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Dynamics 365 CE CRM Integration for Real Estate Business

The real estate industry is one of the most challenging ones to lead a business in – one would have to acquire the most effective and up-to-day sales tools in order to keep relevancy. Many business owners from this niche choose Dynamics CE – without a doubt one of the best CRM for retail industry. What makes it so appealing?

Benefits of the MS Dynamics CRM for Real Estate Business

Speaking for Microsoft Dynamics coding for real estate business, it would be fair to say that it offers plenty of benefits such as:

  • Data storage in one database. Having all your business documentation allows you to get a clear view of all your processes and significantly speed them up.
  • Office 365 integration. You can use any device and any Office 365 application within the CRM.
  • Increased sales. Due to faster responses and easier organization your sales will grow.
  • Improved post-sales process. An MS D365 programmer will increase the efficiency of your work with former clients, making sure they had the best experience and their needs have been taken care of. 
  • Easier communication within the management circle. All managers who are connected to a central database will be able to have real-time insight into current deals.

365 Real Estate Solutions Pricing and Integration

Implementation of the CRM real estates services is not that complicated either, if done properly. On average it takes at least one month to successfully launch the real estate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE). The further timing of the integration process would greatly depend on the amount of the data to be imported into the CRM, the need for the customization of the 365 real estate solutions, number of potential users of the CRM within the company, and other aspects. 

Usually the implementation of the CRM for real estate business includes the following steps:

  • Choosing the necessary features of the CRM system. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement for real estate users provides a list of the following management features: Real estate, sales, visual maps, marketing, customer service, reports and social integration.
  • Integration of communication channels – emails, calls, social media profiles. 
  • Educating your staff about the new CRM’s features and how to use it. 
  • API integration and implementation of the previously existing systems. 
  • Run tests to make sure there are no bugs or malfunctions.

Just note that as the industry changes, CRM apps for real estate are getting more customization as well, so the integration process may be in some way an ongoing one.  In any case, it is best to hire a Microsoft Dynamics property management professional to take care of the integration and maintenance process, it might save you some time and money.

The pricing for the property 365 Dynamics services also depends on your needs. If you take a look at the official website, you will see that there are many options depending on the package for your business needs.

Finding the Right Real Estate Dynamics Implementer

The more attention you will pay to find the right vendor for the MS Dynamics NAV real estate integration process – the faster you will start getting benefits from it. One of the most reliable companies that could assist you with Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting is Mobilunity – a trusted provider of the Dynamics NAV property management for many years. Mobilunity’s CRM consulting services, as well as CRM implementation services, will make sure that your CRM system runs smoothly, the integration process is as fast as possible, and the price for their services is fair and transparent.

When considering Dynamics 365 CE CRM integration for a real estate business, it’s essential to collaborate with a specialized real estate software developer to tailor the CRM system to the unique needs of the industry, facilitating efficient client management and property transactions.

Top CRM Consulting Companies

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