How to Solve WordPress Plugin Conflict

Determining if there is a problem with conflicting plugins

There are thousands of WordPress plugins available that you can use to add features and functionality to your WordPress website relatively easily without being some kind of website development genius. This is one of the things that is so great about using WordPress  plugin developer for your website. However, the more plugins you add, the greater the chance you will encounter a plugin conflict. The majority of problems on WordPress websites are due to conflicting plugins. A page might not load, a slider may not work properly or some part of your website that isn’t working correctly is a sign of a potential plugin conflict.

conflicting plugins

Steps for locating conflicting plugins

If you believe you may have a problem with conflicting plugins because of a problem on your website you should take the following steps:

  • Manually clear the browser cache: Occasionally after plugin updates the cache is still serving old code and clearing the cache will resolve the problem.
  • Deactivate all your plugins: You will need to deactivate all plugins that you have installed. Make sure to save all your plugin settings so they can be restored later. If the problem stops when you deactivate all plugins, then you know the source of the problems is in a plugin. If the problem persists it is related to something else.
  • Reactivate your plugins one by one. When the problem you were experiencing returns, then you know that the plugin that you have just reactivated is the cause.

Identifying a jQuery plugin conflict

Sometimes it is fairly easy to determine the source of the problem. Most of the fancy features and functions on a WordPress website such as animated sliders or sliding panels are created using JavaScript. The first sign of a problem is if one of your sliders or other features that is written in JavaScript stops working. If you have Chrome browser you can check for a jQuery plugin conflict using the following steps:

  • Access the developers tools panel in the Chrome browser
  • Click the “console” tab. If there is a jQuery conflict it will display an error message

WordPress runs in jQuery non conflict mode by default, so if an error message is displayed it will have been caused by a third party device, most likely the WordPress custom plugin that controls the function that isn’t working properly.

plugin conflict

Next steps after locating the conflicting plugin

The average WordPress user is probably not well versed enough in coding for plugins or WordPress to dive in and resolve plugin conflicts by debugging it themselves. That being the case you can do the following:

  • Visit the developer’s website and WordPress plugin help. Somebody else may have experienced the same problem and posted a solution
  • Contact the developer and provide as much information on the problem as you can such as the theme and version, WordPress version as well as any related plugins.Include a set of steps so that the problem can be duplicated

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Integrate MongoDB into WordPress

Another possible way to deal with conflicting plugins is to integrate MongoDB into your WordPress page to improve the way you manage your data. It would be best to get in touch with a developer to help ensure that this integration will work smoothly and according to your needs. Mobilunity can provide you with a highly skilled and experienced MongoDB developer to work with you on integrating MongoDB into your WordPress page to fix bugs and optimize your WordPress page. Our team of professional developers can provide solutions to the problems that you may have with your WordPress page. If you do decide to hire a MongoDB developer to help you fix bugs and improve your website, Mobilunity can provide you with a dedicated developer, who would help you make it work!

A good plugin developer will work with you on getting the problem with their plugin resolved. Contact one to eradicate a plugin conflict?

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