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What’s Important in Hiring InsurTech Developers

Nowadays, technology has shed its magic on almost every aspect of our lives. From personal use to business activities, the use of new tech facilities has become an important factor of growth. This is why companies in different sectors hire developers and IT engineers to insure their activities continuity. Insurance software development, for instance, is no exception.

Software Developer Insurance Structure: Insurtech Development Overview

Insurance is one of those branches where the introduction of something innovative happens very slowly. The last years have been characterized by a rapid transformation of processes in the insurance world, as both providers and their consumers feel the archaic nature of the sphere compared to other, more advanced service industries. However, the ratio of consumption-provision of web developer insurance services in today’s market is rapidly changing, and the need for technical support in such spheres is felt particularly acutely. That is why large budgets for development and technical research, which have doubled over the past few years, go into the computer programmer insurance field.

Innovation in the insurance sector has led to the appearance of a new model, also known as insurtechs. These are web programmer insurance startups which main aim is discovering aspects that large insurance companies have less intention to exploit, such as offering super-customized policies and using new streams of data from internet-enabled devices to automatically figure out pricing based on observed behavior.

In the process of hiring insurtech developers, one of the key considerations is selecting the right insurance software developer who possesses the specialized skills and knowledge necessary to build cutting-edge technology solutions for the insurance industry.

insurance innovation

In the very beginning of their appearance, technology insurance companies were considered as a threat to insurance classic models. In fact, more than 56% of insurers around the world estimate that insurtechs threaten 20% of their turnover. Yet, they do not remain silent and passive. They decided to be a dynamic part of insurance innovation era. Consequently, 45% of them have already formed a partnership with insurtechs in the world, while they were only 28% to have made it last year.

Specifically, the insurtech model combines the best features of insurance and technology, and its central task is to apply innovation to maximize profits from insurance models, minimizing web developer insurance cost. All applications of insurance companies have elements or are fully insurtech products.

Most web programmer insurance programs are custom designed and pre-programmed. First, the application must be fully adapted to your business goals, but it can also be developed as a set of functions that are used as a result of profitable strategies. One of the main computer programmer insurance benefits is that products can be free or paid, standalone and embedded. And they can be useful and affordable for small companies, although their use by medium and large companies is more perceptible.

Accenture, a leading IT consulting company, estimated that investors in insurtech increased their contributions from $800 million in 2014 to more than $2.6 billion in 2015. The market is flooded with solutions from insurtech developers. In order to satisfy their customer expectations, insurtechs take advantage of their independence in terms of legacy products. They are able to design customized systems and processes, based on customer requirements using the latest technology.

insurtech developers skills

Is There a Demand for Web Programmer Insurance-Experienced?

Because an insurtech is a truly digital enterprise, IT specifics and characteristics remain slightly the same. Increased connectivity, full automation, decision-making, and insights are the core concerns of an insurtech. In terms of hiring, insurtechs managers and recruiters look for highly motivated coders, programmers, willing to take challenges in a very competitive market. The recruitment can be a hard selective process. To hire insurtech developer, recruiters set a number of criteria that potential candidates must fulfill after passing coding tests and oral examination. Besides basic skills and qualifications, such as having a university degree or/with a relevant work experience in coding, and an effective oral and written communication in the desired languages, strong understanding of several IT fields such as software development, insurance software applications design, functional and data integration, Business Intelligence and data analytics, Blockchain development, is highly requested. These are the key fields that every coder must be familiar with. Looking for trusted outsourcing Hybris development provider? Mobilunity can help!

Developers create the most innovative products on the platform of blockchain. As an example, one of the start-up companies Dynamis uses the social network LinkedIn to provide free stock insurance. At the same time, the project works on the blockchain principle maintaining P2P insurance on the Ethereum platform. This project allows companies to check the job seeker for experience and background before hiring them.

Integration is a necessary part of the industry development process. While the customer requests for new apps and tools in the insurance industry is only increasing, software engineers must use their streamlined, digitized experience to bring technology closer together. Without data integration, the industry will remain fragmented, so the last time a lot of effort has been put in the development of technology in the insurance industry.

Application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, automatization of the decision-making process making all working processes more efficient. The artificial intelligence, as well as blockchain systems, has great potential as a repository and processing of all data for the provision of services and also provides transparency to all processes involved.

At the present time, there is a rapid growth of app developer insurance companies that provide a huge number and range of digital tools and applications that facilitate the experience of using and providing insurance services. Therefore, the need for insurance developer who will develop and integrate innovative agency management platforms is more than ever. Besides that, there is a need in specialists who will perform smaller tasks such as creating comparative mechanisms, tools for direct access or other simple functions. In the same time as the need for IT specialists is rising, web developer insurance cost is also increasing significantly.

However, launching a huge number of tools for the operation of digital patches is not always an option for companies. Often, the lack of integration between tools creates a conflict in the operation of these tools, and, simultaneously, it creates problems for users. Therefore, there is a demand for specialists who can develop software integrations that will be aimed at optimizing all processes. Therefore, there is also a growing need for specialists who would be able to implement convergent software in order to increase the quality of productivity, speed of communication and optimize the work processes.

According to the latest Deloitte report, we observe the growing popularity of insurance developers across the globe. More and more insurance companies are eager to move into the cloud in terms of globalization, digitalization, and modernization. In the next 12-18 months, it is expected for the insurtech area to grow in real-time, personalized policy approaches and cloud-based services. Therefore, a demand for an expert insurance computer programmer is really high last days. Evans Data Corporation reported that there are more than 23 million developers in the last year. Of course, the number of software developer insurance-experienced is approximately a tenth of it, but still, there are almost 3 million insurance software programmers on the market and this number is growing.

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Web Developer Insurance Cost: Is It Worth Hiring Such Specialists?

Oftentimes agencies do not understand how can a programmer help a small insurance firm.

However, there is a number of functions and responsibilities any analyst programmer has at an insurance agency. As part of the team, the insurtech developer provides the design and documentation of the system based on the approved functionaries of the company. The developer is responsible not only for the development of the system but also for the analysis, coding, unit testing, as well as the creation of a database. Such a specialist should be able to interact not only with other team members but also with users of the interface.

A software developer insurance is responsible for developing the steps for planning, building and maintaining applications. For starters, there must be clear software objectives in order to be able to create prototypes and MVP releases before launching the final product.

Developers can also provide customer training and customer support.

According to PayScale statistics, insurance specialist salary rates vary depending on the country of work of each developer:

  • the US – $69,911
  • the UK – £30,769 ($39,970)
  • Canada – C$64,303 ($47,835)
  • Australia – AU$68,048 ($48,023)
  • Switzerland – CHF 84,147 ($82,650)
  • Sweden – SEK 470,507 ($49,638)
  • Norway – NOK 518,231 ($60,016)
  • Germany – €47,551 ($53,316)
  • France – €39,490 ($44,278)
  • Ukraine – $24,824

web developer insurance cost

As you can see, insurtech Canada developer earns around $50,000 per year and it is a common salary for programmers in the insurance area. But if you take a look at such countries as the US, Switzerland, and Norway, insurance salary rates of developer are one and a half times bigger. On the other hand, the Ukrainian web developer insurance cost is only half of the common rate. At the same time, Ukrainian programmers proved to be one of the smartest in a number of product development areas including insurance.

Thus, if you wonder how much does a developer certificate of insurance cost, the answer would be – a lot. It costs a lot of time and efforts, a lot of gained knowledge and experience, a lot of diverse education and proven credibility of the specialist. By hiring such insurance programming expert, you can be assured that a professional is working for your company’s needs.

An Insurtech Coder Is Expected to

  • Familiarity with some of the following programming languages: PHP, Ruby on Rails or Python, HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript is necessary.
  • Test websites and platforms.
  • Identify and work to resolve any technical problems.
  • Keep up with news and updates in computer technology and the impact on the business environment.
  • Have strong organizational skills to accomplish multiple tasks within the agreed time frames.
  • Admin all activities connected to digitalization and modernization of the insurance area.
  • Prepare detailed reports on insurtech progress according to the previously agreed insurance development strategy

What Should a Software Developer Insurance Cover?

It is also necessary to take into account such type of insurance as programmer software insurance. In this case, this form of insurance includes combating all the risks that arise in connection with computer programming and other professional IT sphere. If you own a company or work as an IT specialist, you need to remember the importance of protecting your business from risks. In this case, a reliable programmer is very important, who will provide the correct developer insurance in accordance with the risks of your field of activity. An important part of such protection is the assessment of risks associated with the possibility of data loss or loss of customers.

Any web programmer insurance worker is also a subject to risks in the performance of their duties. The first step is to evaluate the seriousness of the cyber risk. When working in the IT industry, cybercrime is one of the most serious problems, regardless of whether your databases have been hacked or you are accused of data breaches or dangerous software. Therefore, additional insurance against cyber risk is always included in the program of its work. Therefore, it is worth getting help from professional insurance agents or IT professionals to take all measures to protect their data.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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