Building, maintaining and cultivating a development team is a challenge that no modern company can avoid:whether  you are building the software solutions for your customers, or establishing an internal digital ecosystem for your company’s benefit, you will need a dedicated team of skillful developers to undertake the task

While there are plenty of options, and the choice will clearly depend on the task, we want to share Q&A on how to hire remote development team with Mobilunity’s help. These questions also might come in handy for you to assess and benchmark several near- and offshoring team providers.

Q#1: What advantages are there in building development teams in Ukraine?

The list of benefits is long, but let’s focus on three crucial ones:

  • Large and diverse labor market
    Ukraine has over 120 000 IT specialists, so working with Ukraine, first and foremost, you will get exclusive access to a rich labor market that grows annually. No matter the development need, we can source almost any tech stack. We also focus on more than, their technological knowledge. Having an industry-specific background and profound understanding of development stages, working environments and project management approaches is essential for us.
  • Better performance in every aspect
    Working with Ukrainian developers is your way to reduce time and efforts spent on finding the right fit to extend your development teams for peak loads, as well as shorten time-to-market and increase flexibility. With Mobilunity’s dedicated model you can rescale your team in any direction matching your current needs within 2-4 weeks.
  • Best quality-cost ratio
    The Ukrainian development community has the best quality-cost ratio in Europe providing teams that have profound experience in software engineering, cutting edge technologies and working with customers and teams from around the globe.
  • Close location
    Ukraine has a prime location providing easy access to dedicated teams and R&D centers with a time zone which allows companies  to comfortably work with Ukrainian developers, from almost any corner of the globe.

Q#2: How old is your company and how many customers do you have?

Mobilunity was founded in 2010 and since then we have built over 40 dedicated development teams for startups and more established  software development companies. We provide tailor-made dedicated teams to our clients in Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Canada, the United States and more
We build teams that cover full cycle custom development focused on accelerating growth across various industries for our clients including: Fintech, Insurtech, Ecommerce, IoT, Telecom, Healthcare, eLearning, Automotive, Retail, etc.

Q#3: How much time will it take for you to source a developer that matches our requirements?

Following the usual workflow it takes our recruitment team 2-4 weeks to find and vet the best match for you. The time frame depends on a few factors including  your requirements, the complexity of the project, popularity of the technology stack needed, and the number of team members you require. This process does not involve any financial obligations from your side, however we are still highly motivated to find the right person by the deadline you set.

Q#4: What city are you based in? Can I visit your office?

We are located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our sweet spot on the map provides us with all the benefits of living in the geographical  center of Europe:

  • The time difference is insignificant, providing a comfortable overlap in regards to the working hours of the remote teams;
  • You can fly to Ukraine from virtually any corner of Europe in 2-3 hours with plenty of low-cost options;
  • Ukraine is a home for many global companies’ R&D centers and hubs, so the community is broad and diverse, setting high quality standards.

We welcome any and all visitors  to our office and get acquainted with the teams working remotely for our current clients, as well as meet the in-house developers available for hiring right away. We are conveniently situated in the heart of the city, which provides various options for the accommodation of your choice.

Q#5: How do you test your developers before hiring them?

The first stage of our cooperation involves a thorough analysis  of your requirements to the team as a whole and each member separately. We work with you to get as much detailed feedback as possible.

This is necessary because not only do we provide  technical testing and peer reviews (where we check for professional knowledge and coding skills), we also carry out personality testing, so that we can be sure the candidate will match your corporate DNA. We don’t want to waste your time,  so we ensure that you will have to deal only with shortlisted candidates – the best we have to offer.

reasons to hire dedicated developers with Mobilunity

Q#6: What is your developers’ level of English?

We require all our developers to have at least an Upper Intermediate level of English ,and Senior level developers – to have a good command at an Advanced level of English. We understand how important communication is, especially in our business, and we do everything to deliver it at the highest level. We have our in-house English teacher, so developers can always practice and improve. You will have a chance to have a live conversation with all developers before hiring them to ensure you understand each other and will be comfortable working together.

We understand that a developer may be a great technical fit, but may not always be the best Person for you to work with. This is why we ask as many questions as possible ,and screen candidates accordingly before you even see a CV.
Director of Business Development

Q#7: What systems do your dedicated developers use for work and communication?

Our main goal is to satisfy all your professional needs and to create the best conditions for our clients to work with their team. Therefore we have experience working with different project management tools and approaches, such as: JIRA, Asana, Redmine, Trello, Agile, Scrum, Basecamp, Office 365 and many more. Every customer has a dedicated Resource Manager to support all interactions, facilitate work processes of remote developers, and assist in solving  issues that may arise.

As for communication, we also have a diverse range of tools for you to choose from. Our teams use whatever you are comfortable with: Skype, Google Hangouts, GoToWebinar, Cisco WebEx, Adobe Connect and MegaMeeting.

Q#8: What if we have a big time zone difference with Ukraine?

We guarantee at least a few hours of overlap in regards to schedule even if there is 10+ hours difference, as we understand that communication is the most important part in our work. We have our in-house professional Resource Managers who are responsible for your convenient connection with the nearshore team and address all your inquiries as soon as possible.

Q#9: What type of payment model do you use?

We charge monthly rates as opposed to hourly or weekly, so that our clients can properly manage cost  and maintain consistency. Our rate is an all-inclusive single fee that covers: the developer’s salary, taxes, insurance, working space,equipment, sick leaves, vacations, our margin and management expenses. The biggest part of this payment is the developer’s salary, of course. As we provide the very best in Ukrainian development, we ensure that our developers  receive fair and well-deserved compensation, which allows us to make sure they are happy and that we can retain the best talent. In other words, we take care of everything leaving you to enjoy the benefits of the best developers that we can source.

As a company, we focus on the people aspect of development, and customer service. We understand that you can find great developers everywhere, however finding the right person for you ,and your team is not always so easy. We want your team to actually be, your team. We want you to feel connected even though there is a time difference, and distance to account for. Our flexibility and understanding of our clients needs, is also something that we take pride in. No two companies are alike, so why should we treat you exactly the same as another company. We want you to have a team that works, and we see this not merely as a client to vendor relationship but as a genuine collaboration. We want you to grow and thrive, and hopefully we are right there with you.
Director of Business Development

Q#10: What is your minimum contract term?

We do not lock our clients into any long term contracts.We remain flexible and do not set any restrictions as to the duration of the contract. However, we do suggest that the engagement lasts at least 6 months for a few reasons. The developers we source are interested in committing to long term projects where they can truly make a difference, so a short term engagement will make it harder to get recruit the best talent. For your sake as a Client, it also makes more sense to have consistency, if we do our job right you will be able to build around the developers we source and have your very own knowledge base established remotely.

Q#11: What if we are unhappy with the developer?

We offer a trial period of 90 days that makes it easier to terminate the contract with any developer should you feel the need to. However, before it gets to that point we make sure that we do everything possible to smooth your interaction with the team and every player on it. If not, we can and will replace the developer with another candidate that will match your expectations.

Q#12: Who of your customers can give a reference?

You may check our customers page for references and case studies or watch the video reference from one of our oldest customers

Or you can get in touch with our Business Development dept., who can provide you with direct contacts of specific customers from your industry or to those that may share some of  the same challenges:

hire dedicated developers at Mobilunity

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