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February 7, 2018 - Olena

How eCommerce Developer Salary Looks Like in Different Countries?

The eCommerce developer salary is increasing consistently with the fast growth in the eCommerce business across the globe. Irrespective of this global truth, the eCommerce developer salary in dynamic markets like Ukraine is still very low and affordable as compared to many other developed countries of the world. In this article, let’s expand upon the difference between eCommerce developers and designers, and the eCommerce designer salary in comparison to the eCommerce developer salary.

Who Is an eCommerce Developer?

An eCommerce developer is basically a website developer with additional skills related to eCommerce, payment gateways, and global commercial trends. The eCommerce development fundamentally covers the website development, eCommerce website design, web testing, integration, APIs, payment gateways, product lists and related topics.

hire-eCommerce-developers and ecommerce development team at mobilunity

To carry out all those activities simultaneously, a web developer should have strong technical knowledge and skill set, which should include computer languages such as PHP, CSS2, CSS3, HTML, Python, Ruby on Rail, JavaScript, Ajax, Node.js, and JQuery. The additional knowledge of Magento, Big Commerce, Shopify, Volusion, 3dcart, Big Cartel and other major eCommerce platforms is also necessary for a good eCommerce web development.

In addition to the above skill set, a good developer should have strong working knowledge and experience of different database systems commonly used in the eCommerce websites. The database skills may include MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL server, Oracle and others. A strong knowledge of payment gateway integration and API integration is necessary for a good developer to be successful in the highly demanding eCommerce website development marketplace.

Difference Between eCommerce Developer and eCommerce Designer

In terms of responsibilities, skill set and demand of eCommerce developers and eCommerce designers is described in the following comparative table.

ecommerce web design vs ecommerce developer

In the nutshell, we can say there is a very blur line between those two roles; we can say eCommerce designer is more creative and less technical while the eCommerce developers is more technical and less creative.

eCommerce Developer Salary Comparison in 5 Major Countries

The eCommerce business is consistently growing on a consistent basis. According to the McKinsey Research Trends, there would be an addition of over 1 billion middle class consumers in the global marketplace by 2020. This growth will be predominated by the Asia Pacific region. Thus, the eCommerce bright point in the next few years is located in the Asia Pacific countries, especially, China, India, Indonesia and others. This growth will trigger the demand of eCommerce development teams to new heights not only in these countries, but also across the globe.

According to the information, the average salary of an eCommerce developer in the USA is $77,718 per annum and the salary of a frontend developer is a bit higher than eCommerce developer salary. It stands at about $102,492 per annum. Similarly, the average of an eCommerce designer salary in the USA is about $44,222 per annum, but the graphic designer gets much more than an eCommerce designer. Average salary of a graphic designer is $86,279 per annum.

This growth will impact incrementally on the ways of eCommerce web developer hiring such as, freelance eCommerce developer, outstaffed developers from third parties and other ways. Similarly, the change in the salaries of eCommerce web developers will definitely change in the future.

According to the information on and PayScale online hiring portal, the average salaries of web developers in major countries are listed below.

ecommerce developer salary in worldwide

If we look at the above table, we would be able to understand that the average salary of an eCommerce development team in the Ukrainian market is a little above half average of the other European countries and twice lower than the USA developers’ salaries. The quality, technical skills, and personal attributes of the Ukrainian engineers are almost same as in other countries under observation. A good Ukrainian web developer is no way less than an eCommerce developer London or any other place in the Europe or the USA.

eCommerce Developer Salary Future Trend

The future trends of eCommerce developer’s salary, according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics Outlook 2016-2026 information, the average growth of the eCommerce and other IT jobs and developers will remain above 7% on a regular basis till 2026. This increase in the web developers’ demand will be over 15% on an average.

According to the Coding Dojo information, the average growth in the salaries of all kinds of web developers remained in double digits for many past years. This trend is likely to continue for many years to come in the future. Similarly, if we look at the salary change from 2016 to 2017 of a web developer at PayScale, we will find about $300 dollar increase, which indicates the upward trend; however it is very low but positive.

Ways to Hire eCommerce Developers

There are three main ways to hire an eCommerce developer for your eCommerce development projects across the globe.

ways to hire ecommerce website developer

Local Hiring

You need to hire eCommerce developers through traditional ways in your local market via advertisement in newspapers or local websites.


This is a modern concept of hiring remotely for a particular task. You can find many online freelancer provider websites in the marketplace.

Dedicated developers

This is a good tradeoff between reliable and cheap hiring. In this process, the third party takes the responsibility to complete the eCommerce development projects by providing high quality developers.

Why to Hire Professional eCommerce Development Teams?

The substantial growth in the eCommerce business is also associated with the fierce competition that is emerging in the marketplace. Hundreds of websites and new eCommerce businesses are mushrooming on the Internet, but this growth is creating options for the customers to choose the best they want. Thus, you need professional eCommerce developers to develop a great looking website and effective tools to increase your business.

To cater the demanding requirements of a customer, the Mobilunity outstaffing services offers highly skilled Ukrainian eCommerce web developers to startups and SMBs at very affordable prices.

Contact us now to hire highly qualified and skillful eCommerce web developers and web designers for your upcoming eCommerce application development and shopping cart projects!

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