there has been an increased interest in Scala developers for hire. Consequently, the demand for well-qualified Scala programmers for hire has also grown. In fact, today, the demand is higher than the supply. 

Most world-known companies in the world hire Scala developer or Scala developer teams, to work alongside their JavaScript programmers. These companies include LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Netflix, Tumblr and The Guardian. Let’s look at what you should know before you decide to invest in Scala developers for hire.

Areas of Application of Scala Development Software

As far as Scala is a highly productive and fast language, it is super easy applicable in nearly any sphere you would like to use it. It may extend all existing frames and move your business onto a significantly new level. Due to Scala development services you may receive a dynamic and easy to use interface that definitely will satisfact your needs and needs of your clients!

According to the statistics, Scala is much faster than Python and Java, that is why it is pleasant to work with it for both developers and businessmen. Moreover, as it is based on Java and they have core functions in common it is available to use them together that is a great advantage. Even if you already have an app on Java it can be rewritten on Scala and improved in such a way without any unnecessary strength. And it will surely be worth it!

Apart from Scala’s comfort during the development it also has a huge range of pros that become evident in the result. First of all it is its efficiency due to which your app or website will work correctly and fast. Satisfied clients, growing business, satisfied you! Secondly, you may have at the end not only powerful basic functioning but also intuitive, nice and dynamic interface that will engage more clients. 

Thus Scala is a modern and perspective language that will expand all already existing boundaries and lead to the growth of the new approach in web development and installation of new standards because of it. Scala is our future so manage to hire Scala developers before it becomes mainstream! Be one step before others.

Nowadays Scala is mostly used by giant companies, for example The Guardian, the Swiss Bank, Siemens, Xerox, Sony, LinkedIn and some others. Even such a popular movie streaming site as Netflix is using Scala in its website architecture and design.

As it is a relatively new language it is not so widespread yet among smaller companies. But it is samely applicable for small and middle businesses. And its popularity is only growing now. That is why it is hard to find Scala developers as demand is much higher than proposal. But it is not an issue when you are appealing to Scala development outsourcing. Thus, you can hire remote Scala developers hassle-free and gain modern and attractive apps or websites that will push your business growth.

So, as it has been proven before, Scala is super productive and marketable in such a way approximately any kind of business will benefit from using it. Facts show that in near future a tremendous number of financial companies will address Scala due to all the benefits it suggests. But it can be successfully used in other areas as well. If you provide any services or sell some products it will be a wonderful idea to make your app or website on Scala.

Let’s see more about the application of Scala development. Actually using Scala may be unjustified in some cases so be aware of the next information to decide right whether it is essential for you. Due to all of its functions it is super good for using in web development, data processing and distributed computing. Scala maintains data engineering infrastructure for a lot of different companies. Often data scientists use it for processing huge data. As a result, Scala may be used for business intelligence development, data science, machine learning products, websites, libraries and frameworks. So Scala is extra helpful in those spheres. Though your business can benefit from using it anyway due to its other functions.

Thus, Scala is good at developing any kind of web products including Desktop Development, Mobile Development, Web Development, Server-Side Software Development and many more. Scala combines the facilities of both function-oriented and object-oriented languages. It makes Scala a universal language to use and provides you with stability, efficiency and speed. So if you hire a dedicated Scala developer all your possible needs and desires will be contented. 

That is why finding a Scala development company to hire a remote Scala developer is an incredible idea. Combination of comparatively low cost and modern attractive technologies surely sounds really cool. So go ahead and find your Scala application development company now to make your business efficient and prospective!

Skills you Should Consider When You Hire Scala Engineer

Scala programmers, including a Scala coder, a Scala full stack developer, and a Scala software engineer, should have certain skills and experience to be able to work on development projects. Therefore, it is essential to know what to look for before you hire Scala developer.  

A well-skilled and experienced Scala coder or Scala full stack developer should have a background in JVM, HDFS, FP techniques and SQL, and have experience in writing robust, efficient production code. A Scala engineer can work on complex web applications, streaming data and parallel batch processing projects alongside a full stack Java developer

Let’s look at where you can find Scala programmers for hire once you are ready.

Where to Find Scala Developers for Hire and How Much It Costs to Have a Talented Scala Coder in Your Team

When you search for Scala developers for hire or a Scala web development company, you have to consider the salaries for a Scala coder. This can depend on the skill of the Scala software engineer, the experience of the Scala full stack developer, and in which country he or she is based.

Before you hire Scala programmers or Scala consultant, you have to consider whether you need senior specialists or junior Scala software engineer. Here are the average salaries for Scala developers for hire:

  • Scala developers for hire in the United States is $150,000 per year
  • Scala programmers for hire in Germany $71,652
  • Scala consultant for hire in the UK is $96,811
  • Scala developers for hire in Australia is $55,898
  • Scala programmers for hire in Ukraine is $57,600

It is evident that Scala developers for hire in the United States are the most expensive, while Scala programmers for hire in Ukraine offer affordable pricing policy. Therefore, any business that is looking for top talents, quality services, and smart costs, may consider Scala programmers for hire from Ukraine.

Scala Developer Remote vs In-House Specialist vs Freelance Scala Programmer

When your business requires Scala developers for hire, it is essential to consider which type of hiring model is best for you. Here are a few options of how you can employ a Scala coder, as well as its pros and cons:

Hire Scala Developer as an In-House Specialist

Hiring a Scala software engineer as part of your in-house team has plenty of pros and cons. Let’s look at a few:

Pros to hire Scala developer in-house. An in-house Scala software engineer is available when needed during your working day. You can easily organize personal meetings to discuss whatever needed as in-house Scala coder works in your office. Then, you can clearly see their personal and professional needs that drive their performance and productivity.

Cons to hire Scala engineer in-house. In-house Scala full stack developer may work on other projects too and this can slow down productivity. What is more, in-house Scala full stack developer or Scala consultant can be expensive as there are certain extra costs involved, such as medical insurance, vacations, days-off, sick-leaves, parking lots, gym membership, and other perks.

Hire Scala Developer as a Freelancer

If you decide to hire Scala engineer who works as a freelancer or a Scala web development company that offers freelance services, there are some obstacles to keep in mind.

Pros to hire Scala developer as a freelancer. A freelance Scala coder does not come with extra costs such as insurance, leave and hiring costs. Besides, a freelance Scala software engineer can work extra hours, as they usually do not follow normal business hours.

Cons to hire Scala engineer. A freelance Scala coder may work on many other projects, so he/she may not always be available. Also, a freelance Scala consultant or Scala software engineer is not obliged officially to work from start to finish, thus can leave a project whatever he/she wants.

Hire Scala Developer via Outsourcing Model

Hiring a Scala developer remote can have several benefits for a business, including affordability and flexibility.

Pros to hire Scala developer remotely. First, hiring a Scala developer remote can be cost-effective, as no extra costs, such as insurance and overtime, are involved. Second, hiring a Scala coder remotely gives you flexibility as you can scale up and down your team if needed. Finally, hiring Scala developer remote can increase your productivity, as they are dedicated and work exclusively on your project

Cons to hire Scala developer remote. When you hire Scala engineer from a Scala web development company remotely there may be some time zones differences and this can lead to pitfalls in communication. Also, sometimes clients face language barriers, which typically occur in the offshoring model (due to different cultures and a long distance between a client and team).

With its benefits, it is clear that the best way to hire Scala developer is by employing a developer remotely through a Scala web development company or an outsourcing vendor. If you hire a Scala developer remote, you can save costs, obtain more flexibility along with quality services and on-time delivery. If you are ready to hire a Scala developer remote, here are several reasons to hire them at Mobilunity.

Mobilunity’s Scala Programmers for Hire

Mobilunity is one of the top development outsourcing companies in Ukraine to find experienced Scala developers for hire. Our Scala programmers for hire can start immediately and will deliver high-quality code throughout the project life cycle.  Let’s look at why it is so incredibly easy to find Scala programmers for hire from Mobilunity:

  • Quickly scale your development team with Scala developers for hire from Mobilunity. When you have to find developers, whether a Scala developer remote or a Scala consultant, that needs to start working as quickly as possible. Mobilunity allows you to scale up or down your team effortlessly with top junior Scala developer.
  • Easy hiring process with Scala programmers for hire from Mobilunity. With Mobilunity, the process to hire Scala full stack developer is quick and easy. You simply need to provide a vendor with precise requirements:  such as a Scala consultant or Scala developer remote, number of employees, and their qualification, and Mobilunity’s team will find the perfect match.
  • Hire Scala engineer and reduce costs with Mobilunity. If you hire a Scala consultant or a Scala software engineer team from Mobilunity there are no extra or hidden costs, such as insurance, leave payments or human resources fees, so you can save on your budget.
  • Increase flexibility with Scala programmers for hire from Mobilunity. If you decide to hire Scala engineer or a scala developer remote team from Mobilunity, you only have to hire the candidates for the project duration. In other words, you can grow and scale down your Scala engineer team as and when needed.

Need to find Scala programmers for hire for your new development projects? Do not hesitate to contact Mobilunity’s expert team. Hire Scala developer for your projects today!

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