How to Build a Remote Team for IT Project in 2 Weeks

Every successful project needs a whole team to introduce strategies, handle the troubleshooting, consider risks and  do the technical work. However, not every startup is ready to hire in-office employees, because of the costs. Moreover, you might not find the proper expert for your project onsite, so it’s the case when IT outsourcing or outstaffing or staff augmentation will be very helpful. According to Timedoctor, some profitable companies have 50%-100% of their employees as effective virtual teams spread across the globe. 15Five writes that 54 per cent of business owners plan that their workforce will be working remotely in 2017.

Virtual team building might seem a heavy task, but in fact it’s not – you will understand this as soon as you start the process of hiring a distributed team for your startup.

Benefits of a Remote Team in Your Project

If you are still hezitating between onsite and remote workers, consider the following benefits of HR outsourcing.

Benefits of a Remote Development Team in Your Project

  • Productivity

Approximately 69 per cent of the poll participants by Scout demonstrated higher productivity when working remotely, while 75% claimed that the timeliness of their work improved.

  • Cost Reduction

Companies that hire a remote developer report a big decrease in expenditures, according to Lifesize. For example, Aetna has nearly 14,500 employees (which is almost a half) work remotely, and saved $78 million on office space rent. Another company American Express saved $10-15 million by hiring people remotely.

  • More Engagement

Remote employees are often more engaged with their tasks and projects than people who in office. According to the study, 87 per cent of remote workers feel more connected.

Step-by-Step Hiring Process of the Remote Development Team

Hiring a worker that you have met in person is a usually business thing, but bringing to the team someone you have never met seems to be quite a challenge, right? It’s a long way to the top if you hire virtual team, so we have prepared useful information for you on this matter and structured it into a step-by-step strategy for your future successful remote team. Its goal is to simplify the recruitment process, hiring, and onboarding of your new remote development team.

If you decide to hire your remote devs on your own,  there is a 2 week step-by-step hiring plan.

hire effective virtual teams for 2 weeks

Day 1. Decide

First of all, you should decide with your existing team or project partners, if you should  hire distributed teams in general, consider the budgeting issues, amount of work they will do and decide who will be managing the remote team, as Hugo Messer writes in his blog article. Then you should decide which channels of hiring you will use. Most people stick to the idea of delegating this to the HR department that would seek employees on job posting boards, freelance or community referral and then try to glue all these separate experts into one team.

Day 2. Define

You should clearly define what exactly you need people for. Logically, you also need to make a clear listing which experts you need for this job and what the exact requirements are. This is the core based on which your HR department will continue to seek for your perfect remote workers.

Day 3. Delegate

Identify a pool of senior members in your company who will be in charge of team selection and interviewing. These people should understand that not all candidates are perfect for a remote working. Consequently, besides looking for the best professional skills in the applicants, they assess their ability to work remotely.

Day 4. Requirements

After you are done with your requirements for your remote team, delegate this to your HR department or whoever will deal with interviews, sourcing and testing the candidates. Create an application form where you will place all the job requirements for each position.

Day 5. Job Posting

Your vacancies should be posted on all possible platforms for remote work.

Day 6. Pre-screening

Your responsible recruiters should carry out a preliminary screening for candidates and contact them with a job offer.

Day 7. Processing Applications

Assume you have received a few applications from various developers within a short period of time after the job postings were placed. Now it’s time to analyze the and figure out if these candidates are those you’ve been looking for.

Day 8. Screening

This process is one of the toughest moments in hiring virtual employees. Candidates can’t visit an interview, so you are quite limited, as you can’t see their body language.

Day 9. Topgrading

Create a scorecard for each position where you will evaluate each candidate. This will help you to decide which candidate is a perfect fit for the corresponding job.

Day 10. Testing

Provide a testing task for each of the candidate. The results are to be included into the score card.

Day 11. Manage

It’s the point when you should write a management plan in order to effectively cooperate with your geographically dispersed teams. define the tools and platforms you will use for managing your remote team, a schedule for online conferences and their details.

Day 12. Make a Hiring Decision

After your HR department had made all the necessary preparations, interviewing, onboarding and screening, the chief managers make a decision whom they will hire, and inform the candidates.

Day 13. Start

You have contacted your selected candidates, defined the methods of online coordination, and you are ready to start working with your remote team. Schedule your first online meeting and good luck.

In general it took 2 weeks to conduct a great research and finally hire a team of remote developers. Too long? Yes.

Alternative Method of Hiring a Remote Development Team

Does it seem too complicated for you now? Well, you can make it easier just in 2 steps. First, make a list of team members you need. Second, contact Mobilunity, and provide us with your job requirements.

hire virtual team at Mobilunity

Hiring a dream team at Mobilunity, and save up your recruiting costs and time. We will analyze you requirements, pick the best devs according to your requirements, and make an offer within the shortest period of time. Our experts are experienced in online collaboration, have great communication skills and will become your dedicated dream team of developers for your project.

Mobilunity is a Perfect Choice for Hiring a Remote Team

Hiring a remote team is definitely the best option for your new project you’re about to start. You can’t use old-fashioned methods like networking, putting an ad on a job board, or overpaying local recruiters to find development team, because this is time consuming and very costly. Classic hiring methods don’t work anymore and are quite outdated. They take time and need resources which you will not be eager to waste. So wouldn’t it be more effective to delegate the hiring process to expert companies like Mobilunity that are experienced in outsourcing services and able to meet your needs? You will save half of the time and start working with your new remote team of developers within only a few days after contacting the manager.

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Hiring a remote team of developers at Mobilunity is an effective solution for your your future project. Contact us now and find out more!

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