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February 9, 2018 - Olena

How to Make a Perfect Website with Magento eCommerce Developers?

Magento platform powered by Magento eCommerce developers’ community is one of the most popular business to business (B2B) eCommerce platforms extensively used across the globe. This popularity of Magento website development platform has also pushed the demand of eCommerce web developers to create best eCommerce websites for many years now. The Magento eCommerce developer salary is also among the highly paid eCommerce developers in the marketplace.

According to the Built With Website Trends, at the time of writing this article, the total number of eCommerce websites using Magento platform stands at 653,602. Among this huge number, the top million eCommerce websites count for about a little less than 12,000 best eCommerce websites.

hire ecommerce software developer at Mobilunity

Magento eCommerce Development Platform

Magento eCommerce website development platform is an open source eCommerce and shopping cart platform extensively used in the marketplace for the business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) eCommerce services. This platform was launched back in 2007 as a first beta version for public. This platform is developed with the PHP development platform.

This platform is powered by a strong and dedicated community of over 295,915 eCommerce software developers and contributors that offer professional grade support to the entire user base of eCommerce website development services and the developers across the globe.

The Magento website development platform had attained the leading position with over 0.6 million websites a few years back, but with the advent of other competitors in the marketplace, the market share has declined. WooCommerce, WordPress, Shopify and other competitors have gained some grounds in the market held by the Magento eCommerce development platform. For an example, let’s expand upon the difference between WordPress and Magento technologies.

Magento vs WordPress Technology – Which Is the Best?

Before we conclude about the most suitable technology of the two, let’s explore the comparative merits and demerits of Magento and WordPress technologies.

magento website development vs wordpress development

After having analyzed the comparative merits and demerits, it is very easy to conclude that WordPress is a good option for small businesses and startup online stores due to its powerful plugins, low upfront cost, and easy availability of WordPress eCommerce developers at very low cost. On the other hand, Magento offers advanced features to the big stores and suitable for established businesses that can afford additional charges related to enterprise features and the cost of hiring a good Magento eCommerce developer.

Great Magento Project List by Mobilunity

Mobilunity offers end to end eCommerce project development service powered by a highly skilled, experienced and qualified team of professional eCommerce developers for almost all platforms like Magento, WordPress, Stripe and others. A few great Magento projects completed by our professionals are listed below.

magento website development sample of Mobilunity

  • Customized designer website for your products like T-shirt, cups, glass and other to create and sell online

magento ecommerce website development with Mobilunity

best ecommerce websites with Mobilunity

  • Shipping cost calculator project for online store shipping cost estimate

magento ecommerce development with Mobilunity

There are many other great projects based on the Magento 2 platform that our team of the best eCommerce developers created for our valued customers.

Useful Tips to Make a Perfect eCommerce Website with Magento

Magento is a powerful and feature rich platform that should be used effectively and efficiently to make most of its great functions and capabilities. It is always recommended to use high quality Magento developers to make your websites rock. Let’s have a look at the top useful tips for making a perfect Magento based website.

  • Choose the matching and naturally suitable theme for the website based on the products that you want to sell
  • Use the best quality and customized images to keep the customers attached
  • Always focus on the user experience fully to provide high quality browsing and checkout experience
  • Make an easy to use navigation and website browsing flow
  • Always create clean, neat and intuitive interface without any messing up of content
  • The design of your website should be 100% responsive
  • Always take care of page SEO rules and guidelines
  • Always try to showcase the discounts, sale, gifts and other features on your website products
  • The Magento website speed and performance should be fully optimized and should be powered by sufficient computing resources – dedicated or cloud based.
  • Select the right third party plugin or any other tools that functions 100% with the Magento version that you are using
  • Don’t try to change the source code of the platform without any great reason
  • Product description should be based on storytelling rather plain description
  • The products should be easy to find and powered by detailed search options
  • Regular customers should be incentivized to remain loyal customers

tips to make the best ecommerce websites

Why to Outstaff Magento Hiring?

The hiring of a Magento eCommerce developer can be accomplished through local hiring, freelance hiring, outsourcing or outstaffing. In today’s competitive market environment, the outstafffing the best way to manage eCommerce projects more reliably and economically.

Many reliable and professional outsourcing companies like Mobilunity Development Company, are providing turnkey based development services for eCommerce projects. You get highly skilled and qualified Ukrainian eCommerce developers at very affordable prices with 100% reliability.

Contact us now for getting highly qualified, skilled and experienced Magento eCommerce developers to provide you with the best quality eCommerce projects with 100% reliability!

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