Hire Scala Programmers: Advantages, Tips and Tricks

Scala Development

Scala is a functional programming language that shares the runtime environment with Java. Scala uses the same virtual machine that Java runs on. As such, it is commonly regarded as an alternative to Java. This is one important reason why programmers and business managers frequently compare the two. They want to know which programming language is better or more efficient for their projects. Scala is especially useful for developing large-scale applications that are easy to maintain. This is because Scala uses a concise programming idiom.

Scala Programmers Hiring Options

Hiring Scala programmers is a challenge because of the specialized nature of the language. As an especially modern programming language, less programmers have been exposed to Scala than tends to be the case for other enterprise programming languages. This does not take away the advantages of Scala, but it means businesses will likely encounter more problems finding Scala programmers than Java developers.

Scala vs Java Comparison

Scala is renowned for its mix of speed and expressiveness while using modern language features such as macros.

Features of Scala

Other important features of Scala are:

  • Object-oriented – In Scala, just about every value behaves as a programming object.
  • Lambdas – Scala allows anonymous functions that can be invoked easily, adding to the programmer’s convenience.
  • Higher Order Functions – In Scala, functions can accept other functions as arguments, compose multiple functions together, and return functions as the result of a call.
  • Pattern matching – Scala uses powerful pattern matching capabilities such as those encountered in other functional programming languages.

main features of scala development

Differences with Java

Of the above features, the object-orientation trait is one that this language shares with Java, its older predecessor. Below, we show where the two programming languages differ most. Developers will need to be familiar with these important differences between the two.

TypesExplicit type declarationsType Inference
Code Evaluation StrategyEager EvaluationLazy Evaluation
Operator OverloadingNot supportedSupported

How to Interview Scala Developers

If you want to hire Scala programmers, these are some common questions you can use to evaluate their knowledge:

  • What is a Scala map and how is it different from a set?  – This question tests the developer’s knowledge of basic data structures in Scala.
  • What are some advantages of the Scala programming language? – This question tests knowledge about important advantages of applying the programming language.
  • How is function currying used in Scala? – Here, you assess the developer’s ability to work with currying, a core functional programming feature of Scala.

Why Scala

This programming language offers many advantages for businesses. Early users of Scala include Twitter, which turned to the technology in order to speed up its apps and scale more easily. Many other users have lauded the language for its contributions to concurrency and parallelism. Among the greatest advantages of the language are the following:

  • Easy multi-core programming – The programming language can handle optimal computation with advanced multi-core processors. It does this better than many older tools.
  • Scalable – The scaling capabilities of the language make it easier and cheaper to deploy for very large scale server farms.
  • Immutability – Immutable data structures make thread safety worries a thing of the past, unlike when programming with Java and similar programming languages.

Open Source Ecosystem

Due to these features, many development teams have found the language more straightforward and efficient as the main programming language. The language’s ability to call out to Java libraries means that it has a wide open source ecosystem to draw upon for every conceivable need. This ranges from computing utilities and data transformation tools to machine learning libraries.

Cost of Scala Developers

Within the US, Scala developers are some of the best-paid software developers there are. There is high demand for Scala programmers at financial companies, tech startups, and others that need functional programming. According to DevSkiller, the language was among the top 13 best-paying technology skills, with a survey salary of around $145,616.

Chart: Comparison of Scala Salary Costs Worldwide

Going beyond the US, for example, in Ukraine, salaries for this skill are a bit lower but tend to be higher than for other tech skills.

France – $45,050

Australia – $78,661

Ukraine –  $24,824

Germany – $57,024

average salary of scala developers

Hire Scala Programmers

Your options for hiring developers for this technology include a mix of the following:

  • Outsourcing
  • Outstaffing
  • Retaining the services of a tech recruiter to find the talent you need
  • Retraining your team of Java developers to learn this exciting, modern, programming language that runs on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine)

How to Hire Scala Programmers in Ukraine

Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, the Mobilunity outstaffing firm offers a simpler and faster path to hire Scala programmers. Mobilunity uses the outstaffing model, which gives you access to a remote Scala developer team for your project. Our advantages include:

  • Lower development costs – Developing in Ukraine gives you access to talent at lower hourly rates than in North America or Western Europe.
  • Professionals with multiple years of experience – Mobilunity developers have worked on hundreds of projects and perfected their skills.
  • Fast project turnaround – The Mobilunity project managers have won a solid reputation for fast project execution and project completion.

Mobilunity Your Best Option in Ukraine

Using Scala for your development can help you get better, higher quality code that scales more easily than with other programming languages. To hire Scala Programmers, you can explore solutions such as outstaffing, outsourcing, and using the services of a recruiter. Outstaffing is advantageous because it lets you access dedicated developers from competitive tech centers. Hiring in Ukraine, for example, can improve your project quality while lowering your overall project costs.

hire scala programmers

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