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Nowadays, many businesses are looking for a convenient, multi-purpose, and multi-channel solution that will allow managing all the business processes effectively. Companies that were about to hire Zendesk developer for their customer support needs, now also pay close attention to the Zoho platform to enhance the whole sales process. While considering options like independent ERP consultants or outsource mobile development can be beneficial for specific aspects of your business, hiring a skilled Zoho developer ensures seamless integration and customization of your Zoho platform, empowering your organization with comprehensive CRM and business management solutions.

Zoho stands as a popular, highly customizable SaaS platform for companies that need one platform for performing and analyzing their business operations. If you have been wondering what perks this SaaS platform offers and how to hire Zoho CRM developer, this article will guide you on the things to keep in mind when looking for a Zoho expert to hire.

Zoho Services as a Useful SaaS Solution

Zoho is a great Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that offers convenient management of business operations within a company. The main advantage of Zoho CRM is that it doesn’t emphasize a specific set of features, for instance, cloud innovations or informative management, but instead unites all the essential features a company may need in an all-in-one platform for businesses.

So far, Zoho has more than 50 million users in 180+ countries all over the globe. Among the companies that use Zoho solutions are JetHub, Proteomics Consult, County Flat Roofing, CityDance, Palo Alto University, Acute Data Systems, and many other businesses from various industries. Zoho is an amazing customizable solution that can benefit any business.

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Benefits of Zoho Development Services for Your Business Needs

Here is why it is worth considering Zoho CRM implementation, customization, and integration to benefit your company’s operations and achieve desired goals:

  • Zoho has modules for Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, etc., allowing for creating a custom solution for your business needs.
  • 40+ of Zoho’s apps one can integrate and connect for a unified business management system used by all departments and teams.
  • Zoho offers many useful automatization tools and custom templates to ease and speed up your work.
  • The company has recently launched Zoho Remotely to help teams work remotely with the same comfort and effectiveness.

Why You Need a Zoho Projects Developer for Hire

  • You need one platform for all your departments to work conveniently and effectively.
  • You need a custom solution crafted specifically for your business.
  • You require specific functionality for the successful business performance.
  • You need a highly scalable solution that can be quickly adjusted to your current business goals and changing environment.
  • You need a connected platform for a fruitful collaboration of your teams without the need to sync and exchange data manually.

What Zoho Modules a Zoho Developer for Hire Can Customize

Businesses that were inclined to hire SAP architect are now considering recruiting Zoho engineers or a team of such because of the benefits and convenience of the Zoho business platform. The thing is, Zoho offers both standard and custom modules to meet every business’s needs. The standard ones for sales, marketing, customer support, and billing teams include:

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Calls
  • Products
  • Accounts
  • Campaigns
  • Events
  • Price Books
  • Quotes

You can use a customized set of modules, build module relations, or create flexible niche solutions for the maximal efficiency of business operation and highest customer satisfaction. By hiring a Zoho CRM expert, companies can receive a niche solution fully customized for their needs. It means that each team can get the required set of features for productive work, and cooperation within departments can be organized effortlessly within the Zoho environment. For instance, you can create a specific database structure as per your needs, store data from a third-party service, or update data from multiple modules in real time.

Skills and Responsibilities of a Zoho Certified Developer

Here are the skills a Zoho CRM developer should have to be considered an expert in the field:

  • Be a Zoho CRM Certified Consultant.
  • Zoho Creator Certification is a must.
  • 2+ years of developing custom Zoho CRM solutions.
  • Strong knowledge of standard and custom modules.
  • Experience with integrating Zoho with Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite, among other platforms.

The responsibilities of a Zoho developer include:

  • Analyze company’s needs, as well as the needs of specific teams.
  • Build custom modules, integrations, and other Zoho solutions to meet the identified needs.
  • Test and maintain the successful operation of the custom Zoho solution.
  • Improve the system for more productive and convenient operation of different departments within the company.
  • Keep up with the latest Zoho-related updates and implement the necessary changes accordingly.

Zoho Web Developer Salary Rates in Different Countries

If you compare Zoho developer salary rates in different countries, you will notice that the cost of hiring such an expert depends not only on the skills and experience of the engineer but also from their place of living. Here is a short comparison of hiring a Zoho programmer in the five different countries, according to Payscale and ZipRecruiter:

  • The US – $49,543
  • Canada – $46,674
  • The Czech Republic – $25,533
  • Germany – $54,565
  • Ukraine$25,084

As you can see, European Zoho programmers cost two times less compared to American coders with similar experience. For instance, Ukraine has one of the most affordable rates for hiring a Zoho CRM engineer or ABAP developer with a solid experience. Thus, many companies tend to outsource Zoho projects to Ukraine.

Why Is It Worth Outsourcing Zoho CRM Expert Services to Ukraine?

Here is why many businesses outsource Zoho solutions development to Ukraine:

  • Ukraine is known as a country with one of the largest pool of skilled and dedicated programmers.
  • Affordable software development cost.
  • Convenient location and time zone to cooperate.
  • It is possible to find a programmer with relevant experience in any field, including Zoho CRM custom solutions.
  • You can outsource your Zoho projects to Ukrainian engineers or hire dedicated developers to work on your solution only.

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Mobilunity as Your Reliable Zoho Development Services Provider

Mobilunity is a top Zoho development services provider known for the excellent quality of software development solutions. Here are the neashoring benefits you can get by opting to our first-class services:

  1. We have a big pool of certified Zoho engineers with vast experience in building custom Zoho solutions.
  2. We’ve been more than 9 years on the market.
  3. Mobilunity has dozens of loyal clients all over the world, thus successful stories of cooperation
  4. We are known for the top-level software development solutions, professionalism, ease of communication, and affordable development costs.
  5. 20+ dedicated teams working on custom projects.

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