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July 11, 2017 - Marina D

ReactJS Services and Process of Finding Proper React Developers

Since its release in 2013 by Facebook, React has quickly emerged to be the most widely used JavaScript frameworks and libraries on Github, with 70,396 stars as of writing. With its “learn once, write anywhere” paradigm, it’s certainly among the most promising libraries and frameworks today.

You can read more about how to hire ReactJS developer from our blog.

Available ReactJS Services

There are different methods by which you can avail of React JS services. Among the most common are:

  • Hiring from local market – you can directly hire React developers from your local market through job posting websites;
  • Outsourcing – you can outsource your project to a company which would develop your entire project for you (it may be a foreign company);
  • IT Staffing – you can hire Javascript programmer from staffing companies, who handle the screening process for you;
  • Offshoring or nearshoring – offshoring companies offer dedicated developers you can hire for a certain period, during which they remain in the company’s office but report directly to you.

Among these, offshoring gives you the best value for your money because it gives you full control over your project and allows you to easily scale your team depending on your needs. However, time zone, location, and cultural differences may pose challenges, so selecting the right offshoring company is critical.

Cost Comparison of React JS Services

Comparing ReactJS salaries from different countries may help in deciding which country to hire from. According to Neuvoo, the average annual salaries for React developers are as follows:

In comparison, according to PayScale, in Ukraine, the average salary for JavaScript developers, including ReactJS developers, is $19,200. Hiring from Ukraine would therefore result in huge savings.

hire javascript programmer in various countries

React developer salaries across different countries (data taken from Neuvoo and PayScale)

How to Hire JavaScript Programmer

You can build a team of React developers and get ReactJS services from an offshoring company in five easy steps.

hire javascript programmer in 5 easy steps

1. Select an Offshoring Company

The first step is to select an offshoring company. A dedicated teams provider like Mobilunity would be a great choice, as we provide ReactJS services and React consulting at very reasonable rates. Located in Ukraine, we are at most only an hour or two from most European countries.

2. Establish Project Details and Resources Required

You can then discuss the details of the projects with your chosen company. This enables you to decide the type and number of developers you will need.

3. Select Developers

The next and most important step would be to screen the available candidates and select react developers for hire. This involves interviewing the candidates to learn about them and their skills.

4. Agree on Payment Details

You would then have to agree on the payment details, such as the salaries for different developers.

5. Onboard Developers

Once you have chosen your developers, you may now brief them about the project details, and they can begin with development.

Sample Questions for Interview

Here are some interview questions you can ask developers to gauge their competency.

  1. How long have you been using ReactJS?
  2. What is React and why is it useful?
  3. What are the disadvantages and limitations of React?
  4. What features/functionalities of React have you used most often, and which ones haven’t you used?
  5. How is ReactJS different from other JavaScript libraries or frameworks you’ve used?

hire javascript programmer from our pipeline

Sample tasks to test a ReactJS developer

Here are some sample tasks to further test a developer’s mastery of ReactJS.

  • Set up a web project environment for ReactJS

This task will test the developer’s technical independence, as this is typically done by technical leads in large teams.

  • Using ReactJS, create a simple string listing web application with the following functionalities:
  1. A textbox allows a user to type in a task
  2. An “add task” button will add the textbox contents to the list of tasks
  3. A section on the page displays the list of tasks, which updates every time the user adds a new task
  4. Each task should have a “delete” button, and clicking it will remove that task from the list

This task should be easy to complete and shouldn’t take more than an hour for skilled developers.

Hire JavaScript Programmer Now

Having explored the available means of getting ReactJS services, offshoring from Ukraine is undoubtedly the most practical way to go. We’ve also shared the plain and simple process of offshoring developers, as well as some helpful guidelines on how to screen your candidates to find the best talents. Now, it’s time to begin with the first step in the process!

Sample CV of React and JavaScript Developers from Our Pipeline

Vadym B.


  • Single-page application development (ReactJS, Angular2)
  • Building hybrid cross-platform applications (React Native)
  • NodeJS server-side development


  • Languages: HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, TypeScript, JS (ES6), C# (base), SQL (base), Python (base), Stylus, CoffeScript
  • Frameworks: AngularJS, Angular2 (base), Backbone, React (Redux, Reflux, Flux), ReactNative(base), SocketIO, Bootstrap, Cordova + PhoneGap + Ionic(base)
  • Builders: Browserify, Gulp, Grunt, Bower, Webpack
  • Libraries: JQuery, Loads, MomentJS,
  • Technologies: Ajax, JSON, SOAP(base), XSLT(base), NodeJS, WebSockets, Canvas, Mobile device layouts
  • DB’s: MYSQL (base), Redis (base), MongoDB (base), PostgresSQL (base)
  • Testing: TDD, Unit-tests, Jest, Mocha, Karma, Selenium(base), Enzyme
  • VCS: Svn, Git
  • Conventions: REST, BEM
  • OS: OSX, Ubuntu, Windows
  • API experience: Facebook, Google maps, VKontake
  • Services experience: AWS
  • Processes: Agile, Kanban
  • Task tracking: Redmine, Jira


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