What are Django Developer Salary Predictions for 2018

Django is the framework of choice for Python developers. Given its origins in a newsroom, it’s not surprising to see it in use at big publishers like the Washington Post. Along with its phenomenal growth, in 2018 we can expect an uptick in salaries for developers using Django.

Django Developer Salary Growth

You might think Django would be getting less popular given high Django developer salary rates. However, tech people look to the great track record of using the framework, and the success stories are highly appealing.

The appeal of Django is based not just on its track record, but also on the capability for high developer productivity. This web framework uses Python conventions, and some of its own, to forge a high code velocity. Features that might take days in some platforms take hours to implement.

Add to this the long-term ease of maintaining code written to sound conventions and you have a real winner. In addition, you can now hire Ukrainian developers to develop sophisticated technology solutions while keeping costs reasonable.

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Companies Using Django

These are some of the companies and big projects using Django:

Many others are listed on Django Sites. The industries in which the framework is used include everything from news sites to social media and ecommerce.

The Framework’s Unique Value Proposition

There is a reason for Django’s popularity in the open source community and business users. It offers development and deployment advantages like:

reasons why django developers use this technology

  • Blazing fast development – Optimized code structure results in fast application development. Common features can be implemented almost instantaneously in some cases.
  • Extensive libraries – The large open source Django community has libraries like Django REST framework and others for just about every conceivable feature your app requires.
  • Long term maintenance costs – the choice of Python and Django lowers long term maintenance costs. The framework has excellent long-term support.

Django Trends to Watch in 2018

In 2018 and beyond, we predict continued growth in the technology based on the strong underlying trends we explore below. The result, as we expect, will be a corresponding rise in demand and salaries for Django as well as Python developers.

Growth Of Python in Scientific Computing in 2018

In 2017, Python experienced significant growth as the preferred language for scientific computing and related applications. According to StackOverflow, data science accounts for the greatest increase in Python adoption worldwide. The trend in Python usage growth will likely persist in 2018, which will see a spillover effect on Django as well.

Growing Popularity of Python as a General-Purpose Programming Language

Analysis of StackOverflow data from 2017 shows that Python has grown significantly as a general-purpose programming language as well.

According to this data, June 2017 was the turning point. This is when Python became the most visited tag on the platform within high-income nations such as the U.S and U.K.

Python Open Source Projects Will Leapfrog Java and Others

According to GitHub data for 2017, Python became the second favorite language of open source development on GitHub, leapfrogging Java. GitHub data is particularly valuable because it shows which open source communities have the most momentum. Python pull requests grew 40% in 2017. We can expect this trend to grow in 2018.

The greater momentum behind Python, the language on which the library is built, will be good news for developers as well. As use of the framework becomes more in vogue, we can expect even entry Python Django developer salary levels to rise as well.

How These Trends Will Affect Salaries for 2018

Historically, Django developer salary figures vary widely around the world. This is likely to be the case going forward, with the U.S. leading the way for many categories. On LinkedIn, for example, there were approximately 6500 Django-related jobs open. Of these, over 2400, or over 36%, were located in the United States.

django developer salary in different countries

Python Django Developer Salary in US

In the U.S., Python’s popularity has led to some of the world’s highest levels for Django Python Developer salary. Django programmer salary in San Francisco, for example, averages around $130,000 based on data from Indeed Job Board. Outside the Valley, the average is $110,000.

Given the high growth in data science usage in Silicon Valley and the rest of the U.S, expect salaries to trend higher in 2018. Django developer salary entry level starts around $56,000 according to Neuvoo. The figures will likely go higher even for inexperienced candidates. There will likely be more salaries North of $150,000, particularly for senior positions.

Canada Salary Predictions in 2018

Elsewhere in North America, Django Developer salary in Canada is just behind the United States. According to Indeed data, the Canadian average salary for junior Python developer is $85,751. Within Canada, Toronto leads, with Django Developer salary in Toronto averaging $110,321 according to Neuvoo. The salary of an expert with junior Python developer resume can be higher than $56,132 for a few select candidates, according to Indeed Canada’s report.

Django Developer Salary in London and Europe

In London, the framework has benefitted from the rise of Python development as well. Django developer salary in UK trended up to  median GBP 55,000 in 2017. According to data by ITJobsWatch, this is up from below GBP 40,000 in 2010.

StackOverflow data for 2017 indicated that Python had the most usage within these industries:

  • Academia
  • Electronics
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Tech
  • Media
  • Finance

The upwards trend in these salaries is likely to increase in 2018 as well, driven by the rise in demand across industries.

In the rest of Europe, Django salaries closely track the broader Python market. Data from Neuvoo reflected the following Python salaries in selected countries:

Python Django Developer Salary for Ukraine

Ukraine developers are highly demanded due to their high level of development expertise. Salaries for Django talent average $25,000 annually based on the salaries for Python programmers for hire.

There are variations around the country based on skill and location. Data from Dou job board shows that Kiev, the capital, has the highest average Python salaries, around $1750 monthly. This takes into account remote work data such as remote front end Django developer salary. Odessa and Kharkiv have lower averages at $1425 and $1500 monthly, respectively, for all Python positions. More experienced developers will cost more, with senior Django web developer salary at over $2100 monthly.

Demand And Supply of Django Talent in 2018

An appealing Django developer resume will show significant relevant app development experience. Hiring managers want to see progressive growth from entry level to senior level of expertise.

Here is a Python developer resume with the knowledge of Django for a skilled employee working in the finance industry. The sample resume Python developer illustrates deep expertise and skill across different domains.

Django Developer Resume Sample

django developer resume sample

The Growing Rise of Demand in 2018

An analysis of talent demand and supply on LinkedIn reveals the following figures for talent vs job openings.

It is important to note that, at any given time, only a small percentage of software engineers are actively looking for new opportunities. As a result, the supply and demand will be much tighter than may be inferred from the overall population of developers.

the demand on django developers

With the high growth currently seen in data science and Python adoption, expect higher demand for Django developers to build web apps. For 2018, increased competition will continue the trend of higher salaries for talent.

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