Reasons Why I Can’t Access wp-admin Page

WordPress is a hugely popular blog tool, publishing platform and content management system that is used the world over. Whenever we think about creating a new website, many of us turn to WordPress. But WordPress does come with a few niggling issues that are hard for users to fix without a bit of assistance. One of the common problems faced by users is they cannot access their WordPress /wp-admin/.

We have seen numerous complaints from users who say that they can’t login to their WordPress. They sometimes try for 2, 3 days but with still no luck. Resetting their password doesn’t work, and neither does resetting through FTP. There is the option of resetting the password via the phpMyAdmin, but there is scant information on how to do this. So what is the issue and how do we fix it?

Reasons Why WordPress Can’t Access wp-admin

  • Sometimes the reason WordPress can’t access wp-admin is because of an issue with the themes. In this case, you would need to switch to the Twenty Ten theme. You can do this easily by renaming your existing themes using FTP. If you can’t use FTP, you can use the file management application that your host provides.
    wordpress cant access wp admin
  • You can also try resetting the plugins folder manually. In case this eliminates the issue, it is better to reactivate the plugins one by one to see which plugin exactly didn’t let you into WP-admin. One of the plugins integrated with your website might need update or are no longer compatible with your WordPress theme.
    cannot access my wordpress site
  • Another reason why you might not be able to access your site is because of the cpanel permissions. To resolve this issue, simply head into your CPanel and switch the permissions on the wp-admin folder from 644 to 755.
    cannot access my wordpress site solution
  • Other reasons why WordPress can’t login include issues with your plugins. Try removing the W3 Total Cache plugin to resolve the issue. This plugin is known to conflict with the recent version of WordPress and could be at the root of your problems. As well as the W3 Total Cache plugin, you need to also remove all of its associated files.
  • WP-admin access can be disabled because of the incorrect upload or corruption of the files in WordPress installation directory. Therefore, it might be helpful to delete the wp-login.php file and download its new version. It is pretty easy, just download the latest version of WordPress on, unzip the setup folder and find the wp-login.php file in the list.another cannot access my wordpress site solution
  • One more option to consider while tackling this issues is to disable your firewall. This may work, since some firewalls like eTrust Personal Firewall, block the access to the WordPress admin panel.
  • Finally, there could be a very simple error that is preventing you from accessing your wp-admin page: Check your Site Address URL option to make sure that your address is correct. It should read: and not:

How to Hire a Dedicated WordPress Developer

You have read through and tried all that we have listed in this article and found that you still cannot access your WordPress admin page, it might be high time that you hire a WordPress developer to deal with the bugs. Dedicated WordPress developers are just among the few professionals that are skilled to deal with these types of issues, ranging from accessibility issues to revamping entire pages. At Mobilunity, our team of highly skilled and experienced WordPress developers will be dedicated to solving your WordPress issues. Having trouble getting into your admin page? Want to update your WordPress pages? These are just a few of what our WordPress developers are capable of helping you with. WordPress developers from Mobilunity are dedicated to addressing client needs and allow to save up to 60% comparing to hiring an engineer locally.

hire wordpress developer if wordpress can't access wp-admin

Just to compare the salaries of WP experts in different countries and take a look at this chart of average annual salaries of WordPress engineers from Germany ($26,400), Switzerland ($78,100), Poland ($20,150) and Ukraine ($12,000):

salaries of different WordPress developers for hire

Annual average salary of WP developers in different countries

Building a dedicated team of WP developers in Ukraine is one of the most cost-effective and reasonable solutions for your business. Our team will work closely with you to select that right candidate for your Company fully matching your business needs. While working in our office in Kyiv, your new remote employee will be fully assisted with adaptation, integration into your systems and of course making sure your developer is comfortable with his work conditions. Paying a fixed rate you get tax, equipment and office expenses fully covered by our team. If you are looking to hire a WordPress developer, Mobilunity has the best developers to help you out!
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You’ve tried everything above and are still facing the issue with /wp-admin/? Feel free to request a quote for a dedicated remote engineer for your business! We will work with you step by step towards finding your top developer covering your business needs in full. Our process is simple – all you need is just share your ideal candidate profile with us, and we will start searching for the top experts locally for you.
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