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Angular 4, one of the latest versions of the Google’s Angular JavaScript framework, was released in March 2017. It’s the third major version of the framework, after Angular 1 and 2. Interestingly, Angular 3 has been skipped due to the framework development team’s standardization of their versioning system. You may read more about Angular JS 4, such as details on AngularJS 4 developer and AngularJS vs Angular 4 developers, from our blog.

Although this version is still very new and many JS developers have yet to migrate their applications to this latest version, words keep going around about the next update to the framework: Angular 5. In this article, we take a look at all benefits of this update.

Angular 5: What We Know

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In the framework team’s blog post where they explained the framework’s versioning system, they also shared their plans for the framework’s release cycle, stating that going forward, they plan to release a new major version of the framework, which brings with it major changes to the framework, every 6 months. As it was planned, Angular 5 was released on October 23, 2017.

The Angular 5 release date came just 7 months after the Angular 4 release date, which was in March 2017. This, in turn, came 6 months after the Angular 2 release date, which was in September 2016. The short intervals between these releases show the commitment of the framework’s developers to their announced release model in order to help Angular developers have a smoother time keeping their apps updated with the framework’s latest technologies.

This new release model is in stark contrast to the framework’s old release cycle, in which, for instance, Angular 2 came 6 years after the Angular 1 release date (or, more appropriately, AngularJS release date) way back in October 2010. This posed some difficulties to AngularJS developers as they had too many changes to accommodate and adopt all at once. With the shorter release cycles, they plan to smoothen out the transition and updating processes of developers to avoid repeating some of the migration problems they previously faced when migrating from Angular JS to Angular 2.

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It is doubtless there will be more updates to this framework, still, here are some of the interesting things about Angular 5 you need to know before hire angular js developer.

Backwards Compatibility

Migrating from the first to the second version was a serious challenge: it required a major re-write of many parts of the application due to the latter’s incompatibility with the former. Going forward, however, the dev team assures that the new version of the framework is much easier to adopt, as only minor code changes are required.

Many Bug Fixes

With the release of changelog for the beta version of this framework, many bug fixes were detailed, with fixes to many issues related to animation, compilation, core functionalities, and the like. Thus, all the bugs from the previous versions were removed and now we have even more powerful JavaScript framework.

Code Refactoring

The update also introduces code clean-ups to the framework’s different libraries, mostly removing deprecated codes from previous versions of the framework so as to decrease the size of packages that Angular 5 developers will handle.

Angular 5 developers Ruslan

New Features

Some new features are in the works, including features for animations, improved browser support, improved compiler, and some user form enhancements.

Breaking Changes

Angularjs vs Angular 4 developers vs Angular 5Being a major version update, the new version of the framework inevitably brings some breaking changes that requires an Angular 5 developer to slightly tweak the codes of applications using older versions of the framework in order for them to work. This includes:

  • The removal of some functionalities that were deprecated in the previous version
  • Some changes in the i18n internationalization pipe that will require Angular 5 developers to import data for locales other than US English
  • Some changes in the formatting syntax of date pipes
  • Some changes in the default values of currency pipes
  • Some changes in the default behavior of percent pipes

The Angular Framework Landscape

Top facts about Angular and Angularjs 5 developer salary

Infographics on the facts about AngularJS and salaries of developers in different countries

The Angular framework has seen a dramatic increase in popularity among developers in 2017, with 44.3% of developers worldwide using the framework. This is a remarkable improvement over its popularity score in 2016 at 17.9%, which was itself an improvement over its 2015 popularity score at 13.3%. Evidently, the Angular framework is growing in popularity among developers, and with the recent release of Angular 5, we should expect its popularity to continue rising in 2018.

If you’re planning to hire Angular 5 developers in 2018, you should first be aware of the typical Angular 5 developer salary. Let’s take a look at the average AngularJS 5 developer salary in different countries and see which one offers the best rates. According to PayScale, which gives self-reported salaries, the average gross annual salary of Angular developers are as follows:

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Stats on average bet salaries of Angular developers

Though the values may not be accurate as they are self-reported and may not all be recent, the relative salaries in these countries should be accurate, and we should expect the relative values to remain relatively unchanged in 2018. From the above figure, it is clear that if you’re looking for Angular 5 developers for hire, hiring from Ukraine would be your best option to maximize your money’s worth.

Sample CVs of Angular Developers

If you want to hire angular developer, you need to know their usual experience and skill set,  for this we offer you to check three sample CVs of actual Angular developers.

hire angular 5 developer in 2018 Artem A.

AngularJS (Angular 1) Developer


  • Development of application for managing and SharePoint sites using ASP.NET as backend and AngularJS as frontend technologies.
  • Re-writing of a Silverlight application into a mobile-responsive web application using .NET and AngularJS
  • Development of a resource database management application using PHP, MySQL, and AngularJS


  • HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, C#, C++, Java, PHP, MySQL, ServiceNow, Visual Studio, Git, SharePoint…

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Angular 4 Developer


  • Frontend development of responsive web applications using Angular 2/4 and TypeScript
  • Full stack development of web apps using Java, Angular 4, Spring, Struts, Spring MVC, and MySQL
  • Extensive bug fixing and optimization of existing web applications written in AngularJS/Angular 2/Angular 4 and Java


  • HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, AngularJS, Angular 2/4, Java, J2EE, JDBC, Java Beans, Servlets, JSP, JNDI, SOAP, RESTful Web Service, Jersey, Metro, Apache CXF, Spring, Struts, Hibernate. Oracle WebLogic, JBoss, Tomcat, Eclipse, SQL Navigator, SQL Developer, MySQL, SQL Server…

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Build Your Team Hiring Angular 5 Developers Right Now

The AngularJS framework is arguably among the biggest names in the JavaScript frameworks space, and the framework’s development team has committed to regularly releasing major updates to the framework in a 6-month cycle. The latest version of the technology has been just recently released , and if you want to improve your web applications with this awesome framework, you should consider hiring oustaffing company for them to find a skilled Angular 5 developer for your project. Luckily, we’ve got just what you need. Here at Mobilunity, we house top-notch dedicated Angular 5 developers for hire. Located in Ukraine, in the heart of Europe, our incredibly affordable rates make us the most practical choice for hiring dedicated Angular 5 developers across all of Europe.


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