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How HRM Software Development Will Help Your Business to Thrive

Employees are at the core of every business’ successful operation. However, simply having a team of employees is not enough to ensure the smooth running of all parts of the business. There must exist an effective management model. 

Human resource management (HRM) involves actively recruiting, hiring, and managing a business’s employees. Part of this process is developing the workforce through training and career development. This is where HRM development comes in. Many businesses don’t have the resources or capital to invest in in-house HR software development and choose to outsource it to a specialized HR software development company. 

Many outsourced HRM vendors use HRMS software development that features intelligent hiring management tools. This software offers a competent solution that provides complete control of all parts of the management process, including recruitment and payroll management, performance evaluation, work delegation, and more. 

The adoption of this software by modern businesses is growing significantly. In 2020 alone, the market size of HRM software has grown to $17.5 billion in 2020, which is an annual growth rate of 12.2%. This rate is set to continue into 2028. 

The Benefits of Using Human Resource Management Software

For many businesses, the tasks of human resources management can get very complex. This is because of the changing dynamics of the worldwide business environment, rapid growth, and creating new presences in different geographies. 

To ensure the workforce of businesses remains productive and committed to the goals of the organization, it is critical for businesses to adopt HRM software. Let’s now explore some of the benefits of investing in the best software development approach for HR system: 

  • Effortless Recruitment and Onboarding 

The right recruitment and onboarding process is essential to make new hires feel satisfied in their new workplace. Using an effective HRM software solution with an IT talent acquisition consultant for recruitment and onboarding helps businesses clearly understand job roles and responsibilities, making it easy for HR professionals to recruit the best talent. Having automated software for certain HR functions also plays a highly beneficial role in employee onboarding. 

  • Managing Routine HR Tasks

Often, the HR department is too busy dealing with paperwork and everyday administrative tasks like processing information and responding to questions that they cannot take care of employee growth. To address and automate routine tasks and free up the time of HR departments, businesses can use HR services software development systems.

  • Enhanced Employee Information Security 

Managing employee databases with automated HR software is much more secure than using traditional paper-based documents. HR tech software development enables businesses to centrally manage and access all employee information and documents through one single platform. It also allows management to control the accessibility of these documents, protecting the highly sensitive information of employees with strong digital security protocols.

  • Eliminates Human Error

Automating certain HR tasks decreases the chance of typical mistakes like making double entries and offers employees the opportunity to double-check their work for any possible errors.

  • Employee Training 

Learning is an ongoing process and training is important for employees to keep up with current trends in the industry. Usually, HR management software has a learning management system combined with its own system. This enables businesses to promote a culture of continuous learning in the workplace. Using software development for HR drives employees to constantly learn and improve their skills and knowledge. This practice promotes employee engagement and improves the overall productivity of the business.

  • Saving Costs 

By replacing time-consuming data entry and management tasks with an automated HR software development process can save businesses a great deal of money. And beyond the savings, automation can also free businesses from using paper documents by digitizing all processes.

  • Creating Measurable Return on Investments 

Using HR software development solutions provides businesses with accurate details about employee performance and other important company statistics. This data helps them create effective programs to promote employee engagement and enhance overall productivity. With all the applicable data, it is easier for managers and team leaders to make decisions for the business. Investing in a suitable software development method in HR system also assists businesses to improve savings by lowering labor costs. It also improves regulatory compliance.

With HR software development services, businesses can store all their people’s data and related information in one central place and be able to send automated reminders when any action needs to be taken. As a result, compliance with regulatory requirements are greatly improved. 

Different Types of Human Resource Management Software

Just like all other parts of a company, the HR department of every business is unique. Therefore, businesses that want to invest in HRM software must research the different types available and consider the best solution for their unique needs and business structure. Let’s now take a look at the three of the most popular HRMS software types: 

  • Core Operations HRM Software

Some of the most timeous tasks within a business are to keep track of hours, salaries and benefits. Core operations HRM software helps by automating this process and can save businesses plenty of time and money at the end of the day. It also provides this info with accuracy and lessens the chances of human error and unhappy employees. 

  • Strategic HRM Software

Focussing on the recruitment process, Strategic HRM software assists business with tasks such as talent management, training and the onboarding process. Again, this eases the process and saves time and money. A fully digital record of every prospective and new employee also helps in the effective recruiting and recordkeeping process. 

  • End-to-End Workforce Management HRM Software

As the name implies, this software type has everything businesses need for powerful human resource management. From recruitment to training to all the admin involved with its workforce, this solution is an all-in-one package. Performing these functions digitally and automatically greatly improves the efficiency of businesses’ HR functions. 

Monthly Salary Rates of Human Resource Management Software Developers

With all the benefits of HRM software development, it is easy to see why many modern businesses want to invest in this solution. One of the most important aspects to research before hiring is the cost of HR software developers. If you are interested in cost of hiring a software developer in Ukraine Mobilunity has an answer to that! But how much does HR software development cost?

The monthly HRIS consultant salary varies largely from country to country. Let’s now take a look at five popular destinations to outsource from and the average monthly salary cost of HRIS software developers. 

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Reasons Why Ukraine Is the Perfect Choice for Outsourcing HRM Software Development Services

Looking at the average monthly salaries of developers in Ukraine, it is clear why this country is a top destination for many businesses to outsource HRM software development solutions. But saving costs is not the only reason why many leading companies around the world choose Ukraine. Let’s explore some of the other top benefits of outsourcing HRM software development to Ukraine: 

  • Access to a large talent pool 

Through the years, the Ukrainian government has made major investments in the education and upskilling of IT professionals. As a result, the country has a large talent pool consisting of highly experienced and knowledgeable experts. 

  • Excellent work ethic 

Ukrainians are generally known to have a strong work ethic. So, businesses can be sure that when they hire IT professionals from Ukraine, they will get devoted workers that are passionate about completing projects on time and to the highest standards. 

  • Proficiency in English 

Most Ukrainian IT professionals working for outsourcing companies are fluent in English. This means there is no language barrier getting in the way of work being completed.

  • Convenient time zone 

Ukraine falls in the UTC+3 time zone, which is very convenient for most European countries and even some USA states. Less time difference means more efficient communication and more productive working hours. 

  • Intellectual property security

Outsourcing always brings up the question of intellectual property and how it will be protected. Luckily, most Ukrainian companies comply rigidly with NDAs, and their overall business ethic is very professional.

Mobilunity as a Reliable Provider of Remote IT Staffing Services in Ukraine

With over 11 years of experience, Mobilunity is a leading outsourcing company specializing in a variety of development solutions, including remote HRM software development services, for clients around the globe. We focus on providing companies with fully dedicated development teams. Thinking about hiring freelance project manager? Contact our team now!

At Mobilunity, we have access to a talent pool of more than 200,000 Ukrainian software engineers. They are led by a highly experienced team that are constantly accepting new challenges, expanding business operations, and successfully delivering high-quality solutions and efficiency to all clients.

We service more than 40 companies in over 15 countries around the world. Some of our clients include 42Matters from Switzerland, Booqable from Netherlands, Paidy from Japan and FinExpert from Canada. 

When it comes to working with our clients, our approach is simple but highly effective: 

  • We first meet with our clients to find out exactly what their objectives are. Then, we recruit the most suitable candidates and guide them through different interview stages. 
  • After the best candidates have been chosen, we assist with the onboarding process to ensure it is a smooth experience. 
  • We continue to focus on staff retention of our clients’ teams and make sure all contractual obligations are continuously met.

If you want quality software development for HR solutions to take your business to the next level, speak to Mobilunity. Find the best talent effortlessly!  

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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