What’s Important in Hiring InsurTech Developers

Nowadays, technology has shed its magic on almost every aspect of our lives. From personal use to business activities, the use of new tech facilities has become an important factor of growth. This is why companies in different sectors hire developers and IT engineers to insure their activities continuity. Insurance software development, for instance, is no exception.

Insurtechs vs Old Insurance Software Development Structures

Innovation in the insurance sector has leaded to the appearance of a new model, also known as insurtechs. These are technology insurance startups which main aim is discovering aspects that large insurance companies have less intention to exploit, such as offering super-customized policies and using new streams of data from internet-enabled devices to automatically figure out pricing based on observed behavior.

In the very beginning of their appearance, technology insurance companies were considered as a threat to insurance classic models. In fact, more than 56% of insurers around the world estimate that insurtechs threaten 20% of their turnover. Yet, they do not remain silent and passive. They decided to be a dynamic part of insurance innovation era. Consequently, 45% of them have already formed a partnership with insurtechs in the world, while they were only 28% to have made it last year.

Accenture, a leading IT consulting company, estimated that investors in insurrect increased their contributions from $800 million in 2014 to more than $2.6 billion in 2015. The market is flooded with solutions from insurtech developers. In order to satisfy their customer expectations, insurtechs take advantage of their independence in terms of legacy products. They are able to design customized systems and processes, based on customer requirements using the latest technology.

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Hire Insurtech Programmers for Your Best Insurance Software Applications

Because an insurtech is a true digital enterprise, IT specifics and characteristics remain slightly the same. Increased connectivity, full automation, decision-making and insights are the core concerns of an insurtech. In terms of hiring, insurtechs managers and recruiters look for highly motivated coders, programmers, willing to take challenges in a very competitive market. The recruitment can be a hard selective process. To hire insurtech developer, recruiters set a number of criteria that potential candidates must fulfill after passing coding tests and oral examination. Besides basic skills and qualifications, such as having a university degree or/with a relevant work experience in coding, and an effective oral and written communication in the desired languages, strong understanding of several IT fields such as software development, insurance software applications design, functional and data integration, Business Intelligence and data analytics, Blockchain development, is highly requested. These are the key fields that every coder must be familiar with.

An Insurtech Coder Is Expected to

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  • Write programming codes, either from scratch or by adapting existing codes, website software, and graphic packages to meet business requirements. Familiarity with some of the following programming languages: PHP, Ruby on Rails or Python, HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript is necessary.
  • Test websites and platforms.
  • Identify and work to resolve any technical problems.
  • Keep up to date with advances in computer technology and the impact on the business environment.
  • Have strong organizational skills to accomplish multiple tasks within the constraints of timelines and budgets.

Mobilunity Can Help You

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The demand on insurtech developers is increasing with insurtechs growth. Outsourcing companies play an important role in linking between insurtechs and adequate candidates. Experienced programmers who worked in the insurance software development sector can offer their services as freelancers to insurtechs as well. Mobilunity is glad to provide you with the talents you need. If you are looking for a dedicated developer and seeking a high efficiency in a very competitive market, this is the right address.

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