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Video gaming is a rapidly growing and constantly developing industry. Games have become a favorite pass-time activity for thousands of people in modern society. They have conquered the hearts of people fro various age and social groups: children, teenagers, grown-ups and even elderly people. A list of the available games starts with the classical Diablo and goes through the games with a multi-million dollar budget to the projects with virtual reality. However, everything has started with the simplest 8-bit games at the end of the 1950th. At that time no one could imagine, that the visual component of the game will change so much that it can compete with the animation and feature films. The developers write games on different game engines like CryEngine, Unreal Engine 4, Phaser, and Unity, which is considered to be one of the best among the analogs. So now many companies and game producing studios want to hire Unity3D game developer and are looking for Unity developers for hire or even for extended development team to achieve business goals.

Unity for App Development and Demand for Unity 3D Programmers for Hire

Unity is a cross-platform game development engine. Coders create multiplatform 2D and 3D games, simulations, and interactive experiences with it. For companies and businesses, it is an opportunity to get high-end content and connect with customers or players. This game engine has been released first in June 2005. With it, the creators David Helgason, Joachim Ante, and Nicolas Francis were trying to achieve their goal: make game development easier and more democratic for inexperienced coders. It offers primary scripting API in C# and handy drag&drop functionality. Thus, many companies want to hire UI UX designer 3D Unity as well as hire Unity or Unity 3D developers.

Where a Unity App Developer Can Use Unity Products

The latest version of Unity for app development is 2019.2, released on July 25, 2019. It supports 27 different platforms, opening great opportunities, and vast space for the realization of the new projects. It deploys games to Tizen, Universal Windows Platform, WebGL, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, 3DS, Google Cardboard, Windows Mixed Reality, Daydream, Gear VR, Android TV, Facebook Gameroom, Google’s ARCore, Vuforia, and others.

What a Unity Developer for Hire Can Do with Unity

A game engine is, in fact, a special framework, able to combine several core areas like graphics, animation, sounds, and some other. It combines needful features, which help to create a game faster and easier. Hire Unity developer or Unity3D remote developer  to work with:

  • Graphics. The engine provides you with stunning graphics and architecture with high-performance rendering capabilities. It has access to fast graphics API. With it, your games will look impressive.
  • Audio. Give your character’s voice, add music and sound effects, to make the game alive. Design a new sound from scratch or purchase ready sound assets. Combine them and mix them in various ways to get a unique result. The sounds can be added natively or through the outer applications. Place them in the context of the game plot or assign it to the events.
  • Physics. Make your simulation more real or create an atmosphere of the parallel dimension, handling the physics system in your project. There is no need to write all the code and work with every move – just several lines of code help to create an object, which behaves in a realistic (or not so realistic) way.
  • Networking. On PC, console, or smartphone, players love to be connected to the community and cooperate with friends in the games and applications. But sometimes networking demands a lot of effort and server power. Unity providers use scriptable components, workflows, and APIs to optimize a game for online and multiplayer mode.
  • GUI. The graphical user interface should fit the theme, design, and narrative. Unity agency can create buttons, sliders, drop-down menus, and other interactive elements, which will fully correspond to the style of your game.
  • Scripting. One of the most important parts of the game – the behavior of the characters and the interaction between players and NPCs. The defined logic of the components and pre-build scripts are responsible for many important things: camera control. animation system, relations between game elements, etc. With Unity, it is also possible to create a script once and deploy it to various platforms.

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Unity App Development Rate in Numbers

Unity programming software is getting more and more popular, and interest in this topic is staying high over time. Unity Technologies company shows its basic stats on the official page – Company Facts. From the latest statistics we know several stunning numbers:

  • 3 Billion – the amount of the devices run Unity
  • 4,5 Million – a quantity of the registered Unity developers worldwide, and it is constantly growing
  • 630 000 – an approximate number of monthly active developers
  • 600 Million – a total of gamers, playing Unity projects (on the most humble count)
  • 50% – a percent of the mobile games, designed with Unity

Google Trends, statistics of “Unity” search for the last year

Need Unity company? According to the official website of the engine, over 500 000 companies from different parts of the world have trusted their projects to Unity3D However, the real amount of the Unity developers for hire is much bigger, so everyone can involve the specialist in the project. The main question is: what can you create with Unity.

What Unity Development Company and Unity 3d Programmer Can Offer

A cross-platform game engine can be useful not only for the creation of your own video game. Beginning with version 5.0 Unity 3D has announced a row of the projects for the business. Let’s check, where you can use it if you are not going to work in the gaming industry:

  • Architecture visualization and interior modeling. Everything starts with simple 3d models of the interior. The idea proceeds to the virtual showrooms, where a customer can try the interior items before buying. Such modeling is also used by the architects to present the idea of the future look of the building.
  • Product animation. The option is useful for the model “Try before you buy”. In such a “game” customers can see the same object made of different materials or in different positions.
  • Training simulations. And it is not only for drivers or pilots. Every new equipment requires theoretical training. You can develop such a trainer for your specialists, so they will get prepared for the technological update.
  • Filmmaking. Real-time filmmaking gives artistic freedom to directors and makes workflow twice faster. Short episodic stories can be made in a shorter time. Such technology is already used by Stephen Spielberg and Dennis Villeneuve.
  • Education. A virtual training-simulator is an interesting addition to the lesson of physics, chemistry, or biology. It helps students to see the theoretical material in action and use their knowledge in practice.
  • Business intelligence. The 3D model of the company may be useful for technical and financial directors. Use Drill-Down technology for optimization of the business processes.

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Main Benefits to Find Unity Developer for Hire

This game platform considered to be one of the best in its field. Thousands of coders are writing their projects using Unity, and a vast community of gamers appreciates games made with it. What makes Unity3D so popular among developers and why companies now hire Unity 3D developers and are searching for the best place to hire Unity3D coder?

  • 2D and 3D development. For different needs (not only for gaming) developers create 2-dimension and 3-dimension graphics and animation. So it’s worth to find Unity or Unity 3D developer.
  • Cross-platform apps. With this game engine, Unity 3D junior developer creates applications for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS – more than 20 platforms in total. There is no need to write a new project for the new type of devices – you just go multiplatform.
  • Rapid prototyping. The modular system helps to create a prototype of the future project in a couple of days. Drag’n’drop editing, shaders, ready animation and a huge choice of the assets help to make it in a couple of days.
  • Asset Store. Here you find a range of free and paid assets, so if you find a Unity 3D developer, he can just add to the project if you don’t have a game designer or simply want to save time.
  • Popularity. Unity3D is a famous engine, known by functional, interesting, and quality products. If you choose it, its reputation will work for you when you hire Unity 3D developer.

Unity Developer Salary: How Much It Costs to Hire a Unity Developer

Game development is a booming industry, and creating video games with Unity is a costly task. However, there is a way to reduce your expenses and still get a product of the highest quality. Unity developer salary in American and European countries differs. Fortunately, you don’t have to stick to the location of a Unity 3D game developer you work with. Hundreds of businesses are already working with the remote coders and get outstanding results. To understand, where you can hire Unity or Unity 3D developer, compare salaries in different countries:

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Many companies from different parts of the world appreciate Ukraine as an IT service provider. Ukrainian programmers are ready to offer high-quality service for software development, interface, and video game creation. It also helps customers to save budgets. Choose Ukrainian coders or even hire Unity3D company here, instead of the Canadian, American or European company, and you will achieve from 30% to 80% economy.

Unity Coder Requirements: Which Skills Are Important for Unity Developers for Hire

Unity programmer needed – don’t make haste with hiring the first one you see. Check the resume and skills before. Game design is at some point creation of a new world. And the creator must be confident in the things he is writing. Choosing the performer, make sure he\she has appropriate knowledge and experience.

Interview with a Dedicated Unity App Developer

To give you more information about Unity App Development we have asked our Unity Developer – Maxim, tell us more about this language, its benefits, and opportunities.

Tell us more about Unity. In which situations it’s a better choice for development?

Unity developerUnity is the cross-platform game engine. It provides many important built-in features such as graphics rendering and physics calculating. Unity is a good choice when project: being developed for various platforms; has complex 2D/3D graphics, must simulate realistic physics, developed by the team consisting of different specialists: programmers, artists, game designers

Through built-in graphics, physics, and many useful tools that are common for most of the projects, developers mustn’t spend time on implementing many common features and can focus on the development of more specific aspects of the application/game. Unity is extremely friendly for the small teams so startup projects have a lot of advantages to choosing this engine. Unity has handy licensing and can be used for free during all the development.

What is the best choice of programming language for Unity?

Unity developerUnity Engine supports 3 programming languages: C#, Javascript, and less popular Boo language, which is similar to the Python. As always, programming language choice depends on the project goals. Javascript is handy for small projects with simple features that don’t require multithreading and working with the file system. Javascript is suitable for beginners who just started exploring Unity and has no much experience in programming. However, when the project requires high-performance optimization or complex system architecture, C# is the better choice, especially for mobile platforms.

Which Unity feature do you enjoy?

Unity developerIn my opinion, the most powerful Unity’s feature is the support of the cross-platform building. Cross-platform building allows to develop a single project in Unity and port it for various platforms: Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and many other operating systems – including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – with relatively small changes. Another useful Unity development feature is the Editor extending. Unity is represented by a user-friendly IDE with a comfortable interface. But it doesn’t cover all specific needs of a certain project. However, in this case, developers can create their own IDE interface extensions to configure project parameters easier. This is also very handy for non-programmers that work on the project.

As a Unity Developer with which difficulties have you faced?

Unity developerThe biggest struggle I had with my first project. It was a racing game running in browsers. At that moment Unity had its own browser plugin that was called Unity Web Player. But after about a year of our development, Google Chrome has stopped support of plugins, so we had to port our project to the WebGL platform. Unity just started providing it at that time so technology was raw and we had to optimize many things because WebGL was using operating memory in a different way.

Should a Unity developer have a Java knowledge for Android development?

Unity developerUnity doesn’t support Java for programming within it, but Java is important for creating native Android plugins. In general, C# and Java are pretty similar, but if the project requires using advanced Android OS features, Java is necessary to use. Android plugin, written in Java, will be accessed from C# within the Unity project. Unity provides a special API for it – AndroidJNI – which works as a bridge between Unity’s C# code and Android plugin functions.

Can you describe a few Unity Android Plugins?

Unity developerOne of the most commonly used Unity Android plugins in my practice is the AdMob plugin. It is an API for using Google advertisement service to display banners and video ads within the game. Showing advertisements is one of the sources of revenue for the developer. AdMob plugin is similar to other networks and provides access to the configurable banners, full-screen advertisements, and videos. Another useful and very common type of plugins – is Android notification plugin. Unlike iOS, Unity has no straight access to the Android notifications API, so there are various plugins that provide a similar feature to configure and show notifications. Even though this is a simple feature, these plugins save a lot of time for the developer.

Are you ready to take your project to the new heights with Unity 3D development?

How Your Project Can Benefit From Hiring a Unity Programmer

Unity programmers are skilled developers who use Unity software to develop applications and games. This programming language enables programmers to create great quality 2D and 3D applications and games for phones, desktop computers, and even gaming consoles. 

Let’s explore all the benefits of sourcing Unity programmers for hire for your next project: 

  • Easy to use 

Unity software is easy to use. This allows developers to create apps and games fast and efficiently. The ease of use of Unity also ensures fewer mistakes are made during the coding process. 

  • Allows for cross-platform development 

With Unity software, Programmers can create a mobile application or game that works across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. 

  • Highly reliable 

When you hire Unity programmer talent, you can be sure that the software they use is effective and reliable. Unity Technologies holds a big part of the market share in the augmented reality and virtual reality space in gaming and mobile app development. It is reliable and preferred software by multiple gamers across the world.

  • Access to analytics 

When you hire unity programmers you get access to built-in analytics within the editor of the software. With Unity Analytics you can make use of valuable data about a mobile application or game. It can offer you great insights into creating a better platform and make minor changes for a stupendous experience for the players.

  • Access to a large developer community

The Unity Developer Community offers a place for all developers to share their challenges and suggestions for enhancing the system. This allows programmers to get great advice about challenges and assistance with creating innovative products. 

Considering the above benefits, it’s clear that using Unity offers a win-win solution for both users and developers. Ultimately, it’s an excellent choice for developing top-quality apps and games. 

Looking for Programmer for Unity 3D: Find a Unity Development Team in Ukraine

Companies are choosing Ukraine as a country to hire Unity developer more often, than other European countries.  And it is natural if you know the prices for these services. Competitive prices and constantly growing talent pool are the most popular reasons to work with the remote Unity3d game coder. Outstaffing to Ukraine is also a good option, because:

  • Here you will find a large market of freelance performers or Unity development company;
  • Unity 3D game programmer will create high-quality content which will succeed for sure;
  • Your project will be completed on time and within the budget;
  • The geographical location of Ukraine is comfortable for work with partners from European and American countries;
  • You will get a dedicated Unity 3D engineer to work on your project.

If you’ve decided to rely on the remote developers from Ukraine, there are several ways how and where to hire Unity developer. We’ve chosen the 3 most popular and safe ones:

  1. Dedicated development team. Hiring a team of developers you can be sure that you got a full-cycle development and a set of professionals. The remote workers usually have a project manager, who will coordinate work and communicate with the client.
  2. Unity developers for hire and relocation. Find several coders or a team with a developer for Unity 3D  to take them into your office. You will have an opportunity to manage a project by yourself and control the work of your new employees, paying lower Unity developer salary.
  3. Offshore development center. When you need not just a team of developers, but also a project manager and a technical lead, you can open an offshore dev office. In fact, it is going to be a whole remote office of your company.

Hire Unity Developers in Mobilunity

Mobilunity is a Ukrainian dedicated development teams provider, which takes leading positions in the sphere of software development and extended reality services in the country. Your project will be designed by a highly skilled Unity 3D developer remote of different specializations. If you choose Unity for app development – we will find Unity developers for you in the shortest possible time and help to hire VR developer. Which benefits will you get from the cooperation with Mobilunity? The prices for our work are relatively smaller, in comparison to other countries, but at the same time, you will get the developers with extensive experience in game development. Contact us today, and we will bring your project into reality.

If you want a modern Unity-based project being created – hire Unity developer and remote Unity3D developer in Ukraine and have a dedicated team of coders from Mobilunity.

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