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Rent an App Developer in Ukraine

There are many ways to promote your business, but most of them are either very costly or already outdated. If you are at the crossroad and hesitate which option to choose, consider to rent an app developer for custom application development. It can help you attract new clients and increase the recognition of your brand. However, an app idea could stay in its infancy, unless you find someone who will realize it. In outstaffing model coders for rent create an application, while the client monitors whether all requirements are accurately met. If you still ask yourself if there is a necessity for your business to approach a web development company and find developers for rent near shore, we are here to explain what other benefits an app has and how not to miss the opportunity to boost sales.

Rent Mobile Developer: Why Is It Crucial for Any Business

With technological progress, old methods of attracting clients like newsletters or printed marketing materials have already lost their relevance. According to a Google study, 58% of mobile device users use their smartphones to monitor prices and buy goods. Searching for a mobile app programmer for rent has become a trend precisely because of the high level of mobile phone users involvement. Furthermore, according to Business of Apps, Netflix became the most paid-off non-game app – in 2018 it generated $1 billion and in the first quarter of 2019 it got $400 billion. Now is the best time to rent Agile developers and build an application that will rival Netflix by its revenue. When looking to rent an app developer in Ukraine, it’s important to consider partnering with an ERP CRM technical consultant and engaging a skilled SAP CRM developer with Python expertise, to ensure that you have the resources and expertise needed to create innovative and efficient solutions for your business needs.

Among prominent companies that prefered to rent a app developer remotely are:

  • WhatsApp
  • PayPal
  • Snapchat
  • Boeing
  • Siemens

Rent Agile Developers: App Development Best Practices

An app architecture can be considered as user-friendly when its navigation is intuitive, as it improves UX. What other practices make an app easy-to-use?

  • Focus on usability

The UI is what should be intuitive for most people. If a person, having opened the application, can’t get how to use it at once, then after pressing on different buttons for a few seconds, s/he will get distracted and most likely delete it. If you decided to have your app aligned with basic UX principles that can help to increase the CTR you might search for rent a programmer website.

  • Deliver progressive updates

To enhance security or extend functionality – updates are an important part of each mobile application development process lifecycle. However, it’s always better to test major UI changes with a small representative audience and then launch it to a wide audience. 

  • Create simple and clean design 

Together with adaptability, the application should attract with its thoughtful design. Good design does not mean being flashy, the best layouts for user’s perception are reserved. As an example, take a look at the New York Times mobile app or the Grammarly web app. They share a similar feature – neat design, which is easy to remember precisely because of its simplicity.

  • Customize and personalize 

It is important to write code that will allow analytics to be embedded in the app. This will help you get the most out of the application and analyze the habits of your users, thus you can use this information to personalize UX. Everything should work in the way so that a client wants to go back to the app.

Set of Skills to Look for When You Rent an App Developer

Most app developers specialize in one development area – mobile or web apps. Regardless of what they do, coders typically should have following skills:

  • UX is an essential aspect of any application. A developer must understand the basic principles of creating a user-friendly experience
  • A coder is responsible for troubleshooting to reason quality of its work
  • Good knowledge of the basic languages depending on platform: Java or Swift, and Objective-C
  • Knowledge of a tool for sharing, modifying source code and tracking issues: GitHub

Mobile and Web App Developer Resume Sample

Mobile App Developer Resume


• Knowledge of Android, iOS SDK, design patterns, common libraries and architecture of iOS, Android, scripting programming languages (Ruby, Python, Kotlin, and Flutter)

• Knowledge of parallel and multithreaded programming;

• In-demand skills with Core Data (Apple’s proprietary local database, which is built on the type of SQL)

• Knowledge of application architectures and different patterns

• Can implement complex mobile applications design with UI kit


  • Analysis of user stories and participating in the planning, demos and retrospectives
  • Development of full lifecycle application with standard frameworks
  • Managing of troubleshooting on various devices
  • Monitoring all key activities of non-development environments
  • Working with the UX/UI design for development of Android and iOS browser-based UI prototypes 
  • Monitoring application code quality through development, test, and QA
  • Experience in developing native mobile apps for Android and iOS


  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science

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Web App Developer Resume

App Programmer for Rent Cost: What Factors Affect App Development Cost?

The main factors affecting the cost of app creation are location, developer’s experience, and design complexity. An entrepreneur can save a huge amount of money if he chooses to rent a mobile developer remotely as he is not tied to the client’s location and can provide development services from anywhere in the world. After consulting with IT specialists, you can rent an engineer with necessary experience, thereby not overpaying for senior coders if they are not needed. Here is a comparison of developers cost in different countries:

  • Ukraine – $19,530

Why Dedicated Development Teams Model Is a Perfect Match for App Development Outsourcing?

Mobilunity is a reliable development services provider. You can rent software programmer or a dedicated team that will help both with the development of high-quality mobile and web applications, as well as with other tasks that may arise in the course of work. Here are advantages of working with a professional development team:

  • Fast rental process. We form the team you need based on your requirements and time limits. This approach rationalizes costs, both financial – on the part of a client, and labor – on the part of Mobilunity.
  • Constant availability of a dedicated team. Ukraine is located in a convenient time zone, so traveling from numerous countries takes just a few hours. Also, for companies from Europe, Ukraine is the best choice because of the similar working hours. 
  • Immersion in every work stage. Our clients can follow every step of the development process. We care about simplifying the parties’ interaction and immersion of a client in the workflow. From the planning stage to the bugs fixing – everything can be observed and discussed.
  • The full concentration of a dedicated team. Developers of the dedicated team will be involved in a specific project. This significantly influences the company’s productivity as your in-house employees can focus on their paramount responsibilities. A client can be sure about the quality of the project outcome as the rented team will be dedicated to finding the best solution for business needs.

In deciding whether to rent an app developer in Ukraine, it’s important to consider the benefits of onshoring vs offshoring, and to engage a reliable provider of web development consultation services, to help you evaluate your options and choose the approach that best meets your business needs and budget.

Are you ready to work with app developers who can identify the needs of your project? Rent a mobile developer in Mobilunity to get the work done properly!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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