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Java Developer Resume, Skills, and All You Should Know About Coders

Java is an object-oriented coding language able to produce software for multiple platforms without the need to compile and adapt it. The bytecode of the language runs on most operating systems, on PCs and mobile devices. Java has been first released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Its developer is James A. Gosling, a former computer scientist of the company.

Now Java is everywhere: in powerful supercomputers, laptops, gaming consoles, smartphones. There are billions of websites and applications working on it. The developers around the globe love Java because it is easy in all the aspects of use: learning, writing, compiling and debugging. That’s why you can find so many Java developer resumes on all job sites due to the demand on java programmer for hire.

By using this language, SW engineer create reusable code for different products and modules, which you can use as the building bricks for your next applications. This code is very popular and is often used in industry. You can find it in:

  • Server-side applications on financial services;
  • Big Data and framework creation (e.g. Hadoop MapReduce);
  • Transaction management of the banking systems;
  • The algorithms of the investments on the Stock market;
  • The billing applications in the stores and restaurants;
  • The Android applications (they can also use Java APIs);
  • Scientific and research applications, dealing with huge amount of data.

Companies and startups are looking for senior Java developer resume if they need a functional, portable and secure application. This language is present everywhere and offers an ocean of opportunities for coders and users. The main features of Java programming are:

  • Security. In Java, you will not find hidden pointers. All the programs run in the sandbox, so they are protected from outer untrusted sources. Byte code of Java is functioning in the the virus-free system and not everyone is able to read it.
  • Portability. The main feature of the coding language is the ability to function independently in any operating system. Avery app can be ported and launched on any platform, regardless of the platform it has been built on.
  • Robustness. Java programming completely takes care of the allocation and releasing of the memory. Memory management system checks the code during runtime and eliminates errors.
  • Being object-oriented. All objects of Java has certain behavior and are used by the functions of the code. The object itself can be a combination of data structures, functions and variables.
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Opportunities for Java Professional Resume Owner

The prototype of Java, Oak language, appeared in 1991. In 4 years it has transformed into Java, and since then it is growing and developing. Java developer CV owner has always been wanted in different industries. Till today this language stays in the list of the most popular languages, although JavaScript and Python have brought changes to the web development world. However, the Oracle shows the statistics, which prove, that demand for Java is really high:

  • 12 million (and more) developers worldwide are writing their apps on Java;
  • 15 billion devices have Java products installed;
  • 21 billion cloud-connected virtual machines are used around the world.

According to the StackOverflow survey on the technology and programming languages, Java stays on the leading positions in the lists of the most popular languages. The fifth year in a raw it takes the 3rd place in the list of The Most Popular Programming languages – 39.7% of the responders choose it for their work.

50.5% of the questioned coders call Java the most loved language. They want to continue their work with this language rather than with any other. Java is also on the 5th position in the rating of the most wanted languages – 11.7% of the developers, who never tried it before, would like to start coding on it.

Perfect Skills for Java Developers Resume

Java programming and the community are constantly growing and developing. This language has become a perfect tool for almost everything: from large-scale systems to applications for Android. Even the Computer Science curricula of the universities contain studies of Java and its features. Great Java developer resume holders have such qualities as:

  • Ability to study all ins and outs of the language and understand all the nuances of the performance, memory overhead, computation complexity, and so on;
  • Confidence that everything is possible if you dig deep into the details and get the most value per line of code;
  • Passion to digest Java docs and learn to bridge to the JNI native layer when you want to achieve the best result;
  • Being bold enough to lean on ideas like reflection and runtime resolution while patching older systems;
  • Passion for applying the most modern language features and patterns to the product;

In addition to the personal qualities of such SW engineer and his passion for work, a person with Java software engineer resume should be skilled in:

  • Object-oriented programming. If the coder is a professional in the implementation of object-oriented design patterns and architects the code effectively this way – he has a lot of experience in Java programming.
  • Ecosystem. A true professional makes a profit from different technologies in the Java ecosystem: JUnit, Spock, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Gradle, Maven, and others.
  • Communication. Good communication skill is crucial for the freelance Java developer, especially for the one working in the team. And communication with stakeholders is important to complete the projects successfully.
  • Concurrency. Skilled Java coders have a deep understanding of Runnable and Thread. They tend to share knowledge of multithreading and concurrency.
  • Databases. The knowledge of CRUD operations, indexing, joins, and aggregations is important for it as well as an understanding of the intricacies of SQL queries.
  • Data structures and collections. List, Set, Map, Matrix, and Vectors are some of the data structures, familiar to the professional in web development.
  • JVM and Memory Management. The professional knows, that most of the errors are the memory-related ones. The experienced coder knows the runtime and how it collects garbage.

Stack of Technologies for Java Developer Resume Holder

Full stack developers are in the highest demand, this position has become a trend in the software development world. Basically, offshore java developer combines a variety of skills and is able to create a product independently. The engineer handles work with front-end, back-end development, databases, systems engineering, servers, and clients.

For different projects, the mobile stack, the native application stack, and the Web stack are used. The term “stack” itself defines the collection of the sub-modules (or components), packed together to achieve the established function. A professional should have a wide range of functional knowledge and capabilities, to be a true full-stack developer:

  • Coding languages. One language is not enough for such a specialist. You may also need PHP, C#, Perl, Ruby, Python and more. The coder should also be proficient in the grammar of the coding language, it’s design, structure, implementation, and testing. For Java, it is important to master object-oriented development and design, patterns, and J2EE-based components.
  • Frameworks and libraries. A good framework helps a lot in work. The coders choose Java Spring, Hibernate, MyBatis, Node JS, think PHP, yin, Python Django and other.
  • Front-end technologies. Basic technologies in demand are: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3. In addition, third-party libraries will help to create an outstanding product: REACT, Angular JS, SASS, LESS, JQuerry.
  • Cache and database. A full-stack developer knows, that any product requires a database to store data, and knows how to work with them. The most popular databases today are: Oracle, MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, SQLServer.
  • Basic design. Although this point is still discussed, many developers think, that a full-stack specialist should know the principles of the basic prototype design, UX and UI design.

Additional Skills for a Java Resume

Additional skills for a Java engineer resume depend on the peculiarities of the projects. If you need a person to create a distributed or a network application, look for a specialist, who:

  • knows protocols like TCP\IP, HTTP, FTP, UDP;
  • works with Sockets, RMI, RCP.

For the successful development of a Java-based web app, a Java backend developer resume should include:

  • Web frameworks: Spring, Struts;
  • JSP or Servlets;
  • Web services: SOAP or REST, service-oriented architecture;
  • Markup languages: JSON, XML.

For a person, working on Java UI crucial are knowledge of:

  • Fameworks: AWT, SWT, Swing, JavaFX;
  • Applets.

To work with databases, a programmer should master:

  • Cursors;
  • Triggers;
  • Stored procedures.

Senior, Middle, and Junior Java Developer Resume: a Job Description

According to the practical experience, skills, knowledge, and duties in the project, all the programmers can be divided into three levels: junior, middle and senior. The salary for these specialists often has significant differences. But what are the differences between the positions? Let’s find out what can you find in the sample Java developer resume.

Junior Specialist

A junior Java developer writes, maintains, and implements Java-based components and interfaces to create user information solutions. The main task is to develop and design low-latency, high-volume applications with high ability and performance. The specialist contributes to the whole development lifecycle and writes high-quality code. The coder also should maintain, update and add functionality to the existing software. Entry level Java developer resume corresponds to the following skills and responsibilities.


  • Developing and enhancing software through coding and testing;
  • Participation in coder reviews and training;
  • Creation of unit test plan and testing of the code;
  • Work with the tools, apps, and processes for software development;
  • Implementing the solutions according to the coding standards and technical documentation;
  • Creating project documentation and coordinating technical issues;
  • Reports to a project manager or a technical lead;
  • Knowledge of the software specifications and designs and applying them according to the assignment.

Skills for Java programmer CV:

  • Experience in object-oriented programming, including J2EE;
  • Knowledge of the languages and technologies: Java\J2EE, C++, C, XML\XHTML, CGI-Python;
  • Relational databases, SQL, ORM;
  • JSP;
  • EJB – Enterprise Java Beans;
  • Test-driven development.

What to Expect Searching for a Java Web Developer Resume

Middle Java specialist is expected to have experience in the creation of the scalable and high-performing apps. The responsibilities often include managing the application development process and providing expertise in the full software development cycle. If you are looking for a proper performer, it is better to determine what exactly you need before picking a Java developer resume sample.

Middle-Specialist Responsibilities

  • Participate in all stages of the development lifecycle;
  • Write the efficient, well-designed and testable code;
  • Ensure the correspondence of the design to the specification;
  • Make the releases of the software components;
  • Investigate alternatives and technologies for improvement of the software and present them for architectural review;
  • Identify bugs and bottlenecks and to find solutions for them.

Skills for Best Java Developer Resume

  • Proficiency in Java and its ecosystems;
  • Solid knowledge in object-oriented programming;
  • Writing reusable Java library;
  • GUI frameworks: Swing, SWT, AWT;
  • Knowledge of MVC, JDBC, RESTful;
  • Work with web application frameworks: Play, Spark;
  • Writing clean, readable code;
  • Build tools: Gradle, Maven, Ant.

Senior Java Developer Roles and Responsibilities in Resume

Java programmer resumes of the senior specialists usually present the professionals, able to manage the lifecycle of the software development from planning to release. These specialists gather system and users requirements, build and test modules. They often lead junior programmers.

Responsibilities of senior Java programmer resume owner:

  • Find and analyze the requirements of the users;
  • Manage the software development life cycle by assigning, prioritizing and executing tasks;
  • Develop Java EE apps;
  • Review, test and debug own code and code of the team members;
  • Develop project documentation;
  • Make secure and up-to-date applications.

In resume Java developer usually has such skills:

  • Personal skills: analytical and interpersonal skill, problen-solving, creativity, attention to details;
  • Knowledge of programming languages: Java, JavaScrypt, Python, SQL;
  • Work with such technologies as: RESTful web services, jQuery, AWS, JSP, Spring DI and other cloud computing platforms;
  • Work with tools: Eclipse, Idea, Maven, Git, Jenkins or Hudson, Subversion;
  • NoSQL technologies: MongoDB, DynamoDB.

Java Developer Resume Samples: Your Coder Can Look Like This

Junior Java Developer Resume Sample

Middle Java Developer Resume Example

Senior Java Developer Resume Sample

Where to Find Skilled Java Programmer

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How to Choose a Qualified Java Developer?

Giving the popularity of Java, thousands of developers join the market every day. Finding a programmer who can contribute to your project and build a reliable code is not easy. To avoid pretenders, follow these tips when screening and interviewing on-demand developers.

Prioritize practice over theory.

There are hundreds of Java manuals, so learning the theoretical framework of the language doesn’t take much time or effort. As a project manager, you want to rent a Java coder that can bring more than the knowledge of fundamentals to the table. Encourage the candidate to share cases and working experience so that you can assess how well-versed a developer is in Java best practices.

Make sure a developer has a command of a few versions of Java.

Asking a candidate about which release is better for the project is a way to test how familiar a software engineer is with newly added features, their advantages, and drawbacks.

A developer has to know his way around frameworks.

There are loads of Java frameworks – Node, jQuery, Firebase, and more. A developer needs to have a strong command of a framework the team uses for development.

Development kits and API knowledge.

An experienced developer will not miss out on using JDKs and tools to make the most out of the language. During the interview, ask a candidate about his use of build environments as well as the experience with REST and SOAP.

Make sure your working methodologies match.

If you work in Agile, it’s better to rent a coder Java who, in his turn, favors the framework over alternatives. This will protect both of you from miscommunications and bottlenecks.

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