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Odoo Integration with Any Website

People often require various tools to make running their business more convenient and up-to-date. Or maybe you need to hold count of your sales, items in the warehouse, and manage projects. Of course, you can use numerous Google Docs, but this will end up in a total mess with poor results. We’re living in the 21st century, an age of electronics, internet and technology, so developers definitely have figured out useful software to ease your organizational pain. And it is Odoo, a software that is a single tool for your business management including sales, e-commerce, stock, accounting, translation and as many modules are built-in by skilled ERP developer. Odoo integrates your every sales channel into the inventory management, which makes it a perfect business management solution. Its offerings range far beyond free ERP and include such special features as website building, CRM, BI, and eCommerce. Integration is about getting together smaller parts into one system that will be working as one. In this case, it refers to the results of bringing together subsystems that are often disparate. In this way, the data they contain become a part of a bigger system that is able to produce quick and comprehensive results. That is Odoo integration with the website means combining software in a way to build strong communication and refer to better results.

Ways of Odoo Integrations

ways of odoo integrations

Odoo integration with any website has made it a popular software for quick and convenient management of business worldwide. It combines ERP solutions and has additional modules for other aspects. It is widely accepted nowadays to manage different scale companies. Moreover, this system is very highly adaptable to other platforms. These are the most popular integrations of other platforms or apps with Odoo:

Moodle Integration with Odoo


Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a course management system used as an organized interface for learning online or e-learning. It also includes quizzes, links to web sources, and forums.

Odoo Integration with GoDaddy


GoDaddy is the hosting provider, so if your website is on GoDaddy, you will need to buy VPS or a dedicated server. Otherwise, the regular hosting will not be able to work because of no access to the installation of the necessary libraries.

Odoo Amazon Integration


Integration of the Amazon seller account with Odoo is essential for those who do business on this seller platform. In case of successful in installation, Amazon Instances and Sellers can be easily configured with other Amazon parameters in a special Amazon configuration screen.

Odoo Shopify Integration


If you are conducting sales through the Shopify store and prefer to use Odoo for other business operations, you should try integration with Odoo. You can manage all necessary operations for Shopify store right from Odoo without involving a Shopify programmer. The most important business processes will be automated by our Odoo-Shopify connector module, so you will not have to work with data manually enabling data exchange between Odoo and Shopify store, as well as importing orders and customer data.

WHMCS Odoo Integration


WHMCS is an automation platform that is leading in the industry. It deals with client signups, support and billing, it makes your business more controlled and easy to handle. So the integration of WHMCS and Odoo is vital for the great and convenient functioning of your business.

Odoo Callrail Integration


CallRail enables the connection of your call data with those platforms that you already use. It is easily integrated with Odoo to track and analyze for offline and online marketing campaigns.

Odoo is free of charge, like other free ERP software. It is based on the cloud and had one free basic application that good to use for 50 users. If you need additional modules to install or more people to cover, you can transit to different Odoo plans. It has a strong technical background and adds nearly 300 applications each month. There are more than 2 million users of Odoo software all over the world and is available in 23 languages. If you need your website to be translated into many languages, Odoo can make this process almost effortless. Translations are automatically proposed and propagated across the website’s pages, and you can only edit them.

How to Make an Odoo Website Integration

Website integration with Odoo is a process requiring time and effort. Here are a few useful tips on how you can make is more successful:

  • Before performing Odoo integration, you should have a clear list of features that you want to use with the help of ERP system.
  • Pick the Odoo plan, whether it’s free with cloud hosting and suitable for 1 app, 50 users or Online plan for $20/per month with the same 50 users and cloud hosting, extended with support, customization and implementation service. The third plan is Enterprise with a monthly fee of $25 for minimum 5 users, and eventually, it is great for over 50 users and has all necessary applications.
  • Decide what ERP and features you want to integrate into Odoo. The apps you have already installed support Odoo Amazon integration, Odoo Callrail integration, Odoo Shopify integration. In the same way, you can achieve Moodle integration with Odoo if your end-product needs it.
  • Install a basic module
  • Install additional modules you need.
  • Create special modules that provide customization of Odoo installation behavior. Due to this you can perform various tasks. The way it builds blocks is useful for design of the website. Whether you are creating a blog, landing page or a website, special designer skills aren’t obligatory. Dragging and dropping with further customization will help to create a clean design.
  • Activate the modules and enterprise features that are ready for use with just one click.
  • Enjoy your new effective and easy management system like call-to-actions, eCommerce, blogs, references and reviews of customers, events, job listings etc.

How to Hire an Odoo Website Developer

odoo website developer should have

After Odoo Studio release the integration process has become available for anyone. Business apps can be built and customized due to Odoo Studio and thus it enters new markets. However, if you will be able to perform simple actions with this Studio, Odoo integration with GoDaddy or WHMCS Odoo integration is something that requires specific skills.

If your Odoo team of developers onsite isn’t skilled for work with Odoo, you can look for appropriate candidates elsewhere. But first of all you should have a clear understanding could Google Odoo developer online, and find out what kind of skills and experience they should have.

When looking for web Odoo team skilled in Odoo integration, look up those with more than 3 years of experience. Their CVs should include projects that have worked on and at least 5 of them should be connected with Odoo integration. He should have deep knowledge of Python and JavaScript. Fluency in design, development and testing of Odoo projects, addons and interfaces is required. Moreover, Odoo website developer should have perfect communication skills to review Odoo modules and explain to colleagues with small expertise. He should also be able to write a maintainable app code to follow the tasks pursued.

Why Website Developers Choose Odoo for Integration with Any Website

Odoo is the most convenient one among all products that ERP software companies offer. It has great technical support and community, so in case you encounter problems or have questions, you can easily contact them.

reasons to use odoo for odoo website integration

A few more reasons why business owners and devs love Odoo:

  • Comprehensiveness. Odoo has more than a thousand modules, among which you can choose according to your needs. Your business’ productivity will be effectively enhanced, as well as the workloads. Odoo platforms have many functionalities, so that’s why you should have a clear understanding what your company needs, so you could choose the right one.
  • Modularity of Odoo. Work with modules makes life easier. It doesn’t take any special effort to make changes. Moreover, you can start building your website even with very few modules on board with adding the necessary ones as soon as your business grows.
  • Flexibility. Your company and colleagues might require prior training of Odoo implementation and usage beforehand. But as soon as you are trained to understand how everything works, you will be able to assess Odoo to the full extent.
  • Continuous update. Missing an update of technology with Odoo is impossible because you don’t have to track and download the upgrades, the system modifies itself independently.
  • Free of charge. Unless you are using special plans of Odoo of $20 and $25 monthly fee each, you can use the full version of Odoo which is free of charge. In case you own a big company and need an extended version of Odoo, the fees are actually very low.
  • Beautiful Design. Traditional software systems like CMS and eCommerce often have very poor design and lack user-friendliness. Integration of Odoo will allow you to not only get a nice and simple design but receive the best management software for your job applicants, orders, leads and sales.

Reasons to Hire Odoo Developer of Odoo Teams

Being a highly comprehensive open source ERP system, Odoo is appreciated worldwide offering a free version to use alongside with two paid plans. Odoo provides website owners with effective control and maintenance functions such as e-commerce, sales, stock, accounting, translation, etc.

Being highly adaptable, Odoo is easily integrated with various systems and software such as Shopify, Amazon, WHCMS, CallRail, GoDaddy or Moodle. Hiring an experienced Odoo web developer who will successfully integrate Amazon or Shopify into Odoo software or work with GoDaddy, WHCMS, or CallRail is not an issue if you have clear detailed understanding of your business requirements.

Contact Mobilunity to resolve this issue, and you will hire a highly skilled Odoo team able to carry out various integration operations of different complexity.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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