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What Is the Easiest Way to Customize an Invoice Layout Using Odoo?
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Mobilunity interviews the professional dedicated ERP developer for hire Anar with a huge package of experience and technical background. Anar has been working with Odoo for several years and he knows this platform probably better than anyone. Here’s he answering to the question “What is the easiest way to customize an invoice layout using Odoo?”

Odoo developer AnarAll print forms are stored as HTML templates. You can access and edit them using Odoo (Technical / User Interface / Views) and edit as you want. So you just need to find template used for invoice (it is report_invoice_document) and edit it. But it is not a right way if we develop a big project. There can be modules which extend this view. Correct way is to create your own view where you inherit this view and apply your changes to it.

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