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Dynamics 365 CE Manufacturing Implementation: How to Improve Efficiency?

Improving efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing business is highly influenced by proper management of assets, production-line, supply-chain, quality, and customer relationships. Microsoft Dynamics manufacturing solutions are the best to cater to all those requirements. Qualified Dynamics developers can help businesses achieve the desired objectives successfully.

Major Intelligent MS Dynamics Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

The market-size of the manufacturing industry accounts for over $40 trillion in the global GDP in 2020, from $35 trillion in 2017, according to Interact Analysis Research information. In the manufacturing sector, a fierce competition persists, which forces the companies to automate and innovate the processes of the manufacturing industry. Numerous solutions of Microsoft Dynamics such as Dynamics GP manufacturing, Dynamics CRM manufacturing, Dynamics AX manufacturing, and many others help enterprises to automate the processes to create a high-level of productivity and efficiency. The major processes covered by MS Dynamics solutions for the manufacturing industry are including:

To make most of these intelligent solutions, you need to hire a Dynamics GP developer, outsourcing logistics software development and services of a consultant to develop and implement customized cross-platform applications for achieving the desired business bottom-lines.

How to Implement Dynamics 365 in Manufacturing More Effectively?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) is a cloud-based solution for manufacturing and other industries. It offers almost all standard processes for manufacturing to just configure and implement. You can also customize and integrate some functions and solutions to your manufacturing automation process. Dynamics ERP for manufacturing offers you a wide range of modules such as material management, procurement, production operations, quality assurance, supply-chain management, customer relationship management, and much more.

The implementation process involves the following items:

  • Any enterprises that want to deploy Dynamics CE manufacturing modules should have an expert developer with a deeper knowledge of major manufacturing processes, industry-specific add-ons and APIs
  • Configuring all processes with desired features and capabilities
  • Developing and managing formulas for the application configuration
  • Configuration of inventory and order management criteria and flag
  • Creation of different types of products
  • Creation of different types of services
  • Creation of different types of resources and vendors
  • Configure criteria for quality assurance
  • And many others 

The entire process of configuring and implementing Dynamics 365 effectively and professionally requires a huge level of expertise. So, always industrial automation processes should be implemented through experienced professionals. The average cost to purchase Dynamics 365 CE is very flexible with multiple plans and add-ons. The base price for almost all modules of Dynamics 365 services start from just $1500 per month. To improve efficiency in manufacturing, consider leveraging Dynamics 365 CE manufacturing implementation and harnessing the power of specialized manufacturing software development services.

Why Implement Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing with Mobilunity?

Configuring, customizing, and implementing Dynamics 365 manufacturing for supply chain, inventory management, production, quality assurance, business operations, and customer relationship management are highly technical, and complex processes and need expertise and professionalism. Mobilunity has already built a dedicated team of reliable and highly-qualified experts working on a US company that specializes in communication technologies and services. We’re capable of finding dedicated coders with expertise in Microsoft Dynamics NAV for manufacturing and the other modules.

Besides, Mobilunity offers:

  • Experienced, skilled, and dedicated tech-talent teams
  • High-level of reliability and professionalism
  • Fixed and highly competitive prices
  • Proven successful track-record
  • Customer-oriented unified solutions
  • High quality of work
  • Fully-managed services

If you are looking for high productivity in manufacturing business, contact Mobilunity experts to hire talented Microsoft Dynamics NAV for manufacturing developers now!

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