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Hire JS Developer Fluent in Various JavaScript Frameworks

It’s no surprise that a lot of JavaScript frameworks and libraries have been created by different individuals and organizations, all with the objective of making the work of every JS developer easier, as JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world, Among all the JavaScript frameworks and libraries available, there are a couple of really prominent ones that have become very popular among the JavaScript developer community, such as AngularJS, React, Ember.js, Node.js, and Express.js. These frameworks are safe choices, as they’re well-established and have a fairly solid community of developers that can lend support.

hire JS developer with skills in SproutCore, Riot.js, Dojo

However, the less known frameworks and libraries in the market must not be discarded just yet, because many of these rare technologies offer features that aren’t offered by the bigger players, and these features may just be what you need for your next project. In this article, we take a look at some of these smaller players in the most popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries market to see what they have to offer.

Rare JS Technologies JS Coders for Hire Can Be Skilled at

Let’s look at some promising, albeit not very well-known, JavaScript frameworks and libraries.

rare JS frameworks

Dojo Developer

Developed in as early as 2004 by a group of developers, Dojo is no newcomer to the market. It’s an open-source modular JavaScript library/toolkit that has many tricks up its sleeve, such as:

  • Real cross-browser support – Dojo delivers very strong cross-browser support, so all of its APIs will work on nearly all browsers, something that can’t be said for many established frameworks.
  • Client-side data storage – Another unique feature of Dojo is the Dojo storage, a tool that allows secure client-side data storage. The storage mechanism varies by browser, but this is all abstracted from the developer so the implementation would be the same regardless of browser type or version.
  • Widget creation – Dojo also enables the easy creation of standalone JavaScript widgets for various features such as menus, tables, charts, and even drawings and animations.
  • Asynchronous communication – Dojo is based on AJAX, which enables asynchronous communication between client and server, so the library inherits its benefits.

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Riot.js Developer

Riot.js is a JavaScript UI library that aims to enhance the user interface development experience of JavaScript developers. Among its main features are:

  • Custom tags – Riot JS enables the use of custom HTML tags which allow the creation of reusable HTML and JavaScript components, as well as the creation of complex HTML views that maintain human readability.
  • Simple, Minimalistic, and Small – One of the aims of Riot.js is to keep its syntax as simple as possible. Moreover, it claims to have 10 – 100 times fewer API functions than other libraries, so it’s much quicker to learn. At 10.44kb, it’s also one of the most lightweight libraries available.
  • Modular – Riot is a modular library, so the different components of a Riot application are independent from each other and have no dependencies. This allows a Riot.js developer to rearrange, add or remove components with minimal impact to the rest of the system, making the application highly scalable.

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SproutCore Programmer

SproutCore is a JavaScript framework that aims to make the user experience of web applications comparable to that of desktop applications. Released by Apple in 2007, SproutCore claims to be the original MVC framework, built by MVC developer. Interestingly, the Ember.js framework sprang from SproutCore, but the two frameworks followed different paths. Here are some of SproutCore’s main features:

  • Native experience – SproutCore’s main attraction is that it claims to deliver the same user experience as a native application, which contrasts to the fragmented user experience typically delivered by many web applications.
  • Big data support – SproutCore also claims to support large amounts of data effortlessly, with a list of 50,000 elements scrolling as smoothly as how other frameworks perform with just 50 elements.
  • Easy optimization – SproutCore claims to be optimal in terms of both code maintainability and computational efficiency. It also provides a SproutCore developer with a simple tool for code minification and combination.

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Stencil JS Developer

Stencil JS is a toolchain for the creation of highly-optimized Web components, applications, and design systems. Here are its main benefits:

  • A stencil developer can build reusable component libraries that will work out of the box with the majority of widely-used frameworks.
  • It allows a stencil developer for hire to pre-render Web components and to use them as objects-as-properties.
  • A web developer Stencil can share components, which work both in a framework and outside one.

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Aurelia Engineer

Aurelia is a client-side framework created for the building of browser applications. Aurelia developers can:

  • Create components in plain JS or with use ES6, Typescript or Coffeescript;
  • Aurelia JS programmer can create an out-of-the-box solution and test it via this framework.
  • Aurelia JS team can work faster as it uses default configurations, which significantly reduces coding time.
  • Aurelia JS engineer can use both one-way or two-way data binding;
  • Companies can hire Aurelia developer as the framework is compliant with standards ECMA 2015 and allows efficient and fast programming.

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Next.js Programmer

Next.js is used to build applications on a server-side with React. Next JS development allows both static and rendering web applications. It offers:

  • Simple use, a programmer can work in a framework immediately.
  • Automatic code splitting; the app will upload only a necessary and lightweight part of the code;
  • You can hire Next.JS developer for increased efficiency as a framework allows server-side rendering, prefetching and HMR and error reporting.

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Mocha Developer

Mocha is an excellent JS testing framework that offers such benefits as:

  • Both front-end and back-end testing by Mocha developers;
  • It is an open-source and flexible solution with a great Mocha developer community;
  • Auto-tests and reports every time the file is changed;
  • Supports both BDD and TDD;
  • Supports any assertion library and is integrated with Node.JS.

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Webix Programmer

Webix is a UI framework used for building of HTML5 and CSS3 cross-platform web and mobile applications.

  • The library includes more than 90 UI widgets for Webix developers to use;
  • It supports popular web browsers;
  • A webix developer can create apps and components to be integrated with already existing apps;
  • It is integrated with the major JS libraries and other frameworks, including React.

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WebGL Engineer

WebGL is a framework for rendering 3D graphics with almost any browser.

  • WebGL developers for hire can render interactive 3D graphics without any plug-ins;
  • The framework work with all platforms that support OpenGL;
  • It allows a WebGL developer to work on all kinds of mobile platforms as well;
  • It is efficient and suitable for solutions of any complexity, for example, in gaming;
  • Integrated with DOM and other web technologies.

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Three.js Coder

Three.JS is an MIT licensed library API for the programming of 3D graphics. Here are its main advantages for a ThreeJS developer:

  • It is integrated with almost all browsers;
  • With this library a Three JS developer can work faster and more efficiently with WebGL;
  • It has pre-built components and offers simpler coding for a Three.JS web developer.
  • It also offers a simpler API while generating a pre-built WebGL code.

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Knockout JS Developer

Knockout is an efficient MVVM web application framework, which supports popular browsers.

  • It allows a knockout developer to bind HTML elements against any data model;
  • Works both on client-side and server-side;
  • The framework provides a knockout JS developer with DOM-based templates;
  • It is an open-source solution and uses two-way data binding;
  • Works without JS libraries (like jQuery) and has no dependencies.

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Dojo Developer Resume Sample

Here’s a sample of a Dojo developer CV to give you an idea of the usual background and skill set of developers that are skilled in these less popular frameworks.

JS developer for hire in Ukraine

Middle Dojo Developer Resume Example


  • Creation of Dojo reusable components and modules for web applications
  • Development of a website’s user interface using various JavaScript frameworks
  • Optimization of JavaScript codes of existing systems


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, DOM, XML, jQuery, Sencha, Dojo, JSON, XSL, Django, RoR, Hibernate, MyBatis, iBatis, Agile, Scrum…

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How to hire a javascript developer? When building web applications, popular, well-established frameworks and libraries are safe bets, as they have a large community of developers who use and support them. If you hire JS developers and Microsoft Dynamics consultants you will receive specialists that have a bigger perspective on complex issues. However, smaller, less popular frameworks also offer their own benefits, with features that aren’t always found in the big players. In this article, we have discussed three such frameworks and explored the features that are unique to them. If you’re looking for a Dojo, Riot.js or SproutCore developer, or a developer skilled in any of the rare JavaScript frameworks, we are here to help. At Mobilunity, we provide highly skilled dedicated developers to help you achieve whatever you want with your projects. Located in Ukraine, we offer rates that are among the best you’ll ever see in Europe.

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