Where to Find the Best OpenCV Unity Developers for Hire?

OpenCV library has become very critical for machine learning and computer vision application development during the past couple of decades when a substantial growth in the artificial intelligence (AI) arena was observed. The demand of OpenCV Unity developers has increased considerably during the past few years. The increased demand for the facial recognition Unity developers has also pushed the average salary of software developers in the marketplace.

Let’s explore multiple aspects of OpenCV Unity programmers with reference to present and future market trends.

OpenCV Unity Developers – An Overview

The Unity is a game engine that supports multiple platforms simultaneously for the development of 2D and 3D video games and also for numerous computer simulations for the industry. This platform was launched in 2005 for only Apple OS X, but later on, numerous other platforms were included in the supported list. This platform supports C# language for 2D and 3D games and for image simulation applications. According to the PayScale information, the average salary of a Unity OpenCV coder is $83,313 per annum.

Popularity of Unity OpenCV Coders in 2019

As the number of supported platforms increased, the market demand for Unity OpenCV developers increased, and so did the salaries of the developers. The demand of Unity OpenCV developers has been very high in the past few years, especially after 2015, the demand of the Unity game developers as well as OpenCV facial recognition engineers for simulation applications has increased substantially in the marketplace.

According to the Google Trends comparison in the month of February 2019, the popularity of the Unity gaming engine is very high as compared to other top gaming platforms and languages commonly used for the Unity app development of the modern video games in the industry. The demand for the jobs is also increasing continuously in the marketplace.

Right at this time, the ‘OpenCV Unity developers’ string on the Indeed.com job portal results in 951 jobs. Similarly, the Glassdoor job portal for ‘Unity game developer’ string results in 63 new jobs. This is a clear indicator that the demand for Unity OpenCV developers is very high across the globe in 2019.

Future Prospects of OpenCV Unity Programmers

According to the forecast of NewZoo Research Report, the global value of video games is expected to reach $128.5 billion by 2020. The rate of market growth will remain 6.2% CAGR during 2016 to 2020. The growth in the mobile gaming will remain phenomenally more than 40% of the total growth estimated at about $64.9 billion in 2020.

The total value of the US gaming market in 2017 remained at about $25.1 billion with over 4% annual growth. Based on these growing figures of the 2D and 3D video games, it can be easily concluded that a substantial growth in the demand of game developers will remain for many years to come.

Similarly, if we look at the popularity of the Unity Game Engine platform as compared in the above Google Trend graph, it is top of the all other major platforms. So, the overall demand for Unity face detection engineers will remain high for the next 2 to 3 years.

Top 5 OpenCV Unity App Development Projects by Unity Development Team

There are many great projects and applications have been developed by the combination of OpenCV and Unity app development platform; a few of them are given below:

FaceTracker Project

This project has been developed to recognize and track the faces from within the masses. The main features of this project include:

  • Very accurate face recognition results
  • Supports multiple platforms, such as Android, IOS, Mac, Linux, Windows and others
  • The WebGL supports Unity 5.3 version or higher
  • Able to trace very complex parts of a face
  • Able to support real time Web Cam Texture

Real Time FaceSwap Application

This application swaps the faces of two people when they are in the same frame. The main features of this application include:

  • Continuously tracks the faces in the same frame in real time
  • Once the two images are recognized, faces are swapped
  • The image quality remains very seamless and smooth
  • Build on Linux and Mac
  • Uses face landmarks for image’s face cutting
  • Transformation matrix is used for affixing the images

Zombie Starter MoCap Animation

This project helps you create your own Zombie horde. You can also control the animation you created with the help of this project. The main features of this project include:

  • Support multiple versions for crawling, chasing, walking, deaths, turning and others
  • Able to bring your own undead games to life
  • A powerful 3D animation project for just $3
  • Very seamless motion of the objects
  • All animations support the .fbx format

RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack

This is a powerful RPG character animation project used for high definition video game creation. The main features of this application are given below.

  • Supports more than 1027 animations
  • Xbox compatible
  • Supports multiple weapons
  • Supports multiple environments and backgrounds
  • Many features supported such as swimming, climbing, crawling and others

Crafting Mecanim Animation Pack

The latest version of this project supports multiple crafting animation and other functions. The main features of this application are given below:

  • Supports over 260 crafting animations
  • Easy to swap between multiple characters
  • Supports 5 finger hands for detail-oriented models
  • Custom addition of more crafts on request

Sample Resume of Unity OpenCV Developers

The resume sample for a mid level career with an experience of about 2 to 4 years should include the following skills, qualifications and attributes.

Why Developers Choose OpenCV Unity App Development Technology?

For the 2D and 3D gaming, the Unity game engine and OpenCV are a great combination of technologies commonly preferred by the developers in the market. The reasons for choosing this combination are given below:

  • Support for multiple functions and professional categories
  • State of the art tools like Cinemachine, Timeline, and others that make it more artistic platform
  • It is very powerful and fast to work platform
  • Extensible and rich editor
  • Support for both 2D and 3D Unity app development
  • Powerful and real time graphic rendering
  • Support for multiple platforms
  • Easy and simple team collaboration
  • And many others

How & Where to Hire OpenCV Unity Development Teams?

OpenCV Unity developers can be hired through numerous ways based on the project time, budget and requirements. The main hiring processes that are commonly adopted in the present day marketplace include:

  • Hiring a freelancer at very low cost on different freelance portals
  • Hiring through a traditional procedure via local newspaper advertisements
  • OutStaffing to the third party team of contractors that offer low cost along with high reliability

The Mobilunity OpenCV Unity Developers’ outsourcing service is one the best outStaffing services available in the marketplace. They offer highly skilled OpenCV Unity developers at very affordable cost.

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