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Scaling Your Business Up With Mobilunity Scala Talents

Being an HR provider, we often have to explain what lies within the realm of our expertise and what does not.
Is Mobilunity | Dedicated Development Teams a SCALA stack company? No it is not. We as the vendor have no “corporate expertise” in #SCALA specifically. Yet, our experts, our employees and contractors, they do!
So what you may expect from us as the vendor?
– expertise and ability to source, #tech#interview (upon your need), assess the market cost, negotiate and hire/contract the talent needed to be placed for the client’s project as an expert in Scala
– onboarding (both HR, legal and accounting) for the hire
– ongoing HR support, including communication facilitation between the Client’s team(s) and Mobilunity’s
– performance review process organization, compensation negotiations, professional development plan definition
– team building and all sort of supportive events organization
– IT helpdesk on top of Mobilunity’s infrastructure – both onsite in Kyiv office and offsite, remote
– software/hardware provisioning and licensing
– office facilities and management, if working on our premises

While, from our Scala engineers, you may be expecting
– technology expertise
– deliverables on time and on budget
– knowledge deepening
– else software engineering deliverables you may think of, that are applicable whether to your very own onsite software development team, or your remote team as your very own team’s augmentation.

Have a great week while thinking of scaling your business up with our Scala talent pool available! :)

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