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Interview Questions for Remote Developer

This post is a moderate extension of interview questions for remote developer post I recently did.

interview questions for developer

Onboarding a new client recently who was about to launch their virtual software development team with us, we had a chat over how to organize an interview for a remote developer candidate who would be working fulltime from our Kyiv office for the client of ours.
After the chat, I thought this list might be of a good use to others.

So, my recommended outline would be:

  • Introduce yourself and tell a bit about the project and the role. At this stage, try not to be too fast in your speech, or too harsh. Build an emotional bridge to ensure the person will not be blocked (shocked) for the next 15-30 mins. Best way to break the ice would be explaining why you think of working with Ukrainians – as a nation, we are taking a very high pride for who we are, and foreigner’s acknowledgment of Ukraine’s IT nature – would be the best thing to mention at the start :)
  • Ask only “open answer” questions. Avoid questions of “YES/NO” or “BLACK/WHITE” answers, as you can get those during any test, in writing. Make a candidate speak – as during ongoing work, you will not have as many questions until bad things happen. Instead, you would want a developer to be able to phrase and explain things he or she sees/knows/foresees.
  • Make sure questions on soft skills take no less than 25% of your questionnaire. Unless you are looking for an introvert to code 100% well defined requirements (then why you come to Ukraine to hire a dedicated developer?!) – your new remote employee would be effective if one is proactive, able, and willing to speak, provides logical arguments. Build your interview exactly this way, to get an idea of a Person at the other end of the wire!

Have a great interview soon!

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