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What Does It Cost to Build a Marketplace Website?

Nowadays Google, Yahoo, and Yandex are not the only places that provide answers to all possible questions. A lot of targeted and precious information can be found in the places that are used, visited, checked by anyone on a daily basis. Have you guessed what it is? Those are various social networks each of us uses everyday, such as: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. People even don’t suspect that all the actions they apply in social networks are tracked, analyzed and successfully used for different purposes, including for online marketplace sites. Setting up the proper search options, one can find what you dream about, what you are interested in, what your boyfriend/girlfriend liked recently, who of your friends enjoy listening to Muse, when they join various groups, what pages they like.

Marketplace Website Development for Designers Challenge

Every month we get a lot of requests to estimate cloning and developing the social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Still, this spring our sales team have received an interesting, complicated and completely unique estimation request on building online marketplace for designers based on social networks API integrations.

Our team of dedicated mobile app developers also have offered Mobile Application development based on similar APIs integration projects as an additional service in order to make the life of the users of the portal much easier and to boost its popularity, still the client’s main priority was building the PHP marketplace platform and mobile development was discussed after the project completion.

Online Marketplace Development Software Requirements

We have requested the extended project brief to be fulfilled by the client for us to estimate each stage of the development process properly and for our Project Manager to understand all the requirements and functionality expected for development of an online marketplace. Taking into account that development marketplace for designers and vendors with complicated features also requires an integration of social media application programming interfaces (Dribbble API, Behance API, Pinterest API), we have predicted that there may be numerous issues with some of them. It was hard to estimate some APIs integrations as this option is available for authorized partner developers only and the process of becoming a Partner could last for 3-6 months alone and no one can guarantee that you become a partner.

Social Media API Integration Solution

Having consulted with our Angular Front-end experts, PHP, Laravel Back-end developers, and project manager, we have come up with the estimate that could take around 4 months of work. To ensure the highest quality and efficiency in delivering these complex features, we have decided to hire Laravel expert. We have found out that Back-end development will be the most time-consuming part of this project as the client needs implementation of complicated network with numerous features such as Dribbble API, Pinterest API, and Behance API integrations, advanced search options, auto adaptive responses and communication features, analytics integration, leads export functions, etc.

Based on the project requirements we have offered the most affordable and time-efficient estimation:

Technologies to be used:

  • Backend: PHP, Laravel
  • Frontend: Angular.js
  • Database: PostgreSQL + Redis


  • Dribbble API
  • Pinterest API
  • Behance API

People to be involved:

  • 2 Back-end Developers
  • Front-end Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • Project Manager


  • Frontend Development: 380​hours
  • Backend Development: 1080​hours
  • QA+ PM: 438​hours

Total: ​1900​hours

To sum up, we have provided extensive and detailed project proposal based on the requirements and all functionality requested in this particular project. Still, our web developers may come up with more affordable solutions and networks development with much simpler functionality and features. Get in touch with our Sales Team and let them know about the requirements of your individual project and we will find the most affordable solution for you. When considering the cost of building a marketplace website, businesses can explore the advantages of collaborating with remote staffing companies, which provide access to a global talent pool and cost-effective solutions for developing and maintaining a successful marketplace platform.

Let us estimate your marketplace project development!

Disclaimer: This post and these estimates are samples, due to the number of limitations and constraints we have faced on this project. There is no guarantee a quote alike will take more or less. Get in touch with our Sales Team in order to receive the estimates for your website. In Mobilunity you will find a huge pool of talented coders as well as affordable cost to hire dedicated Magento developer.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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