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September 20, 2017 - Olena

How to Hire eCommerce Developers and Build a Powerful Team

To find success in the online market, businesses need to know how to hire eCommerce developers and build a powerful team to create their online stores. eCommerce, or electronic commerce, is a term used to describe the buying and selling of goods and services through electronic means. The most common type of eCommerce involves the purchase and sales of goods through electronic channels such as the Internet. Many successful online businesses have set up an eCommerce website to increase their revenue and give their business a more competitive edge. But, the growing necessity of implementing the latest technology into your business is only successful if it is done the right way.

While eCommerce was originally marketed to large businesses, startups and small businesses are now taking advantage of this more convenient and efficient way to exchange business with customers. The development and implementation of an eCommerce website relies heavily on building a powerful team that has experience in creating a website that is both functional and engaging. To hire eCommerce developers and build a powerful team, you must first understand the ins and outs of eCommerce.

process of eCommerce developers work

eCommerce Website Development. Magento and WordPress CMS

According to Digital Commerce 360, eCommerce will make up 17% of U.S. retail sales by 2022. That is a large percentage of the overall retail sales market. As more businesses turn to eCommerce to create a faster way to market and sell their products and services, developing your company’s eCommerce website is essential. But, many businesses new to the world of eCommerce don’t know where to begin. The first step should be to hire an eCommerce developer that has experience delivering high quality websites that implement functional eCommerce.

The different types of eCommerce websites are:

  • Business to business
  • Business to consumer
  • Consumer to consumer
  • Consumer to business
  • Business to administration
  • Consumer to administration

Once you hire your eCommerce website developer, the next step is to determine which type of eCommerce website will meet your needs the best. Inform your developer about the specific goods and services your business will provide. This will allow them to choose an eCommerce website that will optimize your marketing efforts. Once you have determined which type of eCommerce website you will be building, you will need to decide what platform you will use.

Magento and WordPress are the most popular forms of CMS for eCommerce websites. Both eCommerce platforms are flexible and offer different features and extensions. Although both Magento and WordPress are very user-friendly, hiring a professional Magento eCommerce developer or a qualified WordPress eCommerce developer is essential to the overall well-being of your website. When you hire eCommerce developers, it is important to remember that your online store needs regular maintenance and updates.

Custom eCommerce Shopping Cart Development

Some businesses benefit more from custom shopping cart development, rather than using a ready-made shopping cart like Magento. Talk to your eCommerce developer about whether your business should choose custom shopping cart development to meet its needs. A custom eCommerce shopping cart developer can create an ordering system that meets the needs of custom groups and generates custom reports.

An advantage of custom shopping cart development is increased security during the checkout process. When your shopping cart is created, the code used is specific to your business and not open to the public. This is a more secure way to deal with your customer’s information. Another advantage is that through custom eCommerce shopping cart development, you can add any features you wish and as many as you need. Best seller lists, product reviews, and order history can be delivered to your customers to enhance their shopping experience.

Checklist on How to Hire eCommerce Website Developers

Now that you have more information about the different types of websites and platforms in eCommerce, it is important to understand what you need to look for when you are ready to hire an eCommerce website developer.

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Hire eCommerce developers who have years of experience. Attacking your website development project with high standards is the key to getting results and sales. Plus, years of experience leads for higher performance levels.

SEO Driven

Designing and building your website isn’t the only step in creating a successful eCommerce business. Statistics show that 30% of visitors to eCommerce look for products through the use of search. Therefore, you need to make sure your website has a visible online presence. When you hire an eCommerce website developer, talk to them about adding a team member who is experienced in effective search engine optimization. An SEO expert will help your business rank high on the search engine results. This results in the generation of qualified leads that can be converted into paying customers.

Quality Design, Content, and Graphics

In support of effective SEO, your website needs an interactive and intuitive design that will attract customers and to keep them engaged once they land on your website. Find an eCommerce developer who is backed by a web designer who creates beautifully designed websites. Engaging content and eye-catching graphics will have a positive psychological effect on your customers and increase their desire to purchase your products.

Strong Communication Skills

Communication is the key to your online success. You need an eCommerce store developer that can understand your requirements and deliver results. Find someone who is knowledgeable of the process but that also can communicate with you to fully grasp your vision.

Technical Background

eCommerce store developers need to have strong technical skills to handle every aspect of your development. In some cases, custom eCommerce development is necessary to suit your business needs. Custom services require a higher level of expertise in technical knowledge. Your custom eCommerce developer should have the technical knowledge needed to create a functional eCommerce store that meets the requirements of your business’ specific need.


You should set a deadline for completion of your project that meets the demands of your business, but is reasonable for your developer as well. Find an eCommerce developer who provides regular updates on the progress of your project. You want them to finish in time, but if a problem arises you will be aware of it before it’s too late.


Your eCommerce website development needs to be a cost-effective project. One of your major concerns should be your return on investment, also known as your ROI. When you hire an eCommerce website developer, find one who delivers quality work at affordable prices. Your eCommerce website will bring an increase in your client base because you are now marketing to online shoppers. The increase in revenue from your new clientele will bring an ROI for your eCommerce website development cost.

eCommerce Performance Tests

A lot of time, money, and expertise goes into a successfully created functional eCommerce website. eCommerce programmers and coders are an important part of your team. But, now that you have decided who you are going to hire, it’s important to talk about the maintenance procedures set in place to effectively maintain your website.

When applicable, eCommerce programmers should be performing quality checks to make sure your website is functioning properly. When eCommerce coders go into the backend to make updates and changes, some functionality can be jeopardized. In some cases, It is important to hire an eCommerce developer who is part of a team that will perform regular tests on your site. This will help to make sure your clients have a smooth shopping experience every time they land on your website.

checklist to hire eCommerce web site developer

Now that you have educated yourself on everything you need to know to hire an eCommerce website developer, you will make confidence in your hiring decision.  The eCommerce market in the Ukraine continues to grow. ECommerce in the Ukraine is estimated to be worth 2.7 billion euros with a projected increase to 7 billion euros by 2018. As the eCommerce market continues to advance, businesses in the Ukraine need to maintain a competitive edge for their business. Generate leads and increase revenue by successfully bringing your business to online shoppers when you hire a dedicated eCommerce developer in UA.

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