How Much Does It Cost to Hire Node JS Developer in Ukraine?

What exactly is Node.js and what a Node.js developer can do? Are there any professional Node.js engineers on the market and is it hard to find a Node.js specialist within a short time? Are remote Node.js developers for hire more effective than in-house employees? Is the knowledge of Node.js essential for JavaScript developer for hire? Let’s find out the popularity of Node.js, main projects developed with it, NodeJS developer salary rates and what skills do you need to look for if you want to hire Node.js developer.

What is Node.js Programming and Why to Hire Node JS Developer

Node.js is a fast, light, and modern method of executing network and scalable applications, which makes it one of the most popular web development tools for Node.js developers for hire. Node.js engineers can use Node.js with parallel and functional programming by adding some of the libraries built for either one. Nowadays, NodeJS developers for hire are in high demand on the market and this popularity is well-versed because of the usefulness and multifunctionality of the Node.js framework and Node.js programming.

Based on the Node.js programmers survey conducted by StackOverflow, Node.js is the most commonly used technology in the world and the most wanted language that Node.js developers for hire want to develop projects with. From the 2016 User Survey Report conducted by the Node.js Foundation, there are 3.5 million Node.js engineers using Node.js worldwide. Both studies show a rapidly growing interest in the use of Node engineering. More and more businesses look for Node JS developers for hire. The graph below shows the trend in the interest in Node.js engineers over the last 12 months.

According to list, there are 596 software development companies open to requests including Node JS development services. When it comes to choosing a Node JS development company to work on your project, firstly you need to figure out if outsource Node.js development company has a portfolio, read reviews, ask about the qualification of Node.js engineers and then compare the received information with what is needed for your Node.js programming project.

According to Google Trends, the United Kingdom has the highest interest in Node.js developers for hire.

Google Trends data on Worldwide Google Search Trends for Node.js programming

Pros and Cons of Starting to Look for Node.js Developers for Hire

Advantages of NodeJS Programming

Among the advantages of Node.js framework, it worth to pay attention to the following ones:

  • High performing speed
  • Scalability and versatility
  • Strong connection between an app and a server
  • No excess code lines
  • No need in different languages
  • Non-blocking I/O feature
  • Supports JSON format
  • Both front-end and back-end useful features, etc.

Disadvantages of Node JS Development

Knowing about possible pitfalls and difficulties in Node development, Node.js developers for hire can avoid them and turn them work for your project. Firstly, not stable API:  Application Programming Interface (API) of Node.JS framework changes at frequent intervals and, therefore, cannot be considered a stable one. Second, Node.js framework doesn’t have a well-equipped library system: Node.js doesn’t provide a wide range of libraries available. Third, asynchronous programming mode algorithm to keep in mind.

Node Engineering: Node.js Frameworks at Which Node.js Programmers Are Skilled

To make Node.js development even more streamlined, Node.js framework was divided into different sub-frameworks to target different needs and requirements: Express.js, Sails.js, Loopback, etc.

  • Express.js. Being a minimalistic, easy-to-use and simple in terms of features, Express.js doesn’t offer many options for Node.js programmers but provides many modules to build applications on. This flexible framework is used by Node.js engineers for large-scale apps.
  • Sails.js. Sails.js is helpful for building and supporting real-time apps that need fast responses and should work with any front end. It’s complete, easy to develop by Node.js coders.
  • Meteor. Meteor coders can complete more tasks using less code. Meteor can be used for launching small or big projects aimed to work on all general platforms. Meteor is full-stack, time-saving, used by Node JS developers for hire for general purposes.
  • Loopback. Loopback is well-known for being a highly extensible modular framework that can create API easily. Loopback supports running applications on-premises or in the cloud and works great when the user’s authentication is needed.
  • Hapi. Hapi provides the most additional options for Node.js development needs. It is helpful for big projects and large Node.js development teams.
  • Koa.js. It’s a lighter and more flexible version of Express that was developed mostly for application building. It can be used both for small tasks and big projects and offers Node.js engineers a nice bunch of customization options.
I can say with a confidence that Node.js is gaining its popularity from quarter to quarter: such requests are not rare anymore, so it's important for us to have our Node.js engineers CVs database updated with recent suitable Node.js candidates
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Integrating Node.js Development Services: Success Stories of Companies with Skilled Node Developers in Their Teams

A great Node.js developer or the whole team of Node.js engineers can use Node.js to build from the ground up or integrate it into existing code with the goal of improving it. The increased interest in Node engineering can be seen from small startups and international corporations, thus, Node JS programming can contribute significantly to your current or future Node.js development projects. Below are some of the companies that have benefited from integrating Node.js development services into their environment.

Using Node JS Programming by Paypal

One of the well-known online payment platforms available with millions of users, Node.js coders at PayPal improved its build by streamlining its code and using Node engineering to enable both browser and server-side of their application be coded in JavaScript. Advantages of using Node.js programming for PayPal:

  • Application was created 2 times faster than it could be developed with any other framework;
  • Can accept doubled number of requests per second;
  • Average response time decreased by 35%;
  • 33% less code needed;
  • 40% fewer additional files used.

Usage of Node JS Development by LinkedIn

LinkedIn uses Node.js to streamline and manage their server-side services and application. With LinkedIn’s Node.js development and the application performance increased and the resources needed were reduced. Advantages of using Node.js framework for LinkedIn:

  • Number of machines for service hosting reduced 10 times;
  • Number of servers was cut in 10 times as well;
  • Application is faster in 20 times comparing to the previous version;
  • Both front-end and back-end tasks are performed quicker with Node.js technology.

Node.js Engineers at Netflix

Netflix uses Node JS web development capabilities for the entire user interface on the website. And with this, Node.js developers were able to decrease build time while at the same time increasing the customization capability of the website. Advantages of using Node.js development for Netflix:

  • Start time and build times of the application was reduced more than twice;
  • Streamlined development;
  • More user-friendly and customized application to meet all needs.

Node.js Developers from Uber

NodeJS programming addresses tasks of processing a big amount of information from numerous sources at different times at the quickest possible time as well as deals with errors on the fly, improving the code along the way. Advantages of using NodeJS development for Uber:

  • Fast data processing, even enormous amounts of information;
  • Restart notification in case of errors occurred;
  • New code lines can be implemented immediately;
  • Lots of new features developed day by day.

Skills and Experience Needed for Node JS Developers for Hire

Nowadays, it seems quite easy to hire Node.js developer quickly. But if you want to find Node.js developer, you will have to spend some time researching the market. There are Node.js development companies offering a wide range of services as well as individual Node.js coders and Node.js engineers that specialize in particular areas of using Node.js framework. You can find a good Junior Node JS developer for a small task and a team of well-qualified Node JS programmers to realize a big complex project shortly.

The traditional way of finding Node JS developers for hire is to look for them locally, in your region or country. But with the ability to communicate worldwide, companies tend to outsource Node.js development tasks, and Node.js development services can be performed by a remote Node.js developer. By considering hiring a freelance Node.js developer, you can explore a larger pool of highly qualified professional Node.js developers for hire that can collaborate with you on your Node.js development project.

If you want to find Node.js developers with good knowledge and experience, you need to know what skills a Node.js coder should have to be called a professional. Here is a list of essential skills for Node.js programmers:

  • General understanding of HTML5 and CSS3, other front-end technologies
  • At least 1-year experience in working with Node.js frameworks (Express, Loopback, etc.)
  • Understanding of asynchronous programming and its workflow
  • Basic knowledge of server-side templating languages such as Jade and CSS preprocessors such as Stylus
  • Working experience in integrating different data sources and databases into one platform
  • Ability to perform automated and unit testings and make conclusions of results
  • Error handling skills and result-oriented approach.

Costs to Hire Dedicated Node.js Programmers

Node JS developers for hire are in high demand. With the rise of Node.js framework popularity, the cost of hiring a Node JS expert is very competitive. The average annual rates for Node developers differ in various countries according to PayScale:

  • Ukraine: $23,802
  • United Kingdom: £34,991 ($46,124)
  • United States: $80,163
  • Spain: €33,903 ($39,956)
  • France: €38,022 ($44,810)

It is worth mentioning that the Node.js engineers rates differ not because of an experience and qualification of the developer Node.js. When it comes to outsourcing Node.js development services, Node.js programmers from countries with lower rates can build a remarkable project at affordable costs. From the numbers listed above, hiring a remote Node js developer from Ukraine would be the most cost-efficient and more practical choice.

Aside from location, the price of Node.js coders varies depending on the number of years of experience that they have. The average NodeJS developer rate in Ukraine is $23,802, but it will be highly dependent on the complexity of the project as well as the amount of experience that the Node.js programmer has. According to DOU, the average cost of Node developer in Ukraine is $2,000 per month. In Kiev, a professional Node.js coder make $2,000 per month, in Lviv – $1,800, in Dnipro – $1,300 and in Kharkiv – $1,500.

Number of Years of Experience Minimum Median Maximum
0-2 years $1,000 $1,400 $2,000
2-5 years $1,500 $2,000 $2,350
5+ years $2,000 $2,200 $2,650
There is indeed a high demand for Node developers in Ukraine, since our team receives requests to build dev teams with Node skills as a must monthly. Thanks to our recruiting approaches developed within years, we always know how to show our client's project in the best light and compile correct screening questions for each specific client.
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Ukraine as the Best Outsourcing Destination for Node JS Services

As you can see from the figures above, the cost of hiring dedicated Node JS programmers in Ukraine is much lower than in European countries or the US. Being a developing country, Ukraine unites some of the best features of an ideal Node.js development outsourcing destination, namely the high proficiency of its programmers and more than cost-effective rates. No wonder that Ukrainian Node.js developers are eager to work with companies all over the world to earn more than they can by working on a local firm, while European, American, Canadian, and other businesses look for Ukrainian Node JS developer for hire.

Let’s see what advantages pose outsourcing IT services to a Ukrainian NodeJS development team:

  • Most of Node JS programmers in Ukraine are Middle to Senior developers;
  • Ukrainian coders proved to be one of the best in combining programming expertise with modern approaches to creating software;
  • You can find Node.js experts with relevant experience in your field;
  • Ukrainian Node.js developers always monitor the trends and the latest tech releases so that you are assured of the most advanced solutions;
  • Ukrainian Node.js programmers are known for putting quality over quantity;
  • You can be assured of timely and expert development services;
  • And all over that, you can get these services at cost-effective rates.

Thus, if you were thinking about where you can hire NodeJS developer with remarkable skills and experience in the field, choose Ukrainian NodeJS specialists, and you won’t regret this decision.

Why Choose Node JS Development Services to Hire NodeJS Developers in Ukraine

If you are interested in Node.js web application development and know how advantageous it is to hire Node JS developers to work with your development team, note that there is a vast number of Node.js developers for hire; however, you need to understand whether you need one Node.js expert or a dedicated Node.js development team. If you need a person proficient in Node JS app development to bring fresh ideas and new approaches to your Node.js development project, a freelance Node.js programmer will fit your needs best. In case you need to develop a project from scratch, you have an idea but don’t know specialties and functions of Node.js framework, it is worth to find a qualified Node JS development company to build your project from scratch.

With Mobilunity, you can be assured that all our Node.js developers for hire have been vetted and are highly recommended. Our Node.js development company offers quality and dedicated work at an affordable price; we will provide you with CVs of our Node.js programmers so that you choose which Node JS developer fits the best to collaborate with you in improving and optimizing your website at a manageable cost. If you are looking for a reliable Node.js development company and a dedicated team of Node.js engineers to hire remotely, collaborate with you on streamlining your Node.js development processes as well as optimizing your website. Mobilunity can provide you with a top-quality assistance in Node.js development with our diverse pool of highly experienced Node JS developers for hire!

Choose Mobilunity to Hire Node JS Developer or the Whole Team of Node.js Engineers

Mobilunity receives over 10 requests monthly from people meeting some technical issues, and we are extremely glad to assist them or provide Node.js developers for hire. Being located in Kyiv, Ukraine, we don’t have any problems with finding a well-educated and proficient Node.js programmer. Ukraine is known for having the greatest amount of Node JS developers who provide high-quality Node.js development. Why is it worth working with Mobilunity? Here is a list of advantages you’ll get by cooperating with our company:

  • 9+ years in IT services;
  • The vast experience of developing software for different industries, from healthcare to fintech;
  • 20+ NodeJS development team combinations, including expert consultants and project managers eager to contribute to your business development and further growth;
  • The average seniority of our Node.js engineers is 5+ years;
  • Result-oriented approach and attention to details;
  • 24/7 friendly support and a personal manager that will be working with you through the whole development process and after the requested implementation/launch.

Therefore, if you want to hire dedicated Node JS developers, Mobilunity is your best bet. With our proficiency, skilled programmers, client-oriented approach, we would be happy to provide you with first-class Node JS development services. Get in touch with us and we will find the right Node.js engineers for your project!

If you want to hire Node.js developer, feel free to get in touch with Mobilunity team. We’ll find for you the most qualified Node JS developers for hire in the market!

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