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Top SAP® Consulting Companies: Market Overview

The demand for IT software development services is continuously growing, thus leading to a vastly increasing number of SAP® companies. Both large enterprises and SMEs globally hire SAP® consultants with the aim to get high quality software development and consulting services to keep up with the latest technologies and innovation. As SAP® companies deal with numerous services, from consulting to custom software development, they allow corporations to cover plenty of operations. Let’s define the leading SAP® implementation companies and agencies, as well as some SAP® Hybris development agencies to define their value on the market, and how to choose the one.

Top SAP® consulting companies often differentiate themselves in the market by their ability to find SAP developers who possess a unique blend of technical expertise and industry-specific knowledge.

Top 5 SAP® Consulting Companies According to the Clutch

The following list of top SAP® consulting companies has been composed based on a Clutch rating with the aim of demonstrating their key features and peculiarities.

Zensar Technologies

The company is included in one huge corporation named RPS that was founded in 1979. Zensar, as one of the leaders among SAP® consultant companies as well as top ERP consulting companies in India, deals with Application Transformation, Cloud and Infrastructure, Digital Experience, Testing, and Analytics. The IT solutions of Zensar are considered the best quality in India, covering Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Business Process Outsourcing, Enterprise Product Implementation, and a whole suite of Software Application Planning, Development, Migration, and Support. 

Marlabs Inc. 

Mainly applying Digital 360 framework, the company provides digital transformations such as Digital Automation, Cloud, Digital Security, AI, Enterprise Analytics, and Digital User Experience. The company is highly concerned about the latest technologies, thus striving to deliver IoT, IoP, Intent-Intelligence, and Blockchain using prototyping, rapid deployment, and co-creation for the world’s clients. A total number of employees approached 2,500 who specialize in numerous industries: Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services,  Airlines, Energy, Education, and Insurance. 


Utegration is among the top companies using SAP® in USA with the distinctive feature of providing SAP® solutions in all areas of utility operations. Moreover, they integrate customer experience and billing, managed services, analytics, financials, and assets management within the client’s business. The company can also offer an SAP® business consultant to provide assistance in terms of ERP implementation considering business goals and objectives


A recently established Russian company delivers a variety of web solutions, system integration, mobile app development, and custom development. With a shy number of up to 50 employees, they try to satisfy clients’ needs in ERP, WMS, CRM, and CMS implementations. 

Stridely Solutions

An ISO certified global technology solutions provider, Stridely Solutions provides Enterprise Mobility Solutions(EMS), custom software development, and IoT solutions services in more than 18 countries worldwide. The company and its team of over 200 tech experts leverage SAP, IoT, RPA, Advanced Analytics, Microsoft CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics technology to provide services to its global partners and clients across numerous industries and market sectors.

Top 5 SAP® Consulting Companies Based on FeaturedCustomers Rating

The followig list of 5 SAP® consulting companies has been organized according to the rating on FeaturedCustomers:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

One of the best SAP® consulting companies in the USA that is also considered as one of the top SAP® Hybris companies due to its products such as Storage, Networking, IT, Intelligence Edge, and Server. With over 25,000 employees who work from different parts of the world, the corporation offers full-cycle IT services, cloud-based services, digital experience, among others. 

Dell EMC

Part of Dell Technologies, Dell EMC supports its clients in their entire digital transformation, from strategizing to full-scale implementation and support, using diverse and comprehensive tools and technology. The company employs Multi-cloud infrastructure and operating model services to empower business-focused IT services from any cloud platform, data center modernization and migration services, and business resiliency tools to modernize, protect, and sustain business data.


Originated in Mumbai but having offices in the United States, Australia, Asia and Europe, Datamatics offers the services of data management, business process management, business consultancy through diligent and cutting-edge expertise in SAP®, SAP® HANA, digital development, AI, business intelligence, robotics, machine learning, advanced analytics, IoT, and more.

RFgen Software

RFgen Software, a subsidy of DataMAX Software Group, leads in developing and providing wireless, mobile, and voice integrated solutions aimed to increase productivity. The company leverages SAP, Oracle EBS, Mobile Supply Chain, Warehouse Automation,  Inventory Management Solutions, and Voice-Directed Warehouse Operations technology in providing their clients with real-time and on-demand access to enterprise data that are easily integrated with Windows, Android, and iOS mobile devices.  

Hitachi Consulting

Hitachi Consulting is a leader in global technology and social innovation that develops digital and management solutions that aim to transform organizations at scale. The firm collaborates with leading IT platforms such as SAP, Oracle, Google, AWS, and Microsoft and leverages IoT, Business Analytics, and Environmental Sustainability technology to continue developing and providing digital solutions to several industries across various sectors worldwide.

7 Useful Tips on How to Choose Your SAP® Company

The list of SAP® companies above demonstrates only a small part of all available vendors. In reality, the SAP® ecosystem is overwhelmed with a number of consulting companies, and, quite often, companies fail to choose the right one due to a lack of knowledge. Let’s see what aspects you need to consider if you decide to hire SAP® solutions architect.

Tip #1. Proven Expertise

Your potential SAP® provider must have SAP® certification to ensure the delivery of strong technical services with appropriate competency. With this in mind, you also need to request SAP®-certified consultants; moreover, the portfolio of SAP® products would be a considerable plus for you. 

Tip #2. Pay Attention to Case Studies

A recognized and professional SAP® company usually has “Case Studies” sections on their web page to demonstrate their potential client the successful experience of collaboration with companies that use SAP®. Analyze what kind of services they provided, what’s the feedback, was it a short term or long-term solution.

Tip #3. Corporate Culture Match

Another crucial factor to consider is the SAP® company’s corporate values. Since you want your business goals to be met, make sure your corporate culture, business vision, and mission will be aligned with the vendor’s. 

Tip #4. SAP® Accreditation

An SAP® company that cares about its reputation, has an accreditation given by SAP®’s Center of Expertise. This means that a company has passed accreditation with numerous requirements and will deliver high-quality services. 

Tip #5.  Large Team

As a newcomer to SAP® consulting services, you want to have a variety of SAP® consultant resumes analyzing their experience, skills, education, personal traits, and other information. The more applicants SAP® company can offer, the more chances you have to find a perfect match.

Tip #6. Flexibility of Services

Since you don’t want to waste your financial resources to hire several SAP® companies for different SAP® services, analyze the scope of your vendor’s list of services. The primary ones should include deployment, integrations, support, maintenance. 

Tip #7. Destination Country

SAP® consulting destination country

Last but not least is choosing the country you want to go to find your SAP® provider. Here, you need to consider the following while analyzing the market: salary rates, top software consulting companies, what’s their value in the country GDP, recruitment process, and corporate culture. 

With a vast number of available SAP® companies that offer their consulting services, you benefit from this selection as you can discover any country with most attractive conditions for cooperation. Hiring SAP® consultants from Ukraine is popular as for West European countries, such as Switzerland, Germany, as well as for the United States, Canada, Japan. Not only the services in Ukraine have a proven high quality, but also specialists dedication and proactiveness that add an innovative eye to your SAP®-based product. 

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Mobilunity, being among top SAP® consulting companies, is ready to pick and pack your team!

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