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JavaScript is the language that powers the web and runs in the veins of the entire internet. It powers every web browser on every device and operating system, and the ubiquity of the language has naturally led to it being the most used programming language. Almost every IT company willing to hire JavaScript developer for their business. With so many developers working with the language, it shouldn’t be surprising that a large number of JavaScript frameworks have been developed, all with the goal of making JavaScript programming possible in a shorter amount of time and with less code. One of the most popular JavaScript frameworks to date is Vue.js. In this article, we take a look at the framework in detail and explore its benefits, and provide helpful tips on how to find and hire Vue.js developer to contribute to your project.

Vue JS Framework Overview

The Vue JavaScript framework was released in 2014 by Evan You, a former Google developer who worked on the Angular framework. Inspired by his time working on AngularJS, he set out to develop his own frontend framework which aimed to be more lightweight and much simpler for developers to learn, getting rid of the complexities that he believed plagued AngularJS. The framework was well-received by the developer community upon its launch. Within a day after its release, it earned the top spots in Reddit’s /r/JavaScript subreddit, HackerNews, and EchoJS. As of writing, it has the second-highest stars among all frontend JavaScript frameworks with 63,475 stars, second only to React. According to StateOfJS, the framework holds an 89% satisfaction rating among JavaScript developers that have used it.

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Hire Vue.js Coder to Take Advantage of Remarkable Vue JS Features

Vue.js is a simple frontend JavaScript framework. It is used for the creating of movable elements. Among its main features are:

Reactive Data Binding

Just like with AngularJS, Vue.js enables two-way data binding, so that the model and view components of an application are constantly in sync. However, as opposed to Angular’s dirty checking method of detecting changes to these components, where it actively checks every object for changes at regular time intervals, Vue.js uses reactive data binding. This method uses dynamic getters and setters to watch out for changes in each object, which proves to be more efficient and results in better performance.


Vue.js allows developers to easily add transition effects to animate different web components whenever they are added, removed, or modified within the application. It also provides a tool to easily integrate third-party animation libraries into the application.


Vue.js makes use of components, which may be custom HTML elements or modified native HTML elements, to which certain behaviors may be attached. These may also be used to create reusable HTML components. Below is a sample code for creating a component, taken from the Vue.js official documentation:

<div id="sample-component">
Vue.component('my-component', {
  template: '<div>This is a sample component</div>'
new Vue({
  el: '#sample-component'

The above code creates the custom component my-component, which, when instantiated, replaces the my-component element with a div element, as seen below:

<div id="sample-component">
  <div>This is a sample component</div>

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Is It Worth to Hire Vue.js Programmer? Vue.js Pros and Cons

The table below lists some advantages and disadvantages to using the Vue.js framework.

It is essential to draw your attention to the flexibility of this framework. One of the biggest advantages of Vue.js is that it is a perfect solution for cross-platform and VueJS mobile app development with access to a huge range of different environments. Moreover, it is possible to develop additional components for the application with any other JavaScript framework without problems.

Also, it is worth noting a remarkable Vue Command-line Interface known as CLI. CLI was developed by the Vue team for reducing initial project setup and scaffolding time, which simplified the life of every Vue developer. This system allows generating a project to start on much quicker and generate scaffolding for the development process in minutes according to the project requirements. Additional features can be installed based on specific requirements, so the Vue dev can choose what settings to work with.

Referring to current stats of the last year, 48% answered developers have shown interest in exploring Vue.js and 20% have been already using Vue.js for work for more than 1 year. In fact, 90% of the programmers mentioned Vue.js as a useful framework that they will probably use in future projects again. It is a remarkable statistic both for developers starting learning Vue.js and companies eager to hire Vue.js developer. What is more, the rising popularity of this framework encouraged a number of firms in a re-qualification into a solid Vue.js development company.

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10 Companies Choosing Vue.js Development and Vue.js Programmers

If you need proof that even top companies want to hire Vue.js developer, here is a list of 10 companies that use Vue.js in their development and believe that Vue.js perfectly cover their needs. If you are not sure whether you need to hire VueJS coder or look for a specialist in another field, please take a look at their reasons of choosing Vue.js and compare them to your preferences and requirements:


Facebook uses Vue.js to operate a part of its Newsfeed, including marketing mechanisms. It proves that this framework is reliable and helpful enough to manage such important processes. A note should be made that Facebook was the first company to hire Vue.js programmer and announce it in public.


Vue.js is a great tool for building movie streaming interfaces, and Netflix values it a lot.

Vue.js is implemented in the internal apps of Netflix and supports the main algorithms of the website.


Portfolio, one of Adobe products, is a custom website creator usually used by customers that want to present their works in public. The idea was to provide users with an exceptional experience, combining high loading speed, pleasing appearance, and strong technology basis. Vue.js covered all Adobe needs and it was the Vue.js Front End Developer that switched to the new framework shortly, being able to transfer the existed databases into Vue.js. It proves that it is easy to integrate Vue.js with any existing codebase and common servers.


Xiaomi is not a Vue.js development company, but this one of the most rapidly growing Chinese electronics and software company uses Vue.js in their products a lot. The company develops and sells many kinds of electronic devices and software all over the world and it is known for affordable prices combined with surprisingly good quality. Nowadays, Xiaomi operates with more than $1B valuation using Vue.js as one of the main frameworks for its products, which proves a strong international adoption of this framework.


Another impressive Chinese company that uses Vue.js for operating algorithms is Alibaba, also known as AliExpress, the biggest online market platform available worldwide. This popular and trusted market giant implemented Vue.js for sorting and displaying algorithms to provide customers with search results within the shortest time possible.


The displaying and operating speeds are essential not only for marketplaces and can be useful for different kinds of online stores. Another great example of a company that decided to hire VueJS developer team for improving its performance and user satisfaction is the budget airline WizzAir. With the help of the Vue.js framework, WizzAir improved the loading speed and user-friendliness of its website and apps.


Grammarly can be proud of their simple and beautiful user interface. It is significant to note that the website and applications were created with the use of Vue.js initially because Grammarly front-end developers decided to use this helpful framework from the start to make the development process easy and the result pleasing.


GitLab doesn’t need an introduction. But this open-source solution also follows the list of the companies that admired Vue.js usefulness and convenience. In the past, GitLab faced difficulties in managing their Rails + jQuery app, but Vue.js helped to decrease operating time and increase cost-efficiency. Also, the additional complex features available for this framework allowed GitLab to release the functionality they wanted to provide users with.


Livestorm is a well-known web-based webinar solution used by many companies all over the world. With Livestorm service, they arrange live product demos, web conferences, employee training, etc. Due to the Vue.js framework, the website was able to ensure high loading speed and easy-to-use web design, and Livestorm revenues increased by almost 30% in one week only after implementing Vue.js for their needs. Also, it is worth noting a number of positive reviews from satisfied customers.


Unlike the previously mentioned companies, Behance used services of a Vue.js development company to move from self-developed solutions to community-supported algorithms and a well-developed website. Nowadays, Behance is a leading platform for posting, sharing, and collecting creative works and it uses Vue.js to operate the website and the apps today as well. Thanks to the Vue.js framework, Behance provides remarkable performance and manages to stay cost-effective as well.

Quick Guidance for Beginner Vue JS Developer: How to Create Application

Due to the number of easy-to-use helpful features and quick performance, it is easy to create Vue application. If you are a beginner Vue.js developer, take a look at this prompts to make sure that you use all advantages of Vue developer tools. This article contains more prompts of the component building, in case you need more information on this matter.

Vue.js Supports a Component Library Based on HTML, CSS & JavaScript and Makes It Easy to Start with

The first thing in Vue application is the environment that can be easily created without any additional Webpack. All you need is a single import of a script tag:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/vue/dist/Vue.js"></script>

If you want to build your first component, you have two ways of doing it. The first one represents a minimalist combination of JavaScript and HTML:


var app = new Vue({
 el: '#app',
  data: {
    name: 'James'


 <div id="app">
  Hello <input type="text" value={{ name }} />


 #app input {
   padding: 10px;
   color: #121212;
  font-size: 12px;

Knowing these three codes only, it is already possible to start building your Vue JS web app. There is a correspondence between the template JavaScript that can be seen in the ID app and the data can be bound dynamically into your web information. To link data to their template, you need to use Vue.js two-way binding system by design that helps to input data from the JavaScript or from the template. But it is important to note that if you change the information on the JavaScript file, the system will update your template automatically using the new values. What is more, Vue.js has a shared approach with Web Component Custom Elements and relies a lot on declarative models, so you can read and understand the code without problems.

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Vue.js Provides Routing and Data Management Ensured by Official Libraries

It is important to note that besides a core model, Vue.js includes a set of opinionated libraries developed by Vue.js coders such as Vue-Router, Vuex for managing information, Vue-Cli for creating a new project from scratch. This way, it is easy to build any Vue JS hybrid app. Special attention should be paid to Vue-Router system when it comes to defining all your routes in a clear way and analyze dynamic routing parameters of your component. Fortunately, it can be performed with a couple of coding lines only:

import Page from './components/page';
export default new VueRouter({
    { path: '/page/:uid', component: Page }

Communication between components also matters and, thus, it is significant to manage data in a proper way, especially in VueJS hybrid app. Vuex module is aimed to provide a concise algorithm on how to operate with actions in components and process data:

const store = new Vuex.Store({
  state: {
    doc: null
  mutations: {
    setDocument(state, doc) {
      state.doc = doc
  actions: {
    async queryDocument({ commit }, { customType, uid }) {
      commit('setDocument', await Prismic.getByUID(customType, uid))

If you are wondering how to build a component combining Vuex and Vue-Router features, please take a look at this helpful example:

var app = new Vue({
 el: '#page,
 beforeRouteUpdate(to, from, next) {
  store.dispatch('queryDocument', { customType: 'homepage', uid: to.params.uid })

Please note that beforeRouteUpdate is just a code hook to work out when your code should be performed after the changed route.

Vue.js Offers a Fast Rendering and Minimal Load Time Supported by Virtual DOM

It is amazing that Vue.js minimal load time is nearly 30 KB only. It includes the work of the core module, the router, and additional components. No wonder that the framework is popular in Vue.js mobile app development. This minimal footprint provides the shortest load time and, thus, the highest speed for customers and the best ranking by Google crawler. Also, basically inspired by ReactJS features, Vue.js implemented Virtual DOM since Vue.js 2.0. Virtual DOM is a useful way to generate a one-time DOM in-memory every time the state changes, and it compares the current state to the actual DOM. This way, a Vue JS developer can improve some required parts only, and Virtual DOM will update only those parts instead of re-rendering the whole application.

How to Find Vue.js Development Company and Hire Vue.js Developers

Vue.js is the framework that developers want to explore the most in the upcoming years. A mention should be made that Vue.js can become one of the most popular JavaScript library in the nearest future. Meanwhile, every VueJS service provider company is eager to hire specialists to increase the staffing complement for more orders in the future. Nowadays, a respected VueJS development company with qualified programmers doesn’t lack work. If you are looking to hire AngularJS developer or dedicated PHP developer for your development projects, Mobilunity can help you find the best Angular developers to cover all your development needs!

According to this source, most of the Vue.js developers can be characterized by the following:

  • Vast majority of Vue.js programmers are beginners;
  • A median experience in Vue.js app development is 2 to 5 years
  • Approximately 40% of developers use Vue.js in their daily tasks;
  • Most Vue.js developers come from USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, France, China, and Ukraine;
  • VueJS developer hourly rate can vary in twice depending on the developer’s place of living;
  • Every second Vue JS developer uses Node.js and every third coder mentions Laravel.

If you’re convinced of the benefits of VueJS and you want to hire a JavaScript Vue JS developer, here are some skills you should look for.

  • Mastery of Vanilla JavaScript. Although JavaScript frameworks make the lives of JavaScript developers exponentially easier, having an excellent grasp of vanilla or plain JavaScript without any frameworks will be very helpful. It helps developers correctly understand the purpose of every functionality and properly utilize the advantages that each framework brings to the table.
  • Experience with Other JavaScript Frameworks. When using Vue.js or any other JavaScript framework, it helps to have a good understanding of frameworks in general, as well as the general framework landscape. Note if you want to hire VueJS developers that this framework may be used in conjunction with other frameworks, so having some knowledge of other JavaScript frameworks will prove very useful.
  • Understanding of Component-Based Architecture. One of the strengths of Vue.js is its component-based architecture, which uses independent components that may be rearranged and modified without affecting other components. It also enables reusable components that eliminate unnecessary code repetitions. A good Vue.js developer must have a mastery of how component-based architectures work in order to put this feature to good use.

Vue.js Developers for Hire Hourly Rates Comparison

VueJS developer hourly rate depends not only on the experience and the proficiency level but also on the country the programmer lives in. It is not something new that Vue.js prices for application development can differ significantly, and here you can take a look at a freelance VueJS developer hourly rate in different countries in case you’re planning to hire Vue developer:

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

As can be seen from statistics, Ukrainian VueJS developer hourly rate is the lowest one; at the same time, Ukrainian programmers are widely known and demanded as highly qualified specialists. So, when planning to outsource Vue.js developer, it is a good idea to take a look at Ukrainian remote programmers. A remote Vue JS developer with solid knowledge and experience in the field can contribute significantly to the development of your project. No wonder why so many companies across the globe hire Vue JS developers in Ukraine.

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Among the many available JavaScript frameworks out there, Vue.js is one that has gained significant popularity despite its relative youth. We’ve explored the benefits of the framework, as well as some tips on what to look for when you want to hire Vue JS developer with good knowledge and experience. If you need a great VueJS developer or the best VueJS development company for your next project, then you’re in luck, because we’ve got just what you need! At Mobilunity, you can find a dedicated team of well-qualified Ukrainian Vue.js developers for hire, and we are known as a top VueJS development company in Europe where you may hire Vue developers at affordable rates. Call us now to hire highly skilled Stripe developer at a cost-effective price! We guarantee you that hiring our excellent VueJS developers will give you the best value for your money!

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