How to Find React JS Development Company to Hire React Developer

React JS is an open-source JavaScript library released under MIT license. It was developed by the Facebook developers’ team in 2013. This is on very well known for its capability of server-side rendering SSR. React JS library offers great flexibility, high performance, and dynamic content changes in real-time views of your web environment with the help of virtual DOM capability.

Since its release in 2013 by Facebook, React has quickly emerged to be the most widely used JavaScript frameworks and libraries on Github, with 70,396 stars as of writing. With its “learn once, write anywhere” paradigm, it’s certainly among the most promising libraries and frameworks today. Let’s find out about React development and the options to hire React developers.

React JS Development Overview

React JS development is the front-end web development of user interface (UI) of high-performance mobile apps and single page web environments. It allows developers to build mobile-friendly, dynamic, responsive, interactive, and SEO friendly user interfaces. React JS development uses the JavaScript as the core software language.

React JS is one of the most popular and fastest growing JavaScript libraries in the world. It stands on the 4th position in the most popular framework with (19.5%) share in the survey. The growth of React JS library in the last couple of years is much higher than its competitors in the marketplace. Every React JS development company is aggressively in search for the React JS developers to cater to the market demand of React.js web development services. Owing to the great features, capabilities, and flexibility enterprises are choosing to hire React JS development company for completing their React front-end development projects. The demand for React services in the field of React app development is also very high nowadays.

Benefits of Using React.js Programming

benefits of react js development

  • Rendering. When using React, it is easy to find out how a component is rendered by looking at the render function.
  • React can be rendered on the server-side. It makes the product more readable and maintainable.
  • Flexible, as it can be used with any framework (Backbone.js, Angular.js) as it is only a view layer.
  • It is easy to test, and you can also integrate some tools. This is what junior React developer would love about React.
  • Optimization: when your React app is loaded in the browser, all the components that you created are rendered.
  • React unites CSS, JavaScript and HTML are all in one component, so during creation of a React component, all three can be used in any part. So no need to create any additional external scripts and then import them.
  • React is asynchronous, so there will be no blocking actions in the app.
  • When using React feel free to install external React libraries.
  • Security. There are less XSS vulnerabilities.
React.js developers are very valuable among our customers for sure. We have received more than 10 requests to find a React.js developer for various projects, so it is necessary for us to update our CV database with qualified React.js developers.
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Salient Features of React JS Development Library

React.js development services are in high demand due to the great features it offers to the web and application developers. According to the Toptal website’s internal data, React JS was the second largest sought skill set after Angular JS on the website in 2018 with a huge change of +353.7% year-over-year. This demand is governed by the great feature that the React JS offers to the developers and enterprises. A few very important features of React JS development library are listed below:

  • It is easy to use create interactive user interfaces (UIs) with React JS library due to its declarative nature of the code
  • React JS code is easy to debug
  • Supports the notion, “Learn Once, Write Anywhere”
  • Powerful capability of reusing the code
  • Supports virtual DOM to increase the performance of the web apps
  • Powerful server-side rendering SSR features
  • It is an open-source platform, which is free to use
  • Supports JSX to add XML syntax to the JavaScript code
  • Supports ECMAScript 6 and ES7
  • Powerful server-side communication through hooks
  • Support the FLUX library for data management across the environment.

Why to Choose React Development Service?

The demand for React services is increasing very fast during the past few years owing to the great features it offers to the React JS Development Company and enterprises. A few important reasons to choose the React engineering and web services to include:

  • Both easy to learn and use
  • High performance and fast loading apps
  • Quicker web development
  • Offers rich user interfaces (UIs)
  • Easy debugging of code
  • Powered by the Facebook developer community
  • The increasing trend of React JS adaptability
  • React Native responsive mobile app development
  • JSX allows the insertion of HTML code into the JavaScript easily
  • Integrated modules for testing, routing, app status, and other features
  • Free to use
  • Great for search engine optimization SEO
  • Huge demand for React JS web projects in the market

Owing to the above reasons, a large number of enterprises are aggressively searching to hire ReactJS development company for their upcoming projects.

The Popularity of React Programming Worldwide

As it has been already mentioned, React JS is one of the fastest growing JavaScript libraries in the marketplace. It is being used by numerous big brands on the internet like Facebook, Instagram, New York Times, Yahoo, Netflix, and many others. According to the Built With information, React JS is already used by more than 843,892 websites across the world. Among those websites, more than 12,208 websites are in the top million websites in the world.

react js development company

The total number of live websites powered by React JS is about 420,066, according to the SimilarTech statistics. A huge surge of over 35.4% in the live websites was noticed in the past month only. Yahoo is the top website with over 4.4 billion visits per month. The US, Russia, and the UK are the top three countries with the highest number of websites powered by the React JS library. React JS has more than 117,637 stars and 21,333 forks on the GitHub website. The contributor community has expanded to over 1,271 contributors after 104 major releases of the library.

The demand for the React JS coders is very high as compared to the availability of the skilled React JS web developers. According to The News Stack website, the ratio of employers demanding the React JS developers is about 33% but the supply stands at just below 19% with React JS skills. This is a clear indicator of the popularity of React JS in the marketplace.

hire react js development company

Samples of Major React JS Project

Thousands of great React JS projects that are doing very well are available in the marketplace. A few of those major projects are mentioned below:

  • #1 Rekit. Rekit is a very powerful toolkit used for the React JS platform. It is developed with the React JS and JavaScript language. It helps you build the scalable web applications with React JS and its other components like React Router and Redux. It has more than 3,580 stars on the GitHub with 26 stable releases till date.
  • #2 Kutt. Kutt is a very useful application to reduce the URLs in a very simple and easy way. There are more than 1,646 stars and 4 stable software releases. This web service is developed with the React JS library. You can also manage your links with the help of this service. This service also offers you the capability to views statistics of your links.
  • #3 Flame Graph. This is a very useful project for creating flame graphs for visualizing the profile data. There more than 275 stars on the GitHub. This application makes the graph creation so simple and easy. The flame graph contains a tree of nodes and each node consists of a name string and value in numbers.

Available ReactJS Services

There are different methods by which you can avail of React JS services. Among the most common are:

  • Hiring from the local market – you can directly hire React developers from your local market through job posting websites;
  • Outsourcing – you can outsource your project to a company which would develop your entire project for you (it may be a foreign company);
  • IT Staffing – you can hire JavaScript programmer from staffing companies, who handle the screening process for you;
  • Offshoring or nearshoring – offshoring companies offer dedicated developers you can hire for a certain period, during which they remain in the company’s office but report directly to you.

Among these, offshoring gives you the best value for your money because it gives you full control over your project and allows you to easily scale your team depending on your needs. However, time zone, location, and cultural differences may pose challenges, so selecting the right offshoring company is critical.

Cost Comparison of React JS Services

Comparing ReactJS salaries from different countries may help in deciding which country to hire from. According to Neuvoo, the average annual salaries for React developers are as follows:

  • US – $94,778
  • UK – £53,274 ($69,072)
  • Germany – €83,679 ($95,433)
  • France – €43,222 ($56,087)

In comparison, according to PayScale, in Ukraine, the average salary for JavaScript developers, including ReactJS developers, is $19,200. Hiring from Ukraine would, therefore, result in huge savings.

cost of react web service

Hiring dedicated React JS developers allows you to save over 50% compared to outsourcing, and around 70% compared to in-house hiring.

React Development Companies in the World

There are thousands of React development companies in the world. Numerous new companies are emerging in the marketplace consistently from all countries of the world. According to the Siftery Discover website information, React JS owns about 4% of the JavaScript MVC market share. There is a consistent increase in the market share of React JS library for the last couple of years. To cater to the increasing demand new React JS web development companies are also being established regularly in the world. The demand for the React JS library is eating up the shares of other JavaScript platforms very fast. This increasing demand for React JS is pushing for the increase in the number of React JS development companies across the globe.

We receive frequent requests to build a React development team for our clients, among the fresh requests is inquiry for full stack developer with Angular and React skills. The popularity of this JavaScript framework has become very popular since May, 2017. And we are still glad to make our customers happy with the professional and talented developers.
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What to Take into Account While Choosing a React.js Development Firm

# For what platform is the project? Mobile, Web, or a combination of both?

What type of project do you need a React JS team for? Do you need a mobile application or a web-based platform? Is it a combination of both? Because hiring the services of a ReactJS web application development company for ReactJS app development services may not be the best approach, nor is the reverse. Answering these questions will help you define the skills that you will require from dedicated React JS teams from the React.js development firm that you intend to hire.

# What is the background of the company?

Hire a React JS development service provider as if its for a long-term, semi-permanent, partnership. You want to work with reliable and sustainable React.js development firms capable of meeting your project needs. It is good to know how long a React.js agency has been in the business and the breadth of their development experience. Their business model and area of expertise come in handy when deciding whether to choose or not.

# How good and fitting is the project portfolio of the development firm?

Expanding from assessing the background of potential React JS software development company or firms for your project, evaluating their portfolio and client list also helps provide a clearer picture of the capabilities of the React JS development services provider. The client list and company portfolio show what the ReactJS development agency and its ReactJS development dedicated team have accomplished, how these products perform, and the quality of clients that they have worked with.

# What are the security parameters and measures employed by the firm?

In the age of globalization and information commerce, where even Facebook suffers from the occasional data breach, security is paramount. This is an essential part of any project that you may have with a React JS software development company. Assess and inquire as to the security measures that they employ in the projects that they work on and if they are willing to accommodate your security requirements.

# Is working with the development firm within the parameters set for your project? 

This is the part where you look at all the factors; what the React.js agency can provide, and your development needs. Do they provide the services you need for your project? Is their pricing model within your budgetary limits? Has the company portfolio and client list reflected your vision for your project? Do not choose just because they are the top-rated React JS development company out in the market. Among your options, what react development agency fits your needs best?

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Ukrainian Companies & React Development Services

Ukraine has become one of the fastest-growing hubs for software development and web services companies in the Eastern part of Europe. Owing to its great geographical location, highly skilled IT talent and professional work attitude, many enterprises from all over the world choose for the Ukrainian React web services and other software projects.

The IT industry of Ukraine has around a 3.3% share of its GDP, which is estimated to account for an increase in specialists  between 25,000 to 30,000 per year. The tremendous improvement of this industry is reflected by its 11-26% annual growth. IT companies have also increased the rate of hiring skilled developers, around 4000 software development companies have over 80 staff members. The number of employees has also grown among the top 50 IT companies in the country, numbering from 43,000 to 58,000. This increased pool of expert developers and development services providers show that Ukraine has the number and the skills capable of providing for your development needs.

According to the Good Firms list, there are about 300 React web service companies in the country that are very well known for their work quality, experience, and success rates like Mobilunity and others. According to the Extract website information, there are about 50 React JS valuable companies including Mobilunity in Ukraine.

Why to Select Mobilunity as a React JS Development Сompany

Mobilunity was founded in 2010 and since then has been providing dedicated development teams to various countries worldwide.  What has started as a team of 2 hardworking individuals has now grown to a fully-established company of over 200 dedicated workers highly capable of addressing customer needs. Mobilunity has been known to provide quality services, namely provide the services of dedicated development teams and specialized developers. The company has collaborated with companies such as Byrds, Codename, Byg-E, Minedia, Chip-in, and the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, just to name a few.

We can say with the confidence, that the popularity of Mobilunity is rising with every year, as we have established great relationships with our clients and have won their trust, which we are really proud of because we think that the satisfaction of all professional needs of our customers is the main key to success. As on 2017 year-end, we have nearly 20 development teams, which provide services to different countries. Mobilunity has experience working with such countries as Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Denmark, the USA, Canada, and China. We are always glad to meet new challenges and goals. No matter how complicated your project is, we will provide you with a professional ReactJS developer resume and help to choose the most dedicated specialists. Let us know and we will provide a perfect solution to you!

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