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August 23, 2017 - Marina D

SapUI5 vs OpenUI5 Developer. Is There Any Difference Among Them?

Websites are avenues through which businesses, companies, and individuals can connect with their target audience, customers, or clients. The user interfaces of these websites, which is comprised of everything that users interact with, are among the most critical factors that dictate how these users perceive the website and the brand they represent. It’s therefore critical that websites deliver the best user interface and consequently, the best user experience possible.

To help achieve this, several UI libraries are available to enable the development of elegant and well-polished user interface components with minimal coding. Two such libraries are OpenUI5 and SAPUI5, and in this article, we will take a look at these libraries and their features, and present a SAPUI5 vs OpenUI5 comparison.

SAPUI5 OpenUI5 Overview

sapui5 vs openui5 developers for hire

SAPUI5 is a JavaScript library that provides powerful tools for developing and controlling user interface or UI components in web applications. Developed by multinational software company SAP, SAPUI5 comes as part of most of their software products and platforms. In 2013, SAP decided to open source the project, releasing the code base to the public and allowing the online developer community to make contributions, modifications, and fixes to the project. This open-source version of SAPUI5 is then called OpenUI5.

OpenUI5 is therefore merely the open-source version of the proprietary SAPUI5. Collectively, these libraries are called UI5.

SAP OpenUI5 Features

UI5 primarily provides developers with UI tools to develop enterprise-ready web applications that deliver a uniform look and feel and a consistent user experience. These web applications are able to adapt to different devices and screen sizes. In addition to UI controls, UI5 also provides additional tools for frontend development, such as support for the MVC architecture, two-way data binding, and URL routing.

Let’s take a look at how UI components developed using UI5 looks like. We take these screenshots directly from the samples provided in the OpenUI5 website.

Below are the UI5 default buttons:

SAP OpenUI5 buttons

Below is the UI5 default navigation list:

SAP OpenUI5 navigation list

And below is the UI5 default tool header:

SAP OpenUI5 header

You can read several articles on the web comparing UI5 with other technologies, such as SapUI5 / OpenUI5 Bootstrap comparisons to differentiate UI5 from Bootstrap, or OpenUI5 AngularJS comparisons to know the difference between OpenUI5 vs AngularJS.

SAPUI5 vs OpenUI5

Let’s take a look at the actual differences between OpenUI5 and SAPUI5.

The primary difference between the two is their license: OpenUI5 is open-source, so it is under the free Apache 2.0 license, while SAPUI5, being proprietary, is under the proprietary SAP license. Moreover, OpenUI5 is a standalone product that’s available to the public for download, while SAPUI5 is part of the SAP ecosystem and is available only for internal SAP projects or for SAP customers. Also, SAPUI5 contains a few additional UI controls that are not included in OpenUI5 for organizational reasons, but for the most part, SapUI5 and OpenUI5 contain nearly identical features.

OpenUI5 Developer vs SAPUI5 Developer

sap openui5 developers

Having discussed the differences between the two versions of UI5, an important question then arises: Is a SAP UI5 developer also an Open UI5 developer?

The short answer is, yes. Any SAP UI developer would be fully equipped to be an OpenUI5 developer, and although some added SAPUI5 controls are not present in OpenUI5, this is not a substantial difference and an OpenUI5 developer can easily learn these additional controls in no time.

Regardless of whether a UI5 developer is working with OpenUI5 or SAPUI5, his main task is the same: to develop a web application with elegant user interfaces that deliver a consistently pleasant user experience to the application’s users.

Cost of Hiring OpenUI5 and SAPUI5 Developers

Another important question that may arise would be: How Much Would It Cost to Hire OpenUI5 and SAPUI5 Developers? To answer this, let’s take a look at typical UI5 developer salaries in some countries. We obtain data from PayScale, which lists self-reported average gross annual salaries in various occupations, and we look at the salaries of SAP developers, which include UI5 developers. Here are the figures:

Average annual salary of SAPUI5 developers

Annual gross salaries of SAPUI5 developers in different countries (source: Payscale)

The above rates are certainly steep and may probably not fall within the budget of many businesses. One other option would be to hire dedicated UI5 developers from Ukraine, and with this option, you may save you up to 60%!

Hire a UI5 Developer Now

Hire SAP UI5 developer or OpenUI5 developers at Mobilunity

OpenUI5 and SAPUI5 are two libraries that aim to make the development of polished web UI components a breeze. We have explored their common features as well as their differences in a SAPUI5 vs OpenUI5 comparison. If you’re in the market to look for a UI5 developer, we are here to help you out! Here at Mobilunity, we have highly capable OpenUI5 and SAPUI5 developers you can hire. As a dedicated teams provider from Ukraine, the skills of our developers come at very reasonable prices, so we’re a perfect choice to hire UI5 developers for your next project.

Sample of CVs of Our In-house developers

Frontend developer with skills in SAPUI5 and OpenUI5


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