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Microsoft Dynamics has a range of applications offering comprehensive solutions to businesses, including Microsoft Dynamics Navision (NAV) which is now called Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is a smart managing platform developed by Microsoft to help CEOs, department leaders, or managers make nimble decisions and gather all the important data in one place. Looking at the history of Dynamics NAV, this is a growing ERP app designed to assist small and medium-sized businesses. Dynamics 365 Business Central offers such modules as Finance, Cash Management, Sales, Purchasing, Approvals, Self Service, and Setup & Extensions.

Who Is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer?

Dynamics NAV has no analogs on the market since it always delivers useful insights into your business (the number of closed deals or sales invoices, for a start), shows key performance indicators, alerts, action items, top customers, and many more. With the help of a good seasoned Navision programmer, you use the service stress-free and save your time and money on management. No wonder why many companies decide to hire Microsoft Dynamics NAV programmer. Dynamics NAV developer specializes in the design and architect, as well as the implementation of application modules to ensure effective business solutions.

Furthermore, NAV developer offers application customization, workflow process design, and reporting. Microsoft Dynamics NAV customization and development can be complicated and, therefore, Dynamics NAV developer wanting to enter the field requires a certain set of skills, knowledge, and experience. Unlike Microsoft Dynamics GP development, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is much easier to customize to suit certain business requirements. In reality, Microsoft Dynamics NAV strength lies in that it can be tailored to suit different needs. It can be used as-is, but many businesses require different features and functions from the application and this is why NAV developer gets into Microsoft Dynamics NAV customization.

Demand for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Customization and Development

With businesses’ developing faster, more improved, and higher quality development solutions are needed. Microsoft Dynamics development is a growing field and currently in high demand. The Microsoft Dynamics line of ERP and CRM software applications is the ideal solution for modern businesses and the development of these applications is expanding.

Types of Projects Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM Programmers Usually Work on

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM programmers are often highly flexible and can work on a variety of projects in various areas of development processes.

  • Development of service modules in Dynamics NAV. Many businesses look for a Dynamics NAV developer to assist with the development of service modules in specific versions of Dynamics NAV. This requires back-end as well as front-end administrative tasks that include technical design, module development and testing of Dynamics NAV granules. NAV developer working on these types of projects usually know different Dynamics NAV versions and can make recommendations for installation, offer advice on modifications and implement custom developments.
  • Implementation of Dynamics CRM. CRM programmer usually works on projects implementing Dynamics CRM using the latest Microsoft technologies. This type of project requires the programmer to plan, design, and implement high-quality CRM applications and solutions by facilitating project processes. NAV developer working on these types of projects usually has a lot of experience in Dynamics CRM (2013, 2015, 2016 and D365), experience with C#, .Net and JavaScript, as well as with plugin development.

It is important to know that different projects require different skills and levels of experience. Not all Microsoft Dynamics NAV or CRM programmers will be the right fit for a specific project. It is, therefore, important to list your project requirements, goals and outcomes before hiring a NAV developer or Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant.

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer?

According to Nigel Frank International, the cost to hire Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer differs from country to country. Here is a look at five countries and the average salaries of their MS Dynamics NAV developer and Microsoft Dynamics NAV functional consultant:

  • MS Dynamics NAV Developer Salary in the United Kingdom – GBP 57,500 ($70,236)
  • Dynamics NAV Developer Salary in the United States – USD 109,500
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer Salary in Australia – AUD 146,000 ($98,466)
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Programmer Salary in Austria – EUR 65,000 ($71,365)
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Consultant Salary in Ukraine – UAN 1,103,424 ($44,536)

Before hiring a Navision programmer, it is important to consider your budget. Dynamics NAV developer specializing in specific fields usually has the same skills and experience and it is, therefore, wise to source candidates that suit your requirements and business’ budget.

Required Set of Skills for a Microsoft NAV Developer

Coders in every specialist field require a certain set of skills and knowledge to get hired for projects. The same goes for when you hire Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer and Microsoft Dynamics NAVconsultant. Though each project or job may require a different level of skills, experience, and education, there is a certain standard Microsoft NAV developer need to adhere to.

NAV developer must have analytical thinking and logic. Good decision-making skills are most welcome if you need to hire Microsoft NAV developer who quickly identifies and resolves any code issues and system bags. Soft skills such as teamwork and meeting deadlines are also essential for a Dynamics NAV developer. Also, a Navision specialist should have a degree in computer science to go through the selection process. Afterward, it’s up to the employer what skills must a NAV programmer has: HTML, NAV development experience, C/AL Synthesis, Dynamics CRM, etc. Here is an example of the ideal resume for a Navision programmer:

If you want to hire Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer, it is wise to do some research and consider your requirements and budget.

How to Hire Microsoft Dynamics Navision Developer

Many businesses require a talented Microsoft NAV developer to design and develop specific functions for certain processes and take over Microsoft Dynamics NAV customization. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM programmers are in high demand and many businesses around the globe are looking for specialists in the field. But, what are the ways of hiring a Navision programmer?

Local hiring. It’s classic hiring of a Microsoft NAV developer in your city with several stages of a job interview, test task, and signing of a contract on-premises. Check advantages of this way to hire Microsoft Dynamics Navision developers:

  • You have direct access to your workers
  • They’re available 8 hours a day 5 days a week
  • The worker is bound by a contract and is unlikely to ditch you
  • You control every stage of project creation.

However, there are some drawbacks if you decide to hire a local Microsoft NAV developer or Microsoft Dynamics NAV functional consultant such as more expenses because an on-premises worker needs a place to work and more responsibility because you’re in charge of everything.

Outsourcing. It means the hiring of a Microsoft Dynamics NAV programmer through an outsourcing company or freelance platform. Pros of finding a Navision programmer or Navision functional consultant in such a way:

  • You pay far less than you would’ve paid to an on-premises worker
  • You use the most convenient platform for communication
  • If a worker gets sick, an outsourcing agency might temporarily substitute him with another developer.

Outsourcing to a Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant also has its disadvantages. You’ll speak with a mediator, not with a Navision programmer. Also, Microsoft Dynamics NAV functional consultant from another country might respond too long or have a different time zone.

Outstaffing. This way of hiring a NAV implementation consultant implies hiring online through an outstaffing agency or freelance platform. Advantages of this method are:

  • The best price range
  • You hire the whole team for long
  • You speak directly with developers
  • You get more control and prompt feedback than with outsourced workers.

Pros & Cons of Hiring Microsoft Dynamics NAV Specialists from Ukraine

International businesses tend to hire Ukrainian Microsoft NAV ERP and CRM developers because they provide the best money-value results. Ukraine produces top talents in the IT world including Microsoft Dynamics customization and development experts because 80% of the country has higher education. Moreover, every year about 40,000 graduates get their diplomas in IT and jump into work. Average Microsoft NAV developer salaries in Ukraine are way lower than in other countries which makes students strive for work in international companies. While you pay about $120,000 per annum to a Microsoft NAV ERP dev in the States, other companies pay $40,000 – $70,000 a year to the same or even better Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialists from Ukraine. It’s known that Ukraine Dynamics NAV developers have unsurpassed experience, ensuring your project runs smoothly, at a considerably lower cost.

Pros of hiring Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM programmers from Ukraine: 

  • Highly skilled individuals
  • Good education
  • Lower Navision programmer hiring costs
  • Ease of doing business in Ukraine.

Even though hiring Ukraine Microsoft NAV developer and Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant offers many benefits, there are a few downsides as working with a Microsoft Dynamics Navision developer in a different time zone can lead to communication issues and delays in the process flow.

Extend Your Team with Mobilunity’s MS Dynamics NAV Consultant

If you want to hire Microsoft NAV developer at lower costs, Mobilunity can assist. Based in Ukraine, Mobilunity is a reputable software development company and expert in recruiting top Navision programmer and Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant. We have a large team of experienced Ukrainian designers, developers, Microsoft Dynamics NAV experts, and project managers to assist with your project.

Why the company stands out:

  • A wide choice of teams. We assemble Microsoft Dynamics NAV customizations and development teams that have from 1 to 10+ workers. Your project length could also be flexible – from 1 month to several years.
  • Clear project management. For your convenience, we’ve divided our mutual work into 3 stages:
  1. Recruiting (a Microsoft NAV developer performs a test task and passes our job interviews)
  2. Onboarding (we provide help with environment setting, time tracking, meeting deadlines, and other stuff)
  3. Ongoing work (we motivate a Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer and deal with any issues arisen within the project performance).
  • Better prices. We do provide you with the most cost-efficient project prices.
  • Ukrainian-based. This makes us better insiders into the Ukrainian NAV development market. Our HR experts conduct face-to-face meetings with every Navision programmer and choose the best Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialists.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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